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Street Fighter V/Ryu/Introduction

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About Ryu

The main protagonist of Street Fighter and one of the most recognizable characters in fighting games, Ryu is an all arounder, beginner friendly character. He used to be in fact one of the worse characters in the game, but now after season 5 he's one of the most buffed characters in SFV history, and is now respectively strong. Ryu has more than solid tools for nearly everything - zoning capabilities, pressure and mixup options, poking, anti airing and frame trapping, corner carry and damage, as well as defensive options. Ryu no longer lacks any notable edge either - he has 2 powerful v-triggers, solid way to build v-meter, and high adaptability in terms of playstyle. Not only is Ryu now both a great character to start with, he is very powerful and effective at high level!

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • AM Kidd
  • DelzonFire
  • JustFog
  • MDZjimmY
  • Strangehail8
  • Uzura