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Street Fighter X Tekken/Hwoarang

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Sfxt hwoarang face.jpg

Ideal Team Position: TBW


Strengths Weaknesses




Normal Attacks

Standing Light Punch
Standing Medium Punch
Standing Hard Punch
Standing Light Kick
Standing Medium Kick
Standing Hard Kick
Crouching Light Punch
D.png + Lp.png
Crouching Medium Punch
D.png + Mp.png
Crouching Hard Punch
D.png + Hp.png
Crouching Light Kick
D.png + Lk.png
Crouching Medium Kick
D.png + Mk.png
Crouching Hard Kick
D.png + Hk.png
Jump Light Punch
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Lp.png
Jump Medium Punch
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Mp.png
Jump Hard Punch
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Hp.png
Jump Light Kick
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Lk.png
Jump Medium Kick
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Mk.png
Jump Hard Kick
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Hk.png

Unique Attacks

Spinning Trip Kick
B.png + Lk.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne
Tsunami Kick
F.png + Mk.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne
    Flamingo Stance
Tsunami Kick ---.pngF.png
Iron Heel
F.png + Hk.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne
Fade-Away Kick
B.png + Mk.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne
Reverse Kick
Speccancel.png on 2nd hit
Knockdown.png vs airborne on 2nd hit
    Flamingo Stance
Reverse Kick ---.pngF.png
Chainsaw Kick
High.png on 2nd hit
Groundbounce.png on 2nd hit
Knockdown.png vs airborne on 2nd hit
Flashing Trident
air Lp.png---.pngMp.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne on 2nd hit
Middle Kick Combo
Knockdown.png vs airborne on 3rd hit
    Flamingo Stance
Middle Trident Kick ---.pngF.png
High Kick Combo
Speccancel.png on 3rd hit
Knockdown.png vs airborne on 3rd hit
    Flamingo Stance
 High Kick Combo ---.pngF.png
Low Kick Combo
D.png + Lk.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne on 3rd hit
Low & High
Kick Combo
D.png + Lk.png---.pngHk.png
Speccancel.png on 4th hit
Knockdown.png vs airborne on
3rd and 4th hit
    Flamingo Stance
Low & High Kick
Combo ---.pngF.png
Low & High
Smash Kick Combo
Knockdown.png vs airborne on 2nd hit
    Flamingo Stance
Low & High Smash Kick Combo ---.pngF.png
Quick Kick Combo
(Flamingo Stance)
Knockdown.png on 3rd hit
    Flamingo Stance
Quick Kick Combo ---.pngF.png
Flamingo Kick Combo
(Flamingo Stance)
Speccancel.png on 2nd hit
Knockdown.png vs airborne on 2nd hit
    Flamingo Stance
Flamingo Kick Combo ---.pngF.png
Fire Storm
(Flamingo Stance)
Speccancel.png on 2nd hit
Knockdown.png vs airborne on 2nd hit
    Flamingo Stance
Fire Storm ---.pngF.png
Motion Switch
enters / exits
Flamingo stance


Falcon Dice Kick
F.png or N.png + Lp.png + Lk.png
Bring It On
B.png + Lp.png + Lk.png

Special Moves

Special Step
Dp.png + P.png
Sky Rocket
Dp.png + K.png
Hunting Hawk
Qcb.png + K.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne
Wallbounce.png on Ex.png
Air Raid
Hcf.png + K.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne
Knockdown.png on Ex.png
Air Raid Special
air Hcf.png + K.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne
Dynamite Heel
Hcb.png + P.png
Knockdown.png vs airborne
Groundbounce.png on Ex.png 2nd hit

