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Street Fighter X Tekken/Christie

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Sfxt Christie face.jpg

Ideal Team Position: Either - Matchup Dependent

The granddaughter of a legendary Capoeira master. While her grandfather was imprisoned, she befriended Eddy, who she learned Capoeira from. Yearning for another chance to meet Eddy, she now searches for his whereabouts after he suddenly disappears.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Fairly long range pokes that can be converted into combos.
  • Solid anti-air attacks with cr.HP and Perch Flop.
  • Several high/low mixups, including some overheads that can be followed up into combos from.
  • Handstand stance can be used as a psuedo corner for your partner, allowing certain corner only combos at midscreen.
  • Multiple safe or plus on block tag-in options to choose from.
  • No easy option to deal with projectile zoning like many other Tekken characters have.
  • None of her standard normal attacks are plus on block, greatly reducing her ability to frame trap.
  • Some mix-ups are either able to be reacted to, or can be option selected, limiting her options to open opponents up.
  • Slightly lower than average damage.
  • Weak reversal options.

Character Data

  • Health: 950
  • Forward Walk: 38.5
  • Backward Walk: 33.33
  • Forward Dash: 22
  • Backward Dash: 8,11,4
  • Prejump: 4
  • Diagonal Jump: 35
  • Neutral Jump: 35
  • Charge Cancel Delay: 5


Normal Attacks

Standing Light Punch
Standing Medium Punch
Standing Hard Punch
Speccancel.png 2nd hit Forces standing
attacking hand crushes standing and crouching attacks 6-9f and 17-20f
Standing Light Kick
Standing Medium Kick
Standing Hard Kick
Speccancel.png Head and above projectile invul 4-10f
Upper body projectile invul 11-22f
Standing (close) Medium Kick
Speccancel.png Attacking knee crushes standing and crouching attacks 5-18f
Standing (close) Hard Kick
Attacking foot crushes airborne attacks 14-17f
Crouching Light Punch
D.png + Lp.png
Crouching Medium Punch
D.png + Mp.png
Crouching Hard Punch
D.png + Hp.png
Speccancel.png Forces standing,
Neck and above + attacking arm crush airborne attacks 1-10f
Crouching Light Kick
D.png + Lk.png
Crouching Medium Kick
D.png + Mk.png
Crouching Hard Kick
D.png + Hk.png
Jump Light Punch
Ub.png / Uf.png + Lp.png
Jump Medium Punch
Ub.png / Uf.png + Mp.png
Groundbounce.png on airborne opponent
Jump Hard Punch
Uf.png / U.png / Ub.png + Hp.png
Jump Light Kick
Ub.png / Uf.png + Lk.png
Jump Medium Kick
Ub.png / Uf.png + Mk.png
Jump Hard Kick
Ub.png / Uf.png + Hk.png

Unique Attacks

Island Mirage
F.png + Mk.png
Speccancel.pngKnockdown.png on airborne opponent
Satellite Moon Hot Plate Special
F.png + hk--- Hk.png
Negativa to Armada Combo
D.png + Lp.png---.pngMk.png
Speccancel.pngKnockdown.png on airborne opponent
Armada to Rasteila
D.png + Lp.png---.pngMk.pngD.png + Hk.png
Low.pngKnockdown.png on airborne opponent
Rasteila to Circle Kick
D.png + Lp.png---.pngMk.png---.pngD.png + Hk.png---.pngHk.png
Speccancel.pngKnockdown.png on airborne opponent
Rasteila Chibata
D.png + Lp.png---.pngMk.png---.pngD.png + Hk.png---.pngLk.png
Speccancel.pngHigh.pngKnockdown.png on airborne opponent
Rasteila to Low Kick 2
D.png + Lp.png---.pngMk.png---.pngD.png + Hk.png---.png mk
Low.pngKnockdown.png on airborne opponent
Rasteila Heran Bago
D.png + Lp.png---.pngMk.png---.pngD.png + Hk.png---.pngMk.png---.pngHk.png
Thong Bikini to Low Kick 2
D.png + Lp.png---.pngMk.png---.pngD.png + Hk.png---.pngMk.png---.pngMk.png
Low.pngKnockdown.png on airborne opponent
Negativa to Meia-lua Combo
D.png + Lp.png---.pngF.png + Mk.png
Speccancel.png Ends in Handstand
Knockdown.png on airborne opponent
One Two Elbows
Lp.png---.pngF.png + Mp.png
Gancho Chibata
(far) Mk.png---.pngMk.png


