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Street Fighter V/Birdie/Introduction

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About Birdie

Birdie joined Shadaloo for money, however he left the organization after they forced him to wear a hat as part of the uniform. While on the run, he ends up at the Kanzuki Estate and meets Karin. Karin offers him a job working at her mansion, in exchange for infinite supply of food.

Birdie is considered the defensive grappler of the game. His stand MP is one of the longest ranged cancelable buttons, his stand HK has a fantastic hitbox that extends past his hurtbox and is a crush counter, stand HP is one of the longest ranged buttons in the game, and his chain can be used to grab people at a distance even through projectiles. His EX Bull Revenger can also be used to surprise people with a quick command grab. With his V-Skills, Birdie can also further enforce his defensive wall, force the opponent to come to him by building V-Meter, or setup his own approach. Outside of V-Trigger his walk speed is slow and he has no 3f button which can make him feel sluggish, however if you like command grabs and defensive play Birdie is a great choice.

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • MenaRD
  • Magnegro