Street Fighter Alpha 3/Glossary

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CC - Crouch cancel

WC - Walk cancel

VC - Variable (custom) combos

OC - Original (custom) combos (The Japanese name for a VC)

VC1 - LP+LK activate (short shadow delay)

VC2 - MP+MK activate (medium shadow delay)

VC3 - FP+RH activate (long shadow delay)

Z-ISM - Japanese name for A-ISM

Customs - Custom/Variable combos

OTG - Off the ground

Tech - Can mean to soften a grab or to recover in the air/on the ground

Untechable - Cannot air tech/air recover

Neutral state - A state where the opponent is not moving or in the middle of some action. This state must be reached for the opponent to be able to air recover out of juggles

TK - Tiger knee motion (usually used for instant air moves)

TAP - Turnaround punch or moves similar to it

Pushblock - Mechanic that allows you to push the opponent away from you while blocking

Hadou rave - Corner guard crush strings utilizing repeated fireball/normal cancels

Target combo - Normals that can be chain cancelled into one another in a sequence

Link - Two or more attacks that combo through exploiting hit stun rather than cancels

TOD - Touch of Death

GC - Guard crush

Oki = Okizeme or mix-up post-knockdowns

Blue guard - Alpha 3's pseudo just defend system that reduces chip/guard damage

Red counter - Moves hard coded to beat another, similar to crush counters in SF5

A2 - Alpha 2

ST - Super Turbo