Super Combo

Heel Explosion Combo
Hcb.png + 3p.png

Move Analysis

Normal Moves

  • Standing LP - Has slow startup and fast recovery, making it useful as a meaty attack. It also hits low, so it can be used for mix-ups.
  • Standing MP - Very strong ground poke. It also works as an anti-air.
  • Standing HP - Has about the same range as standing MP. It is mainly useful in cross rush combos.
  • Standing LK - Mainly useful for pressure. It does not hit low and starts up slightly slower than crouching LK, but it stuffs low crush moves such as launcher. It also starts his Low & High Smash Kick Combo (st.LK > MK).
  • Standing MK - Frequently used in boost combos and for starting some very useful strings.
  • Standing HK - Useful for certain juggles and as a starter for basic punish combos.
  • Crouching LP - Good attack to use for close range footsies and can be confirmed into combos or pressure.
  • Crouching MP - Mainly useful in combos. It can be used as a poke, but cr.LP is generally preferred.
  • Crouching HP - Can be used in cross rush combos from Flamingo MP.
  • Crouching LK - Hwoarang's fastest attack outside of Flamingo stance. Unfortunately, it is difficult to use defensively because he has a db+LK command normal, but it is useful in frame traps.
  • Crouching MK - Situational anti-air. It is special-cancelable, so it can be followed up with Special Step for mix-up/pressure.
  • Crouching HK - Nice long-reaching sweep to use as a poke. It can be canceled into specials such as LK Hunting Hawk to make it safer on block. Note that the cancel is delayed, making the effective "cancel blockstun" only 12 frames.
  • Flamingo LP - Hwoarang's only 3f normal. It can be used to make frame traps tighter, but unlike his other light attacks, it does not lead to safe chains on block.
  • Flamingo MP - Two-hit attack that does twice the damage of a normal medium attack. Using this in combos generally always increases damage.
  • Flamingo HP - Can be used to anti-air, but its main use is in combos.
  • Flamingo LK - The animation is the same as standing LK, but the move properties are altered. FLA LK has shorter range than st.LK, but it starts up in only 4f and hits low.
  • Flamingo MK - Can be used as a poke and combo starter.
  • Flamingo HK - Has good range, but it whiffs crouchers and has long startup and recovery. Its main use is in combos.
  • Jumping LP - Hwoarang's go-to air-to-air attack. It also starts his Flashing Trident (j.LP > MP) string.
  • Jumping MP - Good cross-up attack.
  • Jumping HP
  • Jumping LK
  • Jumping MK
  • Jumping HK

Unique Attacks

  • Spinning Trip Kick (b+LK) - Because of the input, this move tends to get in the way more often than it's useful. Its main use is as a feint to catch opponents who are looking to block Hwoarang's overheads.
  • Tsunami Kick (f+MK) - This is one of the best overhead attacks in the game overall. The startup is 19f with the beginning of the animation being somewhat subtle, making it difficult for opponents to react to consistently. On hit, it can be followed up with a combo. On block, it is very safe. The hitstun/blockstun of the attack is quite long, so it is practical to hit-confirm the attack to decide how to follow up.
    • Flamingo Stance (f+MK > f) - Recovers 1f faster than normal (+3 on block, +5 on hit).
  • Iron Heel (f+HK) - This overhead is somewhat slow, and it leaves Hwoarang at a disadvantage if blocked. However, it can be useful because it has good range and can easily be followed up at any range. The startup also looks very similar to the low-hitting Spinning Trip Kick (db+LK).
  • Fade-Away Kick (b+MK) - This attack crushes crouching attacks during its startup. Its recovery is somewhat slow, but it is fairly safe because of its backward movement. It can also be canceled into special moves such as Dynamite Heel (hcb+P) or Hunting Hawk (qcb+K).
  • Reverse Kick (st.MP > MP)
    • This string can be started from a boost combo and can be followed with a boost combo.
    • Flamingo Stance (st.MP > MP > f) - Recovers 9f faster than normal (+2 on block, +8 on hit), but it has too much pushback to be used for pressure or combos. This is a relatively good way of building meter on whiff, building about 2.5% of a bar (10 meter) in 30 frames.
  • Chainsaw Kick (st.MP > LP) - This string has some use for specific combos and setups. It can be difficult to make use of because of its short range.
  • Flashing Trident (j.LP > MP) - Both hits of this string must be blocked high. This allows Hwoarang to mix it up with things such as empty jump low/throw, making it difficult to defend against consistently. This string also works on whiff, so an opponent cannot crouch under it to avoid it.
  • st.MK > MK
    • This string can be started from a boost combo and can be followed with a boost combo.
    • Flamingo Stance (st.MK > MK > f) - Recovers 8f faster than normal.
      • On block, this ends at +2 advantage and can be followed with FLA LK for pressure.
      • On hit, this can link into FLA LK or MP for a combo.
      • Can be used in certain juggle combos to connect cr.MP or st.HK afterwards.
    • Middle Kick Combo (st.MK > MK > MK)
      • This string can be followed with a boost combo.
      • Flamingo Stance (st.MK > MK > MK > f) - Recovers 7f faster than normal. This can be used to make the Middle Kick Combo safe on block. Generally, it is preferable to hit-confirm with High Kick Combo (st.MK > MK > HK) instead.
    • High Kick Combo (st.MK > MK > HK)
      • This string is very useful for easy hit-confirms because it can be started from a boost combo and is special-cancelable.
      • Flamingo Stance (st.MK > MK > HK > f) - Recovers 6f faster than normal. This does not give Hwoarang good frame advantage on block, nor does it lead to any combos on hit.
    • Low Kick Combo (st.MK > MK > d+LK)
      • Low & High Kick Combo (st.MK > MK > d+LK > HK) - Identical to the last hit of High Kick Combo (st.MK > MK > HK)
        • Flamingo Stance (st.MK > MK > d+LK > HK > f)
  • Low & High Smash Kick Combo (st.LK > MK)
    • This string can be canceled into specials, but it is generally preferable to transition to Flamingo stance except in specific cases.
    • Flamingo Stance (st.LK > MK > f)
      • Recovers 9f faster than normal.
      • On block, this ends at +2 advantage. This makes it useful for creating frame traps.
      • On hit, this ends at +8 advantage. If the string was started close enough, this can be linked into Fire Storm (FLA MK > LK).
  • Quick Kick Combo (FLA MP > MP) - This string has short range but leads to good damage, making it mostly useful for combos.
    • Flamingo Stance (FLA MP > MP > f) - Recovers 6f faster than normal.
  • Flamingo Kick Combo (FLA LK > MK) - This string is relatively difficult to hit-confirm, but it can be canceled into Special Step/Dynamite Heel to make it safe and keep pressuring the opponent while having the threat of Hwoarang's 3f FLA LP available.
    • Animation is the same as Low & High Smash Kick Combo (st.LK > MK)
    • This string can be followed with a launcher.
    • Flamingo Stance (FLA LK > MK > f) - Recovers 4f faster than normal (+1 on block, +2 on hit).
  • Fire Storm (FLA MK > LK) - This string whiffs most characters crouching, but it has good forward movement, is very safe on block, and can be canceled into specials.
    • This string can be followed with boost combos and counts as a medium attack.
    • This string is delayable, making it possible to hit-confirm the first hit.
    • Flamingo Stance (FLA MK > LK > f) - Recovers 4f faster than normal.
      • On block, this ends at +4 advantage. This is good for starting pressure or mix-ups.
      • On hit, this ends at +6 advantage. It is possible to link FLA LK or st.LK afterwards.
      • On whiff, this causes the string to recover fairly quickly, making it possible to catch opponents off-guard with a quick light attack or throw. This is somewhat of a gimmick, so try not to rely on it often.
  • Motion Switch (KKK)
    • This causes Hwoarang to enter or exit his Flamingo Stance. It starts up in only 1f, making additional normal moves instantly accessible.
    • Hwoarang's walk speed becomes very slow during this stance, so it should be canceled when not attacking. The Motion Switch command can be used to cancel the stance, but it causes a recovery animation. Because of this, it is better to cancel the stance by tapping down (crouching).

