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Street Fighter X Tekken/HUD

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Basic Elements

This page talks about the most basic elements of Street Fighter X Tekken, namely the Life Meter, the Super Meter, and the Timer.

Life Meter

  • Two Life Bars, one for each Teammate.
  • Only one needs to be drained for entire team to lose.
  • When taking damage, some portion of the Life Meter becomes transparent yellow, which indicates Recoverable Health. This excludes Supers and Cross Arts, however, which give you no Recoverable Health.
    • Normal Moves and Unique Attacks give you 1/3 of the total damage as Recoverable Health.
    • Special Moves and EX Special Moves give you 1/5 of the total damage as Recoverable Health.
    • Super Arts give you no Recoverable Health.
    • Cross Arts will actually remove all existing Recoverable Health from opponent.
    • Throws give you 1/3 of the total damage as Recoverable Health.
  • When tagged out and in the Backup position, Recoverable Health heals at a slow but steady rate.
  • There is no damage scaling depending on remaining life. Any attack that connects when you have a full Life Meter will do the same damage as if you have only 10% of your Life Meter left.


The Life Bar has been standard in just about every Fighting Game in existence. However, Street Fighter X Tekken does bring some subtle differences into the realm of Capcom Fighting Games compared to older games, particularly older Street Fighter games such as the Alpha series and the Street Fighter III series. The basics are the same: your life bar starts as a full, solid yellow bar of life that drains as you take damage. Once emptied, your character is defeated.

The most obvious difference, however, is that this is a team game. So unlike previous Street Fighter games, you have two bars of life to manage. Also, unlike a game like Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, only one character needs to die for your entire team to suffer defeat. So there is a lot of Life Meter management in this game, as there can be rounds where the second character doesn’t even get a chance to come in and fight if you poorly manage your Life Meter so that the first character is defeated immediately before you get a chance to swap to your other teammate.

Why is this so important? Because there is recoverable life in this game, much like Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. As you take damage, you maintain a chunk of life in your Life Meter that is a more transparent yellow. So when you tag the character out and they enter the Backup position, this portion of the Life Meter will begin to recover. So it’s imperative to victory to make sure you swap out from time to time if you’ve taken a lot of damage to recover some health to extend your chances of survival.

Normal Moves and Throws will leave behind 1/3 of their total damage as Recoverable Health for the opponent. Special Moves will leave behind only 1/5 of the total damage as Recoverable Health. Super Arts will only do permanent damage -- none of its damage is left behind as Recoverable Health at all. And finally, Cross Arts will not only not leave behind any Recoverable Health, any Recoverable Health that is already there will be erased!! So Cross Arts are key to preventing your opponent from regaining any health back, but they cost an entire full bar of Super Meter.

Click here to view the amount of health each character has: Character Health

Super Meter

  • Super Meter shared by entire team.
  • Super Meter comprised of 3 equal length bars.
  • Each bar need 400 "Super Meter points" to fill.


There is one Super Meter shared by both characters. At the start of every fight, you start with an empty Super Meter. Between Rounds, however, you retain whatever amount of Super Meter you had at the end of the Round. So if you have a full Super Meter at the end of Round 1, you will start Round 2 with a full Super Meter.

The Super Meter is divided into 3 equal bars. As soon as a bar fills up, it begins glowing, which mean the block is ready for use. There are a set number of actions in Street Fighter X Tekken that cost different amount of bars to use. As soon as you perform any of these actions, you will drain the appropriate number of bars from the Super Meter and have to begin filling up the Meter again.

Below are a list of actions that actually build Super Meter, and the amount they build up:

Super Meter Points Gained
Performing a Light Attack
Performing a Medium Attack
Performing a Heavy Attack
Performing a Special Move
Opponent Blocking Your Light Attack
Opponent Blocking Your Medium Attack
Opponent Blocking Your Heavy Attack
Opponent Blocking Your Special Move
Landing a Light Attack
Landing a Medium Attack
Landing a Heavy Attack
Landing a Special Move
Blocking a Light Attack
Blocking a Medium Attack
Blocking a Heavy Attack
Blocking a Special Move
Getting Hit by a Light Attack
Getting Hit by a Medium Attack
Getting Hit by a Hard Attack
Getting Hit by a Special Move
Landing a Throw
Getting Thrown
Getting Hit By a Super Art / Cross Art

(*) - For Special Moves, the amount of Super Meter you build up is pre-determined by the developers. Each move is assigned an arbitrary amount that it builds up. Performing Super Arts and Cross Arts obviously only consume Meter, but getting hit by a Super Art or Cross Art gives the victim varied amounts of Super Meter as well. For example, Chun Li’s Super Art gives her opponent a large chunk of Super Meter, while Cammy’s gives very little, even though they do almost exactly the same amount of damage. Again, the developers of the game arbitrarily decide these values.

Also keep in mind these are all BASE values. There are calculated against moves that are a single hit. There are many moves that are multiple hits naturally, which will increase the Super Meter amounts slightly differently. However, these values will be true for the majority of the moves in the game, particularly the one-hit moves.

Below are the actions that drain Super Meter, including their cost:

Super Meter Cost
Performing an EX Special Move
1 Bar
Performing a Super Art
2 Bars
Performing a Cross Art
3 Bars
Performing a Switch Cancel
1 Bar
Performing a Cross Assault
3 Bars
Performing a Counter Attack
1 Bar
Performing a Quick Combo
1 Bar
Using the Auto Block Gem
1 Bar
Using the Auto Throw Escape Gem
.5 Bars


  • If Timer gets to 0, the team with the most Total Life between both characters wins the Round.
  • If Timer reaches 0 and both teams have equal total life, the Round is considered a draw and both characters are awarded a Round point.
  • If a draw occurs and both teams already have one Round point, both teams lose and the game ends.


The Timer starts at 99 at the beginning of a Round and quickly counts down to 00. Once the Timer reaches zero, whichever team has more combined Life leftover wins the Round. This does not include Recoverable Health, only true actual Health. If both characters have the exact same amount of Life left, the Round is considered a draw and both teams are awarded a Round point. If that causes one player to have 2 points and the other to have 1, the team with two points wins. If it both teams happened to have 1 point already when this occurs, both characters lose. There is no sudden death.