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Street Fighter V/Seth/Introduction

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About Seth

The king of chaos from the SF4 series makes his return in a stunning new body.

Like his SF4 counterpart, Seth is more of less a jack of all trades. He's obviously been toned down greatly, but still retains some great aspects about him. His mobility is great, frame data and pokes are somewhat standard but not bad, and his damage output is some of the best in the game. One of the shining points about Seth is that once he gets his offense going, its hard to shake him off. Most of his specials are safe, especially when spaced, and he's even got some that are plus and leave him point blank. His dive kick is incredibly hard to deal with and only -2 on block. His VS1 can alter his frame traps and block strings utilizing Install Arts to make the opponent second guess themselves about what to do after, and both of his V-Triggers have great damage output and setups to make Seth even more scary than he already is. Being a glass cannon, Seth is incredibly volatile, but if you think you have the patience to get in and overwhelm the opponent with a vast array of tools, Seth might be just for you.

Final Patch

Players to Watch

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