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Street Fighter V/Falke/Introduction

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About Falke

Created to be another clone for M. Bison, Falke was trapped and experimented on by Shadaloo spending years training and honing her psycho powers. Eventually she is rescued by Ed, and the two of them team up to form Neo Shadaloo with the mission of finding and helping others like them.

Compared to most of the Street Fighter V cast, Falke is much slower paced and footsie oriented. With some of the longest ranged normals in the game, an amazing 1 button anti-air, and the only character with an air fireball she can use jumping in any direction, Falke is great at controlling space and wearing down her opponents. While spacing is her specialty, she can also go on the offensive and whittle down the opponents with some especially damaging combos and great corner carry. However having her fastest normal being 4f button and a 12f reversal can make getting sticky opponents away from her difficult; this is further compounded by her 4f normals hitting low to the ground meaning moves such as Dhalsim's drills or Cammy's divekicks can be especially tough to deal with. If you like long ranged normals and don't crack under pressure, Falke is a good choice.

Final Patch

Players to Watch

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