Street Fighter Alpha 2/Rose

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SFA2 Rose Portrait.png
Health: 144
Defensive Rating: -2
Stun: 40
Walk Speed Forward: 300
Walk Speed Backward: 200
Jump Backward: 47f (3+44+0)
Neutral Jump: 47f (3+44+0)
Jump Forward: 47f (3+44+0)
Wake-Up: 51f
Quick Rise: 20f
Throw Range: 19
Punch 2 Punches Punch(Auto)
A2 Rose Color1.png A2 Rose Color3.png A2 Rose ColorAuto1.png
A2 Rose Color2.png A2 Rose Color4.png A2 Rose ColorAuto2.png
Kick 2 Kicks Kick(Auto)

Rose's inner strength guides her in battle. Constantly searching for the right balance of action and reaction, Rose possesses an intuition that borders on telepathy. She calls to her soul, believing the heavens will punish whomever wields the mystic power without good intentions.

Rose's best Street Fighter incarnation is definitely SFA2. Ranking wise, she's in the upper echelon of the cast, generally agreed to be part of the top tier- If not the strongest. She should be played very aggressively as her offensive game is far better than her defensive one. Rose needs to always have meter to threaten opponents because just one level of meter gives her a world of openings and comebacks. With unparalleled priority on her crouching strong punches, great reach and overall priority on the rest of her normals, and her godly assortment of level 1 supers/ACs/CCs, Rose earns her spot in the herald Top 4.

Players to watch: Justin Wong



A2 Icon Rose.png Rose, can be played various ways effectively, so use whatever style fits you. Hands down top 4 in A2, no arguing about it.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • God-like normals (crouching strong is ridiculous)
  • Great anti-airs
  • Best ACs in the game
  • Best Supers in the game, including Soul Illusion that sets up unblockables and does ridiculous amounts of chip damage
  • Builds meter extremely fast with Soul Absorb
  • Efficiently uses meter in many ways (AC, CC, Super)
  • Instant air overhead
  • Unblockable setups
  • No bad match-ups
  • No meterless invincible reversals
  • Negative defensive rating; takes slightly more damage on high damage attacks (>15 damage)

Move List

Normal Moves

SFA2 Framedata Glossary

Units of base damage inflicted by the move (100% life bar = 144 units of health). Most moves have a damage range; the number inside the square brackets indicates which Random Damage Table the move uses to look up any additional damage and the % chance of doing so.


Units of stun inflicted by the move.


The frame the move hits on (1st active frame). Super moves with a screen freeze will separate pre- and post-screen freeze startup frames by a '+' (Ex: 5+0).


The portion of a move that can hit. How many frames a move remains active for. ()=Inactive frames in-between active frames. [xN]=Repeated sequences.

Frame Adv

The frame advantage values when the attack is blocked. (Add +1 frame to all OnBlockAdv values for the move's OnHitAdv value; Ex: +2oB/+3oH, -4oB/-3oH)


The units of meter gained on whiff/block/hit. (48, 96, and 144 units of meter are required for 1, 2, and 3 bars of meter respectively)


Low attacks must be blocked crouching. High attacks must be blocked standing. Mid attacks can be blocked either way.

  • Chain Cancel: Can be canceled into itself or another normal attack.
  • Special Cancel: Can be canceled into a special attack.
  • Super Cancel: Can be canceled into a super attack.
  • Throw/Air-Throw: A normal throw or command grab.
  • Soft Knockdown: Will knockdown, but opponent can quick rise or roll.
  • Hard Knockdown: Will knockdown, opponent cannot quick rise or roll.
  • Projectile: Produces a projectile (i.g. Hadoken).
  • Proj. Reflect: Will reflect an opponent's projectile back at them.
  • Proj. Absorb: Will absorb an opponent's projectile.
  • Invuln. Startup: Has frames at the start that are completely invincible.
  • Invuln. Lower: Has frames that are invincible to lower attacks.
  • Invuln. Upper: Has frames that are invincible to mid/higher attacks (aka low profile).
  • Counterhit: Deals and/or takes more damage when counter hit.

All framedata collected with the game speed set to normal, where the game tickrate and framerate are the same(60fps).


All framedata collected with the game speed set to normal.


All hitbox images have the character standing/jumping in the exact same position, so hitbox distances can be easily compared.

  • Blue: Hurtbox - hittable area of a character.
  • Red: Hitbox - attacking area of an action.
  • Yellow: Throwbox - throwing area of an action.
  • Green: Pushbox - collidable area of a character.
  • White: Axis - core of a character from which all other boxes reference.
  • Pink: Projectile Hitbox - attacking area of a projectile.
  • Light Blue: Projectile Hurtbox - hittable area of a projectile.
CreditDamage, stun, framedata, meter, and updated hitboxes collected by A2 Icon ChunLi.pngVeri7as, August 2022
Damage and stun values in () are the illusion values when in Soul Illusion.



