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Street Fighter Alpha 3/Sodom

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Sodom. An American born kabuki fighter who has been obsessed with Japanese Culture since he was a child. Sodom considers himself Japanese to the core, even though his true lineage precludes it. Attempting to make a name for himself he joins the Mad Gear Gang and starts shooting up the ranks. He eventually meets his match in a guy fighter of ninja decent called Guy and is ultimately beaten.

Pros Cons
  • Maybe the most oppressive ground game in A3 next to Dhalsim
  • Slide is ridiculously safe with a silly hurtbox
  • b. FP has a ton of range and is incredibly difficult to whiff punish
  • Racks up a lot of guard damage very quickly
  • b. MP is a short range but very high priority normal that can be used to buffer fierce scrapes
  • Lots of great anti-air options
  • Good air grab that does full damage on tech
  • Gets great oki off successful slides
  • Jump jab is high priority and difficult to anti-air
  • Has a unique hop command grab that can be decent for catching more passive players
  • Daikyo burning is one of the most damaging punishes in the game with amazing corner carry
  • Strike invincible tengu glitch gives him a pseudo-reversal in certain situations
  • Backroll allows him to escape many pressure and oki setups after being knocked down
  • The single longest activate range in the entire game. Can whiff punish just about anything with activates. Don't ever throw a fireball at him if you're not Charlie.
  • Has a mid-screen V-ISM guard crush string that forces alpha counters
  • Has untechable infinite setups off all his customs
  • Big damage off successful crouch cancel juggles thanks to scrapes
  • Wake-up hop grab can be used to partially escape cross-ups
  • Scrapes have much worse frame data on block compared to A2 and should be used sparingly
  • No meterless reversal option in a lot of situations
  • Very tall/fat hurtbox, making him susceptible to a lot of standing combos and guard crush pressure. Can be difficult to get out of pressure without threat of activate.
  • Normals are awkward and take some getting used to
  • Moves that hop over lows can blow up his slide
  • No DP option-selects means he has to be more careful about when he activates
  • His counter is awful, and so is his fake tengu. Both overlap with his slide input, which can occasionally end up killing you.
  • Command grab strings are very risky against V-ISM characters. Use carefully.
  • Must be cognizant of spacing and distance to the corner when doing custom combos due to him having to side switch or immediately transition to CCs once he hits the corner
  • Infinite requires very tight crouch cancel execution and a re-activation string at 50%
  • Setup window for untechable infinite only has a few frames for error and can result in big punishes if you screw it up

SFA3 Sodom Art.png
Character Data

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Jigoku Scrape

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch
    • Sodom will slide forward, swinging his jitte/katana. The strength of the punch button used determines the angle of the attack:
    • Jab - slide forward swinging weapon at head height
    • Strong - uppercut with weapon under the chin
    • Fierce - strong overhead swing (knocks down)

Butsumetsu Buster

  • 360 + Punch
    • Sodom lunges forward, grabs the opponent, jumps up, then slams them to the ground. The strength of the punch button determines the height and damage. Jab version has the most reach. Fierce the least.

Daikyou Burning

  • 360 + Kick
    • Sodom runs forward, both weapons held in front of him. If he makes contact he will pin the opponent with the weapons, dragging them on the ground. After awhile they will catch fire, at which point Sodom releases them. Kick button strength used determines damage, how long Sodom runs and number of hits.

Shirraha Catch

  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Kick
    • If you get jump attacked or someone tries an overhead on you, this will catch them and throw them in the air for damage. The window you get to actually catch them is so small the whole move is pretty useless. You're better off using d.fierce or b+fierce in V-ism for an anti air.

Tengu Walking

  • There are 2 Versions of the Tengu Walking.
    • Version 1: When knocked over or after an air block, Back, Down-Back, Down + Kick
      • Sodom runs forward on the ground doing a handstand with his weapons, striking three times.
      • This version becomes strike invincible if done late off a reset state
    • Version 2: Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Kick
      • This is done as you are getting up. It hits more times, is faster, and does more damage than the other version.

Yagura Reverse

  • Back, Down, Down-Back + Kick
    • Basically a standing Tengu Walking, pretty good priority but has limited uses.

Kouten Okiagari

  • (When knocked over)Forward, Down-Forward, Down + Punch
    • Sodom rolls up into a ball, rolling away from his attacker. Good defensive alternative to the standard recovery roll that everyone in Alpha 3 has.

Super Combos

Ten Chuu Satsu

  • 720 + Punch
    • Sodom grabs the opponent with both of his weapons and proceeds to devastate them with several slam moves.
      • A-ism Level 1 (jab) - After the grab, you do a small BB followed by a fierce-looking BB.
      • A-ism Level 2 (strong) - After the grab, you do a small BB, then leap up into the air where you pause for a few moments, finally coming down with full force to the ground for massive damage.
      • A-ism Level 3 (fierce) - This begins looking like Level 2; you do a small BB, jump up, stall, and slam the opponent hard to the ground, but then you proceed to drag them in a DB move. Big Damage

Meido no Miyage

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Punch
    • Sodom lashes forward with his weapon of choice in a superized version of his Jigoku Scrape manuever.
      • A-ism Level 1 (jab) - Three quick uppward slashes, similar to the jab and strong Jigoku Scrapes, hitting three times with juggling ability. Excellent anti-air, useful for ending combos. Relatively safe on block.
      • A-ism Level 2 (strong) - A series of four quick forward-moving slashes that go a long distance, each hitting multiple times, the last an overhead slash similar to the fierce Jigoku Scrape for varying hit amounts.
      • A-ism Level 3 (fierce) - All of the hits of a Level 2, followed by a leap in the air with a very strong arcing swipe similar in style to a jumping fierce.
      • X-ism - Simply a Level 3 version of the move.

~Move Descriptions taken from Joseph Parise's Sodom FAQ.

The Basics

Which Ism?


Gains a great level 1 super, but loses too many good normals and is missing his god tier customs.


V-ISM is what takes Sodom from mid tier to top tier. Having access to some of the best customs in the game with the longest activation range changes his threat in neutral significantly. Also gains access to b. FP and b. MP, which are amazing normals.


His Sais are replaced by Katanas that accentuate some of his pokes. Gets a dope X-ISM exclusive BGM, but never really worth running over A or V Sodom.


A-ISM combos

V-ISM combos

Advanced Strategy


Notable Players


Asaba (V-Sodom)

Cantona (A-Sodom)

Chappi (A-Sodom)

Chikyuu (V-Sodom)

Crusher / Krusher (V-Sodom)

Kichi-Kichi (V-Sodom)

Kuni (V-Sodom)

Kurassha (V-Sodom)

Liquid Metal (V-Sodom)

Mukai (A/V-Sodom)

Sassa (V-Sodom)

Tomoo Taguchi (V-Sodom)

Totsuka (V-Sodom)

VER (V-Sodom)

Versus (V-Sodom)

Yamako (V-Sodom)

North America

Alex Navarro / MiamiX-Alex (V-Sodom)

AMikelyStory (V-Sodom)

Eddie Lee (V-Sodom)

Kyokuji (V-Sodom)


xpapis (V-Sodom)


m0nk3y (V-Sodom)


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