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Street Fighter V/Luke/Introduction

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About Luke

Luke is an American mixed martial artist and the last addition to Street Fighter V's roster. His presence in the game is said to set the tone for the future of the Street Fighter franchise, and carries unique mechanics as a result.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • A great number of moves with forward momentum allow Luke to threaten from further than most characters
  • Far reaching 3 frame and forward advancing target combo let Luke pick up punishes unlike any other
  • Reliable conversions from anything along with high damage makes every hit from Luke hurt
  • Great use of meter for extending combos, keeping up the pressure, and playing neutral
  • Two great V-Triggers that can force the opponent to engage with him due to their unique timer
  • Lacking pressure options, with his only real reliable pressure tool being
  • Flash Knuckles require manual charging for combos, and may be awkward at first.
  • No reliable fireball answer other than his own fireball

Final Patch