A2 Rose st.lp.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
5[0] (4[0]) 3 (0) 5 4 +4 0/1/2 Mid.png Specialcancel.png

A quick standing punch. Nothing special. Since Rose is so tall, it can whiff small crouching opponents which is a bad thing. But, on tall opponents, it can stop them from jumping over and starting a crossup as her jabs will pin them down. You can do a couple of walking jabs since it does have frame advantage, and links into


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
11[1] (9[1]) 6 (0) 7 5 +4 1/3/6 Mid.png Specialcancel.png

Like her jab except her fist is glowing. It's okay to use as an anti-air for people jumping far away and like the standing jab it's sometimes good at keeping them pinned on the ground to prevent them from jumping over you. Other than that, not much use.


A2 Rose st.hp.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
13[2] (8[2]) 8 (0) 7 6 -1 2/5/9 Mid.png Specialcancel.png

Rose whips out her shawl. It's comboable, but her cr.HP is probably a better choice overall. Best used if they missed a big super combo or DP and you have all the time in the world to do standing HP xx HK Soul Spiral. It's also her only normal that can reliably combo into her LP Soul Spark fireball. Other than the mistake punishing combo and Soul Spark combo listed, this normal also serves as a far AA in certain instances very well.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
8[0] (6[0]) 3 (0) 7 4 -1 0/1/2 Mid.png Specialcancel.png

A short ranged outwards kick. Not too much use except for maybe tick-throw setups. It can stop Guy's sliding and outpoke a few other character's low moves, but her cr.MP is far better at outprioritizing.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
9[1] (7[1]) 6 (0) 8 6 -5 1/3/6 Mid.png Lowerbodyinv.png

A short-ranged kick where Rose balances on her shawl. The best thing about this move is that it lifts Rose's whole body off the ground as she's balancing on her magic shawl, so a lot of low attacks will whiff under her and she can score a hit. The bad thing is that it has way less range than it looks and she can get punished badly since it's kinda slow recovering. Use it sporadically when you know a low move is coming. Also, you can use it as sweep Alpha Counter bait, like if your opponent ended up blocking your CC. Do repeated standing MKs and if they tried to sweep AC you, it'll miss.


A2 Rose 1.png
A2 Rose 2.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
15[2], 12[2] (8[2], 8[2]) 8, 8 (0, 0) 9 3(0)3 -6, -3 2/5/9 Mid.png -
  • Hits 1 time.

A standing cartwheel attack. Not much use because Rose is very slow to recover. It's best use is when you sense that they're going to jump at you and you stick out a standing HK so that they jump right into her out-stretched heel. Abuse this vs people who cant crouch it (Gief, Sagat), great range and early anti-airs jumpers, good AA from a distance if they do swing early.



A2 Rose cr.lp.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
5[0] (4[0]) 3 (0) 4 4 +4 0/1/2 Low.png Rpdfire.pngChaincancel.png
  • Can rapid fire into itself or chain cancelled into: st.Lp.png, st.Lk.png & cr.Lk.png.

A rapid fire crouching punch. It's fast enough to stop most tick-throws. If you feel your opponent is setting you up for tick-throw bait, spam on cr.LP to stop them. It also links into her other normals (cr.MP, cr.HP), so it's good to use to set up hit confirm combos. cr.LP, cr. LP, cr.MP is a good one.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
10[1] (8[1]) 6 (0) 5 7 +4 1/3/6 Low.png Specialcancel.png

Rose's signature normal move. Her cr.MP is probably the best prioritized normal in the game. The only time she's vulnerable using it is in the split second when it's retracting, and even then the opponent has very little time to counter. In nearly every situation, it's safe, it's spammable, and it'll outprioritize almost any other attack in its hitbox. Use it to annoy, to poke, and to force them to jump into her anti-airs. In combos, it is usually buffered into her LK Soul Spiral or used after a successful Punch AC. This move is what makes Rose so powerful on the ground. This move right here beat a good 98% of the moves in A2 and trades with the other 2%, even works as anti air vs alot of character. Any character wants to get pokey, start pressing this bad boy to stuff their move. If you want to get more advanced, buffer into soul spark while whiffing. Links into itself and very good meaty attack.


A2 Rose cr.hp 1.png
A2 Rose cr.hp 2.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
13[2], 11[2] (12[2], 10[2]) 8, 6 (0, 0) 5 4(0)6 -1 2/5/9 Mid.png Specialcancel.png
  • Hits 1 time.
  • Second hit is only super cancelable.

