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Street Fighter V/Vega/Introduction

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About Vega

Unique Mechanics

By inputting 236P, Vega will switch stances putting his claw away or vice versa. While in no claw, Vega has access to different punch normals and different special moves losing Aurora Spin edge but gaining a command grab. The properties of his Flying Barcelona Attack also changes; with the claw on it causes a knockdown however without it it leaves the opponent standing for a combo. Also if Vega takes enough damage while his claw is out, he will lose his claw and be in no claw stance for the rest of the round. He can also lose his mask shortly after that. Note that this does not have to be direct HP damage; blocking attacks with it out causes a small amount of damage to the claw and mask as well.

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • Doomsnake
  • Tourniquet