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Street Fighter V/Menat/Introduction

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About Menat

Unique Mechanics

By using her Soul Sphere special, Menat throws her orb forward leaving it somewhere on the screen. LP throws it low, MP mid, HP higher up. After Menat places the orb on screen, all of her punch normals and HK normals will be changed with "orbless" versions, usually resulting in less range but better frame advantage for better combo opportunities. Certain normals with the orb will cause the next attack to be done as the orbless version as well if done immediately after; after a jump HK the orb will float slightly and a follow-up HK will be the no-orb version, letting her get a more damaging jump in combo than she normally would. She can recall the orb at any time, where it can hit opponents on the way back. If Menat is hit while the orb is returning, it loses its hitbox. The orb needs to physically move from its current position back to Menat, meaning it takes longer to get back if Menat is on the other side of the stage from the orb than it does if it's one a forward dash away. For the orb recall, she can also cancel into it from many normals such as 2HK and 6MK which are normally not special cancelable, allowing longer combos.

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • FluxWaveZ
  • Justin Wong
  • Sako