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Street Fighter V/Zangief/Introduction

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About Zangief

A Russian Wrestler, The Red Cyclone travels the world to honor Mother Russia and prove he's the greatest wrestler in the world.

Zangief is a grappler in its purest sense. His goal is simple: get in, command grab, and win. His sluggish mobility and lack of tools to get around fireballs do make this somewhat of a difficulty, but nevertheless, when he gets in, you better start praying. His infamous SPD is what his whole kit is centered around. The fear that this single move can put into the opponent is exponential, and is the core of his entire game plan. To be played effectively, Zangief requires lots of smart conditioning, making your opponents escape one option so you can punish with another option (ie. delay tech gets beaten by SPD). He also requires a strong understanding and ability to pick up on opponent's habits, so you can make more correct reads and guesses to further deliver devastating damage to your opponent. If you think you've got what it takes to have the patience and ability to pick up on habits, then give Zangief a shot.

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • Itazan
  • Stupendous