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Street Fighter V/Laura/Introduction

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About Laura

Hailing from Brazil and sister to Sean, Laura seeks to promote her fighting Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu style and grow her Matsuda dojo. She travels the world seeking strong fighters to train with and join her dojo.

With her command grabs, EX Thunder Clap, and dashes Laura is one of the scariest mix up characters in the game. Unique to most grapplers is her Thunder Clap, a short ranged projectile that can be charged for extra hits and travel a further distance; the EX version can travel nearly full screen and causes a juggle on hit. Against slower characters this can let her control space and walk the opponent down, though it's too slow to be used like a Hadoken or similar moves. Once she is in close, she can create incredibly scary high/low/command grab left/right mixups with her V-Skill 1 or 2 and EX Thunder Clap. This can quickly lead to stuns where she has some of the highest damage combos in the game, or death for the opponent. While her buttons are not the longest range, many such as stand LK and 2MP have great priority that can make counter poking effective and lead into Bolt Charge and lets her start her mixups. Her EX Bolt Charge is a far reaching armored move that can quickly power through projectiles and ranged attack, and having a 3f jab with good range and 4f stand LK with long range and great priority can help her get out of pressure. However her walk speed is a bit below average and buttons can be slow recovery, meaning footsie characters such as Chun-Li or Kolin can be difficult to get in on and start mixing, and to use her most effectively takes time to learn her various setups.

Final Patch

Players to Watch

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