F.png or N.png + Lp.png + Lk.png
Garganta Throw
B.png + Lp.png + Lk.png

Special Moves

Double Arm Stinger
Hcb.png + P.png
Hardknockdown.png Can Cancel.png into Handstand on startup
Lp.pngGroundbounce.png on airborne
Lp.png crushes standing strikes 1-17f
Mp.png crushes standing strikes 1-19f
Hp.png crushes standing strikes 1-20f
Ex.pngGroundbounce.png strike / projectile invul frames 1-18
Twister Sweep Lk.png
Hcb.png + Lk.png
Twister Sweep Mk.png
Hcb.png + Mk.png
Twister Sweep Mk.png extend
K.png During Twister
Twister Sweep Hk.png
Hcb.png + Lk.png
Twister Sweep Hk.png extend
K.png During Twister
Twister Sweep EX
Hcb.png + K.png k
Low.pngHardknockdown.png Projectile invul. 1-12f
Twister Front Stinger
F.png During Twister
Qcf.png + K.png
Ex.png is Projectile invul.
Can Cancel.png Handstand by pressing U.png
P.png during Ex.png Handstand
1st hit: Forces stand
2nd-4th hit: Whiffs on crouching opponent
4th hit: Floats on airborne opponent
K.png during Handstand
Perch Flop Kick
D.png + K.png during Handstand
causes float
Ex.png Invulnerability 1-9f
Crushes airborne attacks 10-12f
Front Stinger
F.png during Handstand
Exits Handstand
Wheel Kicks
K.png during Ex.png Handstand
Last two hits of Ex.png are overheads
Lp.png Crushes airborne attacks 7-17f
Hp.png Projectile Invul. 16-37f
Ex.png full invul. 5-14f

Super Combo

Wheel Kicks San Paulo Special
Qcf.png + 3p.png
Invulnerability frames 1-10
1st hit enters cinematic
4th hit: Ground bounce if the 1st hit whiffs

Move Analysis

Normal Moves

Christie's most notable normal moves are the following:

  • st.LP - 3 frame standing normal that can be used to hit confirm into itself, or into st.MP thanks to its Link Cancel properties.
  • st.HP - Decent range special cancelable heavy attack that can also be used as hit confirm thanks to hitting twice.
  • far.MK - Good range poke that can be followed up with her target combo which is special cancelable.
  • cr.LP - 4 frame low attack that can link into her st.LP.
  • cr.HP - Great anti-air, reaches very far above her. Also used in multiple optimal combos thanks to hitting very low to the ground during juggles and being special cancelable.
  • cr.MK - Fairly long range low poke that can be canceled into specials for combos.
  • cr.HK - Pretty standard sweep, slightly slower startup than many other character's sweeps, but has good use in combos when you want a hard knockdown.
  • j.MP - Causes a ground bounce on airborne opponents, making for a great air-to-air move, or good for certain combos.
  • j.MK - Christie's cross-up jumping attack.

Unique Attacks

  • Island Mirage - Slow startup but ends in handstand with either +5 on block to continue pressure, or +18 on hit, allowing you to combo into any of the handstand followups.
  • Satellite Moon Hot Plate Special - The second part of this unique attack hits overhead and causes a wallbounce for combos.
  • Negativa to Armada Combo (and Follow Ups) - This unique attack gives you several options to end with, including: a special cancelable overhead, an overhead that causes a wallbounce, and a couple different low attacks.
  • One Two Elbows - Resembles her st.LP to st.MP link without the difficulty of using a LC "0" frame link, however this unique attack is minus on hit and unsafe on block, more or less forcing you to cancel into a special.
  • Gancho Chibata - Good range 2 part poke that is special cancelable, allowing you to hit confirm into your combos. The follow up will whiff when hitting st.MK at max range, so watch your spacing.

