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Street Fighter V/Chun-Li/Introduction

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About Chun-Li

The first lady of fighting games, chun is another one of the more beginner-friendly characters in the game, as well as one of the consistently better characters in the game. Chun is your classic "Footsies" character - focusing on a patient neutral game where one attempts to control the space around him, poke in the opponent's space while simultaniously punish the opponent if they get into your space. Chun has great normals, both pokes, anti airs, and ways to punish the opponent for whiffing attacks or not blocking your incoming pokes. This is the core to chun's game, and is how you will play with her most of the time. Chun is also not limited with defensive options, having a 3f normal, and an EX DP (spinning bird kick), as well excellent moves to punish with after v-shift. Chun also has a great walk speed and solid dashes, which are important in the footsies game since it allows you to walk back and forth and control more space respectively. While chun is excellent in a lot of ways, she struggles in dealing with certain aspects that certain characters can definitely abuse agaist her. One notable one is dealing with variable air approaches, as each of her anti airs can only work in certain angles or situations, so ebing able to mix it up can give chun quite a lot of trouble. Another problem that chun li has is to approach the opponent when they are stalling away for a timeout when they have a significant life lead - while chun has a good mobility, her apporaching options are quite linear, eventually boiling down to dashing or jumping, both of which can be countered by the majority of the cast if they pay attention for them. all in all, chun is a solid character in most areas, but shines in the neutral game. A key to playing chun is to be patient, looking for the opponent to do a mistake and not always rushing to be the one to take the intiative. It's still important, however, to learn and utilize chun's solid offensive game and not forget about her strong v-triggers.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Excellent pokes, great anti airs meaning she can control respective space
  • Great walk speed, good dashes allow her to stay on the move when playing
  • Great punishing options make the opponent think twice before sending out a poke
  • 2 Strong v-triggers is always a plus
  • Good defensive options
  • Anti airing require precise timing and choice
  • Limited approaching tools, limiting her rushdown ability
  • Lower than average health

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • Humanbomb
  • Ludovic
  • MOV
  • Punk
  • Valmaster