Normal Throws

  • Falcon Dice Kick (LP+LK) - The knockdown time of this throw is very short, limiting setup options afterwards. However, it doesn't use up much of the round timer.
  • Bring It On (b+LP+LK)

Special Moves

  • Special Step (dp+P) - This move has upper-body projectile invincibility and can be canceled into other specials. It is useful for getting past projectiles as well as moving forward during blockstrings.
    • EX - This version has full upper-body invincibility. It can be useful in option-selects and baits.
  • Sky Rocket (dp+K)
    • LK/MK - These versions have invincibility on startup, making them useful as anti-airs or reversals.
    • HK - This version has the most range. It can be used to punish an opponent jumping out of the range of the lighter versions.
    • EX - This version has more invincibility and damage.
  • Hunting Hawk (qcb+K) - This move hops off the ground and has a small amount of lower body projectile invincibility.
    • LK - This move can be used at neutral to hop over fireballs as well as low attacks. It is -4 at worst on block, making it fairly safe.
    • MK - This version is average in terms of startup, recovery, and damage.
    • HK - This is the slowest and most unsafe version, but it is very good if switch-canceled on block. The 3rd hit is an overhead and causes a ground bounce (techable by grounded opponents). Hwoarang cannot follow it up by himself if it was comboed into, but the long knockdown time is useful.
    • EX - Causes a wall bounce. This is useful for high damage combos.
  • Air Raid (hcf+K) - This attack has slow startup, but it has high frame advantage (+6) on block. It travels different distances depending on the version.
    • HK - This move can be useful to escape from the corner against an unsuspecting opponent.
    • EX - Air Raid Special (air hcf+K)
    • EX - This version has invincibility at the beginning of its startup, so it can be used to bait anti-airs.
  • Dynamite Heel (hcb+P) - This move is very useful in blockstrings as it is +1 on block and hit and +5 on counterhit. This makes many of Hwoarang's blockstrings safe and can allow him to continue pressure. It is also safe to switch-cancel on block. Heavier versions start up slower but move forward more.
    • EX - This hits overhead and can sometimes cross up. On hit, it causes a ground bounce that can be comboed from. However, it is very unsafe on block or whiff, making its usefulness questionable.