Normal Throws

  • Adeus (Neutral / Forward Throw) - Leaves the opponent a full screen away, great if you need some distance or want to move them to the corner.
  • Garganta Throw (Backward Throw) - The opponent will be left about a half screen away, but does not leave enough frame advantage to continue pressure if they quick rise.

Special Moves

Double Arm Stinger - This is an overhead attack that is mostly reactable, but still has its uses. Each version crushes standing attacks, causes a hard knockdown, and they can cancel the startup into handstand as a way to bait opponents into going for a punish on Double Arm Stinger.

  • Light version has the fastest startup and is relatively safe on block at -2, and can be used in combos as it causes a ground bounce on airborne opponents.
  • Medium and Heavy versions are both +2 on block, letting Christie continue pressure when it is blocked, and knocks down on hit.
  • EX version is fully invulnerable for a majority of its startup (can still be interrupted on frames 19-24), and it also causes a ground bounce to get combos from. Outside of her supers, this is her only real reversal attack option, but can still get beaten reliably if the opponent knows when and/or how to stop it.

Twister Sweep - This special move does multiple low hitting spinning kicks that causes a hard knockdown on hit. Christie can do additional low attacks on the medium or heavy version by tapping K during the move, or she can hold forward to replace follow up kicks with a somewhat quick overhead that also knocks down. Every version is very unsafe on block (safest being -12), so there is quite a bit of risk to it unless using it to tag into your partner.

  • Light version hits twice and cannot be extended.
  • Medium version hits twice and can be extended to three hits.
  • Heavy version hits three times and can be extended to four hits.
  • EX version hits five times and cannot be extended, it also has projectile invulnerability through it's startup, allowing you to punish projectiles that are use in close range.

Handstand - Puts Christie into a stance with several follow-up options, but leaves her unable to move. While there is a fast overhead option from this move, the lack of low attack options reduces it's usefulness as a mix-up. Where this stance shines is for combos, anti airing, and for locking opponents down for a tag cancel.

  • Handstand cancel - explains itself with the name, but hold up during hand stance to cancel back to her neutral state. This takes 19 frames so is fairly risky if the opponent is not knocked down; but is great after combos ending in perch flop so she can continue pressure without being limited to one of the hand stance follow-ups.
  • Helicopter - Press P during handstand to do several spinning kicks. This move forces standing on hit, and lasts long enough to tag cancel into your partner, making for a great way to convert into standing only combos.
  • Batucada - K during handstand will have Christie kick repeatedly 7 times. This move locks opponents into block or hit stun for an extended period of time, tag canceling it gives your partner plenty of time to set up pressure, change sides, or land a big combo if Batucada hits. This move also knocks down on hit, so Christie can get her own wake up pressure started without meter if it connects, however it is 0 on block which actually makes it unsafe as handstand cancel takes 19 frames, and her fastest handstand follow-up is 8 frames.
  • Perch Flop Kick - This move is a fantastic anti air, the startup is 10 frames, and it crushes air attacks up through frame 12. Perch Flop also leaves opponents in a float state, allowing for follow-up combos.
  • Front Stinger - This is a relatively fast overhead at 18 frames startup, it also exits Handstand and leaves her at +1, allowing for some continued pressure afterwards. As there are no low attacks from handstand, this move isn't really considered a mix-up despite being an overhead, but it's other strengths make up for it. Also used as a combo ender in certain combos.
  • EX Handstand - The EX version of Handstand starts up in just 4 frames, and is fully projectile invulnerable, it also powers up a few of the follow-up moves. EX Helicopter receives projectile invulnerability, and the first three hits force standing rather than just the first. EX Batucada gains a ground bounce property on hit rather than knock down, allowing for combos. EX Perch Flop Kick gains 9 frames of invulnerability, however this does not fully cover the 10 frame startup unless it is against an aerial attack.

