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Street Fighter V/Gill/Introduction

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About Gill

The emperor of the Illuminati, Gill appears! Now that his plans are starting to unfold, he's finally revealing himself to the world.

Being the emperor of the Illuminati, Gill doesn't mess around. Like Urien, he's got a bit of everything. His moveset is littered with tools that give him plenty of good pokes, bnb combos, and generally good spacing at midrange thanks to his long limbs and fireballs. Now, being a master of his technique and the emperor of the secret society, Gill hits HARD. Gill has a unique mechanic in the form of Retribution at the cost of have absolutely no crush counters. By setting an opponent on fire or freezing them, and then hitting them with an attack of the opposite element, Gill is able to extend his combos exponentially, dealing big damage, stun, and corner carry. Although many of his buttons can be considered inferior to Urien's, thanks to Retribution, two incredible V-Triggers, and a 2 frame parry, Gill offers a lot on both offense and defense. If you like having a devastating punish game with long and lengthy combos that require good reactions to fully master along with a complete kit of tools to ensure you can find your way around, then Gill might be the character for you.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Possesses some of the highest damage and stun output in the game, which makes his punish and anti-air game exceptionally rewarding
  • VS2 is a 2 frame parry that can be cancelled immediately into any move, which only furthers Gill's incredible punish game
  • Retribution, a mechanic unique to Gill, enhances his combo opportunities immensely
  • Two strong V-Triggers that play great with Gill's strengths
  • Is lacking in pretty much every department outside of damage
  • Horrible anti-air hitbox on 2HP makes it hard for Gill to stop the opponent from jumping
  • His buttons are overall weak, due to either a lack of plus frames, stubby hitbox, or both
  • Terrible neutral game thanks to an over reliance on his mediocre fireball, stubby normals, and absolutely no crush counter buttons
  • Terrible oki off of almost every combo ender makes it difficult for Gill to gain momentum

Unique Mechanic

Gill has a unique mechanic known as Retribution in exchange for having no crush counters. If Gill puts the opponent in a freezing or burning state and then hits them with a move utilizing the opposite element (ice move while burning, fire move while freezing), then his combo ability goes up exponentially.

Poison in Burning and Freeze states

Moves that can put the opponent in a burning or freezing state are as follows:

  • Fire
    • EX Pyrokinesis
    • EX Pyro Cyber Lariat
    • Pyrokinesis (VT1)
    • Pyro Cyber Lariat (VT1)
    • Meteor Strike (VT1)
    • Burn Storm (VT1)
    • Flame Javelin (VT1)
    • Volcanic Storm (VT1)
    • Divine Comet with VT1 selected (on hit or block)
    • charged st.HP
  • Ice
    • EX Cryokinesis
    • EX Cryo Cyber Lariat
    • Cyrokinesis (VT2)
    • Cryo Cyber Lariat (VT2)
    • Hail Sting (VT2)
    • Tree of Frost (VT2)
    • Delay Freeze Lance (VT2)
    • Divine Comet with VT2 selected (on hit or block)
    • charged fr.HP

Gill can use a variety of other moves to hit the opponent out of whatever state they're currently in to get Retribution. On top of the above mentioned moves, Gill can use the following:

  • Fire
    • st.HP (uncharged)
    • cr.HK
    • f.HK
    • j.HK
    • Any Pyrokinesis or Pyro Cyber Lariat
  • Ice
    • f.HP (uncharged)
    • cr.HP
    • st.HK
    • j.HP
    • Any Cryokinesis or Cryo Cyber Lariat

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • Nemo
  • Prophet