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Street Fighter V/Juri/Introduction

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About Juri

Unique Mechanic

Before Juri can access her Fuharenkyaku Release (236K) moves, she needs to use that version of the attack to gain a stock first. The next time she performs that move, she will instead use the Fuharenkyaku Release. The LK version is a slow moving fireball, the MK version is an jumping attack that leads to longer combo opportunities, and the HK version is a forward moving attack used mostly as a combo ender. The Fuharenkyakus she has stocked can be seen next to her V-Gauge; LK is the first icon, MK the second, and HK the third. In V-Trigger 1, she always has access to the stocked versions

SFV Juri Fuharenkyaku.jpg

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • Aiai
  • Infiltration