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Street Fighter V/E.Honda/Introduction

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About E.Honda

One of the original 8 world warriors joins the fight in season 4.

Honda is possibly the most volatile character in the game. His tools, weirdly enough, give him a very skewed matchup chart compared to every other character in the game. He does better against a lot of top tiers than many other characters however, he has more trouble with some mid and low tiers compared to everyone else as well. This makes him the perfect counter pick character, and to accomplish this, he has some amazing buttons and specials. His Hundred Hand Slap is a plus on block, fast move that moves Honda forward, and his EX Sumo Smash allows him to get in easily and continue his obnoxious pressure. The constant threat of his command grab and armor breaking VT1 only adds to his pressure. If you want an incredibly volatile character that has all the tools he needs to be a great counter pick, then check out Honda.

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