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Street Fighter V/Nash/Introduction

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About Nash

A former air force pilot and Guile's mentor, after being killed by M Bison he is resurrected by Kolin with the sole purpose of eliminating M Bison and Shadaloo.

Nash is a slow pace, space control based character. He has a slow walk, but fast dash, and relies a lot on keeping the opponent at the perfect distance so he can pester them with booms, scythes, and pokes. Despite having bad walk speed, he can get around somewhat easily, thanks to his movement based V-Triggers, fast dashes and tricky movement options like his moonsaults. However, nash doesn't shine when played offensively: you want to build your v-meter and super meter safely through using his great v-skills, throwing sonic booms, poking and anti airing thoughtfully in neutral. Nash is all about being in the right spacing, for all purposes - spacing his long range pokes properly, spacing his v-skill activation position, spacing his anti airs properly, spacing his sonic boom throwing and offensive followups, etc. Nash also has suffiecient offensive options when needed, such as solid frame traps, a safe ender, great oki and corner carry. Nash is, however, naturally flawed, and what makes him different is that his flaws are few, but significant. His slow walk speed means he cripples vs. footsies characters. He has 2 somewhat underwhelming v-triggers, limiting his comeback ability, and not much use to his EX moves other than adding damage to his combos (with a few situational exceptions). While having long pokes, the range at which he can convert into a combo seamlessly is actually quite limited, meaning he can struggle vs characters with exceptional mobility.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great neutral with long range pokes, slow moving fireballs, and crazy fast and far-reaching forward dash.
  • Has safe ways to build v-meter by using vs2 in neutral (with a fireball up), or with vs1 vs. fireball users (such as sagat or guile)
  • Solid frame traps with safe normals, as well as being able to use his fireball as a safe ender (with spacing)
  • Great anti airs overall such as,, and hk scythe
  • Great oki and corner carry simultanously thanks to his dashing opportonities after hk scythe
  • somewhat underwhelimg v-triggers, limiting his comeback ability
  • slow walk speed, which adds struggle to his neutral game
  • Limited range of conversion, making his punishing ability at some ranges limited
  • Quite bad EX moves

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • Bonchan