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Street Fighter X Tekken/Controls

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Joystick Controls

Here is a diagram of the controls in Super Street Fighter IV when used with the standard MadCatz Tournament Edition Joystick. The joystick has been labeled as if you are on the left side of the screen. If you are on the right, Towards becomes Back, Offensive Crouch becomes Defensive Crouch, etc. The buttons remain the same.

          JOYSTICK POSITIONS            |           BUTTONS
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^            |           ^^^^^^^
                 Up                     |           PUNCHES
                  o                     |
    Up / Back o   |   o Up / Forward    |    o         o         o
               \  |  /                  |  Light     Medium    Hard
                \ | /                   |  Punch     Punch     Punch
     Back o ----- o ----- o Towards     |
               Neutral                  |    o         o         o
               /  |  \                  |  Light     Medium    Hard
  Down / Back o   |   o Down /          |  Kick      Kick      Kick
                  o        Forward      |
                Down                    |            KICKS
             (or Crouch)                |