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Street Fighter V/Ken/Introduction

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About Ken

Ken needs little introduction. One of the two famous shotos, he's a beginner-friendly character. A bit unlike in the past, his tools are now more directly oriented towards rushdown, and is now more easily seperatable from Ryu in terms of gameplay. He has a slowish fireball and bad pokes, but instead has great corner carry, great mobility, solid damage and some of the better v-meter building in the game. Despite that, one of this most notable weaknesses in his offensive game is that he doesn't gain many + frames on block from his normals, limiting his pressure game. Overall, Ken isn't a bad character at all to start.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Often gets solid oki from his major conversions, without having to sacrifice damage or corner carry.
  • Notable corner carry from most of his combos, including v-skill and v trigger ones
  • Has reliable ways to build v-meter with his target combos, which deal great damage and are very versitile
  • Good midscreen presence with improved fireballs, solid dashes, run v-skill/v-trigger, and low-evading moves with good reach.
  • Limited pressure ability on block - has no normal that is +3 or more on block, with many moves being minus or punishable.
  • Conversions sometimes drops or are inconsistent at his normals' max ranges
  • Some mixup options are telegraphable, rewards good reads
  • several somewhat stuffy normals

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • ChrisT
  • Kenpi
  • Momochi