Wheel Kicks - Double hitting spin kicks that launches the opponent into the air, this is her most reliable move to start juggle combos with. All versions are unsafe on block, however the medium and heavy versions are only -3 which makes them safe against opponents that lack a 3 frame move.

  • Light version is the fastest but also least damaging, it is fast enough that you can connect with this move after canceling any of her special cancelable moves. It is also the most unsafe of the meterless versions at -4, most if not all characters will be able to punish this.
  • Medium version is right in the middle in terms of speed and damage. It is fast enough to combo into it after special cancelable medium or heavy normals, just not light attacks.
  • Heavy version is the slowest but most damaging version of the meterless Wheel Kicks. It will not combo from a light or medium normal cancel, but will work after a heavy normal cancel like her st.HP.
  • EX version deals the most damage of all versions of Wheel Kicks, and puts the opponent into a ground bounce situation rather than a juggle state, allowing for different combo options. This version also has some amount of invulnerability, although it is only frames 5-14 which does not cover the very beginning of the move to beat meaties, and does not cover through the startup of the move on frame 15, so she can still be interrupted out of it.

Super Combos

  • Wheel Kicks San Paulo Special - Christie's super is just about her only reliable reversal option as the invulnerability starts frame 1 and covers through the startup of the move. If the first part does not hit, but the fourth part does, then it will cause a ground bounce to combo from for extra damage.
  • Cross Art - Like her super, this move is invulnerable from frame 1, and covers through the startup, making it an option for a reversal. Like all cross arts, this will tag out Christie and bring in her partner.

The Basics

Excerpt From SFxT Dossier:

"Christie Monteiro is a very eccentric woman with a very eccentric playstyle. She dances to a rhythm all her own with strings that seemingly come from all directions at a moment’s notice. Some of these strings are safe on block, others are not, and Christie can quickly change the pace of these strings to keep opponents guessing where they should press buttons and which way they should block. Most of her normals have good reach and start up quickly, with her standing jab only having a 3f startup and can be cancelled into an LP > MP string that leads to a full juggle if followed up with wheel kicks. s.HP is not only fast, but hits twice, allowing her to easily confirm into more damage as both hits of s.HP are cancellable into specials. Unfortunately, most of her specials aren’t safe on block, and the safest thing she has (Double Arm String, hcb+P) can be raw launched if she gets too carried away using it. Despite that, her long arms and legs are quite useful in stopping an opponent’s advance, forcing them to play at her rhythm if she maintains appropriate distance. She is strongest at max poking distance, and because she has ways to eat the clock as well as tag in her partner off of several long animations, she can be played at either point or anchor."


Bread and Butters

  • [378] st.MK ~ MK xx MP Wheel Kicks, cr.HP xx LP Double Arm Stinger, walk forward, cr.HP
  • [401] (Counter Hit) cl.MP, st.HP xx HP Wheel Kicks, cr.HP xx LP Double Arm Stinger, cr.HP
  • [?] cr.MK xx MP Wheel Kicks, cr.HP, walk forward, cr.HK
  • [Varies] (Post Launch) st.HP xx Handstand, Perch Flop Kick, Front Stinger
  • [?] cr.LP, st.LP, st.MP xx MP Wheel Kicks, cr.HP xx LP Double Arm Stinger, walk forward cr.HP

Corner Combos

  • [383] st.MK ~ MK xx MP Wheel Kicks, cr.HP xx LP Double Arm Stinger, Launcher

Meter Combos

  • [452] st.hp xx EX Wheel Kicks, cr.HP xx LP Double Arm Stinger, cr.HP

Combos Into Supers

  • [532] st.HP xx HK Wheel Kicks, cr.HP xx LP Double Arm Stinger, Super Art
  • [637] j.HK, st.HP xx EX Wheel Kicks, cr.HP xx LP Double Arm Stinger, Super Art

Anti-Air / Air-to-Air Combos

  • [260] qcf+K>d+K, d+K, f
  • [244] (Counterhit) cr.HP, cr.MK xx qcf+K>d+K
  • [273] (Counterhit) j.MP, cr.HP xx hcb+HP

Frame Data

zUkUu's Frame Data Guide for Christie

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