Street Fighter EX3/Zangief

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Moves List

Normal Moves


Air Ankle

  • LP+LK

German Suplex

  • Back + LP+LK

Stomach Block

  • (When Opponent is facing away)Back + LP+LK

Command Moves

Elbow Stamp

  • MP+MK

Flying Body Attack

  • (In Air)Down + HP

Special Moves

Double Lariat

  • All three Punches

Quick Double Lariat

  • All three Kicks

Spinning Pile Driver

  • 360 Motion + Punch

Atomic Suplex

  • (Close)360 Motion + Kick

Russian Suplex

  • 360 Motion + Kick

Bear Hug

  • (Just before Russian Suplex grabs)Punch

Super Move

Final Atomic Buster

  • 720 Motion + Punch

Super Stomping

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Kick
    • Quarter Circle Back + Kick to cancel

Aerial Russian Slam

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + Kick
    • Catches an opponent mid-air

Meteor Combo

Cosmic Final Atomic Buster

  • 720 Motion + All three Punches

Meteor Tag Combo

With Darun

  • 720 Motion + All three Kicks

The Basics

Advanced Strategy