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Street Fighter V/Cammy/Introduction

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About Cammy

A former Bison Doll, she was saved by Dhalsim and later joined Delta Red to help defeat Shadaloo and save the other dolls like her. After the defeat of Shadaloo and breaking Bison's influence on them, Cammy rescued the remaining Dolls and is helping them re-integrate with society as free people.

Cammy is a rushdown, pressure heavy character in it's purest form. She doesn't have an overhead, but her frame data and tick throws are threatening enough to make anyone scared of her. Her great walk speed, dash speed, midscreen oki, and her signature dive kick make her hard to keep out, and even harder to get out if she's already found her way in. If you like overwhelming your opponent with great normals, a fast dive kick, and an obnoxious tick throw with amazing walk speed to compliment it, try Cammy out.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great mobility with fast dashes and walk speed, good air options as well as a very fast divekick, hooligan combi., and v-skill 1 that allows her to vary her approach significantly and make punishing her approaches tricky.
  • Great pokes with great hitboxes, and great whiff punishing options allow her to play a more patient but scary neutral game when needed
  • Scary pressure with a lot of + on block normals allowing for many frame traps, and fast walk speed that allows her to tick throw or shimmy very effectively.
  • solid defensive options such as a 3f normal, invinsible dp and good v-shift followups
  • Mariad of anti airs in both her DP and anti air normals
  • Some of the lower HP in the game, making her more vunlevable to doing mistakes and can lose the life lead more easily
  • Once the opponent becomes familliar with her tools, she doesn't have tools to vary her gameplan.

Final Patch

Players to Watch

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