Super Combos

  • Heel Explosion Combo (hcb+PPP)
    • If an opponent does an unsafe switch cancel, allowing you to catch two characters in a combo together, it is good to combo into this. This is because of a glitch where hitting two characters with this super art causes one of the characters to be randomly chosen to enter the cinematic, while the other character gets stuck in an extended hitstun state. If the cinematic occurs with the inactive character, this lets you follow up with any combo on the opposing active character.

The Basics

  • Flamingo Stance can be exited by using crouch, any jump, or any dash, as well as using the {{ 3k.png }} motion.

Advanced Strategy


Note: As of version 1.08, you must go to the Customize menu and disable quick combo 2 by setting it to Preset 1 in order to use this technique.

You can perform a unique crouch tech by inputting db+LP+KKK, which will cause Hwoarang to enter Flamingo stance and immediately cancel it. He is vulnerable for the 1f of startup but can block again immediately afterwards. This technique makes it nearly impossible to punish Hwoarang for teching. Be careful not to input KKK~LP, as this is read as 2 Motion Switch inputs and has a vulnerable recovery animation.

Offense, Pressure, & Okizeme

Hwoarang Tekken Strings & Offensive Strategy

Air Reset Glitch

Note: As of version 1.08, this glitch has been removed.

There is a glitch where hitting with Hwoarang's st.MK > MK string when the opponent is in a ground bounce state causes an air reset. This is easy for Hwoarang to utilize because after hitting with his two main ground bounce moves (f+HK, st.MP > LP), executing the string immediately causes the first hit to whiff and the second hit to connect, causing the reset. At the end of the combo, hold any forward direction to use the Flamingo transition to recover as fast as possible. Holding up-forward allows a cross-up with j.MP, but beware of anti-airs because it is not a safe jump. Holding down-forward cancels the stance, allowing you to do any meaty attack.


Normally, during a switch-cancel, the incoming character runs in until reaching the opponent character. This run-in can be canceled by inputting a move, but it is not cancelable into jumping or blocking. With Hwoarang, you can get around this limitation by using the Motion Switch command (KKK) to enter Flamingo stance and gain full control of Hwoarang. uf+KKK causes him to jump, and db+KKK causes him to crouch-block.


Hwoarang Combo Thread 2013

Patch Changes

1.08 (ver.2013)

  • Command Change - Spinning Trip Kick changed from db+LK to b+LK
  • st.LK - Reduced recovery frames by 1? (+5F on hit/+0F on block)
    • Can be canceled
    • Vulnerable hitbox enlarged
  • st.MP - Vulnerable hitbox enlarged
    • Knee area is now invincible against air attacks
    • Active hitbox enlarged
  • st.HP - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
  • st.HK - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
  • cr.LP - Startup 5F->4F
  • cr.LK - Reduced recovery frames by 1? (+4F on hit/+0F on block)
  • cr.MP - Startup 6F->5F
    • Reduced recovery frames by 1? (+5F on hit/+0F on block)
  • cr.HP - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
  • MP (During Flamingo) - Startup 6F->5F
    • Reduced push back on hit
  • HK (During Flamingo) - Vulnerable hitbox on feet is invincible against air attacks
    • Causes knockdown on midair hit
  • Tsunami Kick - Can transition to Flamingo Stance 2 frames faster (+5F on hit/+3F on block)
    • Air Raid - When 3rd hit connects gives additional 6F of advantage (L hit +8, M/H hit +6)
    • Reduced pushback on block/hit
  • st.MK > MK - Midair/post-bound hit changed from air reset to knockdown
  • Air Raid Special - Increased advantage on hit by 2F (+8 on hit)
    • Reduced pushback on hit/block
  • EX Air Raid - Reduced Hwoarang recovery on hit
  • Dynamite Heel - Midair hit causes bound
    • Juggle increment 1->2
    • Damage 100->80
    • Active hitbox enlarged
  • Heel Explosion Combo - Reduced pushback on hit of first hit
    • Active hitbox enlarged
    • Changed hitbox properties
    • Juggle increment of first hit 1->0
  • L/M Sky Rocket - Reduced blockstun by 10F
    • Reduced push back on block
    • Reduced screen freeze by 2F
  • Falcon Dice Kick - Damage 120->130
  • Bring It On - Damage 120->130

Special move meter gain:

  • Hunting Hawk (H): On hit 10+10+20(40)->15×3(45)
  • Air Raid: On hit 10×3(30)->15×3(45)
  • Dynamite Heel: whiff 15->0/On hit 40->50

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