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Street Fighter V/Lucia/Introduction

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About Lucia

An all-around character with a variety of tools, and flashy combos using her V-triggers. Her Firecracker projectile can be used to fight back in fireball wars, and her Gun Smoke command run can be used for positioning, combos, and to sneak in cheeky throws. When she scores a solid hit, her corner carry is very respectable, and both of her triggers enhance it further; VT2 is essentially capable of meterless corner-to-corner carry on a crush counter activation combo, which is very strong for a 2-bar trigger.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Fantastic whiff punish ability with several forward advancing specials
  • Notably strong normals for pressure combined with great walk speed can make it overwhelming to deal with her up close pressure
  • Lots of great ways to spend meter in neutral or in combos for varied ranged options or increased damage output
  • Incredible corner carry using EX and V-Trigger moves
  • Normals that do less than the universal damage weakens her overall damage output significantly, relies on meter and the corner to get any meaningful damage
  • Some of the stubbiest normals in the game make it hard for her to keep up in neutral
  • Has almost no reliable meterless oki, and whatever oki she does have is often negated by backrise
  • Fireballs that, while unique, are easy to counter and hard to use in fireball wars
  • Dps with slower than usual startup, requiring you to have faster reactions in order to anti air properly
  • Relies heavily on the opponent not knowing the matchup


V-Trigger 1: Burning Fight

Enhances all of Lucia's kick specials, including Gun Smoke specials. Improves neutral control and pressure with many uses of VT1 Firecracker, and opens up extremely damaging combo options. However, once you hit the opponent, maximizing that hit generally means spending most or all of your remaining trigger to complete a powerful combo.

V-Trigger 2: Weapon Fury

Gives Lucia access to Tactical Weapon, a safe baton swing launcher that cancels to special moves. Gives her simple combo extensions that notably improve her damage from light confirms, and allows her to safely fish with her sweep in neutral. Her neutral game is also benefited by this, as you can now cancel and single hit-confirm good pokes like and into Tactical Weapon for good damage and great corner carry. Easy to quickly spend the trigger in one sequence.

V-Skill 1: Tap Kick / Cyclone Spinner

A fast, low-damage combo ender that cancels to trigger. The Gun Smoke version is an unsafe, long-range double kick that can be used to end combos and cancel to CA. V-skill 1 significantly improves her combo flexibility with either trigger, and is required for her most devastating max damage VT1 cashout combos.

V-Skill 2: Arrest Heel / Nubbing Needle

A slow hop kick that goes over low attacks and can be safe on block if spaced. The Gun Smoke version is a safe hop kick that can be used to approach and fish for counter hit combos in blockstrings. In VT1, EX Nubbing Needle is +2 on block point blank, giving her an easy setup for throw mixups, while also giving you a juggle follow up with EX/VT HK Hurricane Spinner. However, her combo capability with V-skill 2 is diminished as you lose access to Cyclone Spinner. You can follow up EX Rough Chase or Tactical Weapon with the Gun Smoke version of vskill 2 and continue juggling with several moves, such as EX HK Flipper Shot or HK Hurricane Spinner

Final Patch

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