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Street Fighter V/Cody/Introduction

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About Cody

First appearing in Final Fight, Cody Travers was once a hero of Metro City. But after he saved the day, his life took a dark turn, as he started getting in street fights just for fun. He was eventually arrested for his crimes, but would regularly break out to have some fun. In SFV, Mike Haggar exonerates Cody of his crimes, which leads to him becoming the new mayor of Metro City. Although he has a big responsibility to take care of, he always finds time to relive the glory days and get in some much more casual street brawls.

On surface level, Cody is a basic brawler with a decent projectile, anti air options, and setups. However, going beyond the surface reveals the dirty tricks behind this otherwise honest fighter. Cody has his fair share of weaknesses, as he struggles against projectiles, doesn't have great defense, and doesn't have amazing pressure, but Cody makes up for this by utilizing sneaky tactics like in days of old. Utilizing moves like EX Tornado Sweep and Zonk Knuckle to get in, two versatile V-Skills to keep your opponent guessing, and huge robbery factor with one of the strongest V-Triggers in the game, Cody has little trouble closing the gap between him and his target, and once he does, he dishes out damage and stun with great meaties and VT2 setups to take the round in a moment's notice. If you're ok with a character who lacks a bit in neutral and defense but can dish out damage and rob the game in the blink of an eye, give Cody a try.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Some of the highest damage and stun output in the game
  • Forward advancing specials allow him to get in easily and offer great corner carry
  • Great use of meter thanks to his incredible EX moves
  • A plethora of strong normals that provide Cody strong pokes, frame traps, and combos
  • V-Skill 2 works as a combo extender and allows Cody to bypass fireballs in neutral as well as many frame traps, which can turn a matchup on it's head
  • V-Trigger 2 turns Cody into a scarier grappler than the actual grapplers in this game
  • Terrible back walk speed makes it difficult to shimmy and walk out of pressure
  • Lacking reliable defensive options with no 3 frame or reversal
  • No reliable low confirms from a range
  • Anti-air deadzone behind his dead makes it difficult for him to avoid cross-ups
  • Although his normals have great frame data on hit or block, they often have noticeable more recovery on whiff than others

Final Patch

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