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Street Fighter V/M.Bison/Introduction

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About M. Bison

The leader of Shadaloo, Bison is the main villain of the Street Fighter series and seeks world domination.

Bison is an explosive character defined by his dominant range, sticky pressure, and high damage output. His movement is slow and linear, with the 2nd slowest walkspeed in the game and a long but slow dash. In exchange, he has excellent reach on his normals and strong movement and frame data on some attacks, with safe moves like Scissor Kick, Devil's Reverse, and Psycho Axe moving him forward into his offensive range. When he gets close, his gameplan starts to shine, as he has many options to maintain advantage on block and excellent throw range to make up for his poor walkspeed; getting bison away from you often requires good abare, and his explosive damage makes that abare very risky. His offensive crush counters are some of the best in the game, with 5HK and Psycho Axe both being plus on block and converting into full combos on CC. On top of all this, he has some of the best EXs in the game, with EX scissors and EX blast in particular being extremely powerful both for neutral and pressure. His strong neutral tools and seemingly endless pressure strings allow him to slow the game down to a grind, chipping away at opponents with long blockstrings in order to bait them into taking a risk and eating big damage. His mixup is fairly basic without trigger, with throw as his only real way to open up a blocking opponent, but his oppressive chip damage and frame data more than make up for it.


V-Trigger 1: Psycho Power

Enhances Bison's forward dash, giving it more invul frames and the ability to cross up. Enhances the properties of his special moves and allows him to freely cancel them into EXs. Explosive damage and comeback potential, but requires you save EX for the end of the round. Used in matchups you expect to need to make big comebacks in.

V-Trigger 2: Psycho Nightmare

Gives Bison access to a command grab and Psycho Crusher. The grab deals low damage but has great oki and plants a bomb on the opponent that detonates automatically or manually, allowing for powerful combos, extended pressure, or mixups. Psycho Crusher can be used for crossups, fullscreen approach, anti-air, or as a combo ender. The more stable choice in most matchups.

V-Skill 1: Psycho Reflect

Absorbs a single projectile hit, stocking Bison's own projectile in the process. If a strike comes in contact with the reflect, an invincible counter attack is triggered. Used in fireball matchups and situationally as an anti-air.

V-Skill 2: Hell's Warp

Teleports behind the opponent and launches on hit; plus on block. Used to side switch, as a mixup with VT2 bomb or EX psycho blast, or in certain extended combos. Fairly easy to interrupt on reaction without a projectile covering it. Leads to meaties after MP inferno that cover both wakeups, making it a great corner escape in non-projectile matchups.

Final Patch

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