Rose's go-to anti-air. This is very good at taking people out of the air, and you can use her Soul Illusion to back up the damage or insure that things will always trade in your favor. She can also tack on a level 1 or level 2 Aura Soul Throw super at the end for more damage... although the level 2 is a bit of a waste (level 1 might be worth it though if you have the meter to spare). If anyone is jumping at you, Rose's quickest answer is crouching HP. It combos beautifully into her HK Soul Spiral as part of her big combos too. Vs Gief jumping on top of you, do c.fp LATE to trade, otehrwise you will get stuffed.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
5[0] (4[0]) 3 (0) 4 4 +4 0/1/2 Low.png Specialcancel.png

A quick low kick. It can link into her cr.MP for combos, and it itself links easily from a cr.LP. Otherwise, her crouching LP is faster at stopping tick-throws. If you want to start her Soul Illusions up close safely, cancel it from a crouching LK (hit or blocked), and start your assault. If you need breathing room and think that her sweep might be too slow on its own, do a cr.LK first, then sweep to push them away. Finally, it's a trusty tick-throw.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
9[1] (7[1]) 3 (0) 7 6 +1 1/3/6 Low.png Specialcancel.png

A kick that looks like a stationary slide. It can combo into her LK Soul Spiral, and is good to use if Rose is too far away for her cr.MP to connect for a combo. It's got good reach, so when her cr.MP is too short to counter, use her cr.MK to go under her opponent's move from a distance and score a counter hit. Finally, cancel into her (any level, but mostly level 1) Aura Soul Spark as an AC reversal.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
13[2] (9[2]) 6 (0) 9 4 -7 2/5/9 Low.png Softknockdown.png

Rose's sweep. It's a very good sweep because it is very long ranged, making her Valle CCs all the more dangerous because she can strike from a farther distance than expected. Use like you would a Shoto's sweep, except she's very vulnerable if it's blocked up close because of her slow recovery, meaning she's easy AC fodder. Only use to it to punish and at a safe, far distance and if they can't readily AC you back on block. Otherwise, use it to push people away when they're meterless so you don't suffer retaliation.

Neutral Jumping


A2 Rose nj.lp.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
9[0] (6[0]) 3 (0) 5 10 - 0/1/2 High.png -

Jumping chop, works okay as an anti-air, but strong is better. Not much use for this.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
10[1] (7[1]) 6 (0) 9 8 - 1/3/6 High.png -

Glowing hand version of jumping LP. Mostly used as a good anti-air when your standard crouching HP isn't working (especially in matches such as vs. Zangief, M.Bison, and Rolento).


A2 Rose nj.hp 1.png
A2 Rose nj.hp 2.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
11[2], 11[2] (7[2], 7[2]) 8, 8 (0, 0) 9 2(0)2 - 2/5/9 High.png -
  • Hits 1 time.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
10[0] (6[0]) 3 (0) 5 10 - 0/1/2 High.png -


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
11[1] (8[1]) 6 (0) 5 8 - 1/3/6 High.png -


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
13[2] (10[2]) 8 (0) 7 6 - 2/5/9 High.png -

Diagonal Jumping


A2 Rose dj.lp.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
9[0] (6[0]) 3 (0) 5 10 - 0/1/2 High.png -


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
10[1] (7[1]) 6 (0) 9 8 - 1/3/6 High.png -


A2 Rose dj.hp 1.png
A2 Rose dj.hp 2.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
10[2], 10[2] (6[2], 6[2]) 6, 6 (0, 0) 8 2(0)2 - 2/5/9 High.png -
  • Hits 1 time.

A crescent moon shawl attack. This move is good to start combos with if you know you have an opening, or if you're meeting them in air-to-air battles and you whip this out early.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
7[0] (4[0]) 3 (0) 5 10 - 0/1/2 High.png -

A 45 degree angled downwards kick. This is a very good jump in because of the angle she comes in at. It's probably her best prioritized jump in too. Use it when powered up by Soul Illusion for the best chance to score a hit or use it for jumping tick throws. Can also be used as an instant overhead.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
9[1] (6[1]) 6 (0) 6 8 - 1/3/6 High.png Cross-up

Rose's important cross-up. It's a very good cross-up with a huge hit box which makes it very forgiving when trying for a crossup since it stays out for a long time. On crouching or standing opponents, Rose shouldn't have trouble aiming for their shoulders and getting a successful crossup all the time. Always try to use it when powered up by the Soul Illusion, as one successful Soul Illusioned crossup jumping MK will lead to huge life taken off of your enemy. This is also a great jump back move to catch people chasing her in the air.


A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
12[2] (7[2]) 8 (0) 7 6 - 2/5/9 High.png -

A good combo starting jumping attack because she has a lot more horizontal range than her jumping HP. Also a great jump back move.

Command Normals

Df.png + Mk.png

A2 Rose
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
9[1] (6[1]) 3 (0) 8 10 -15 at worst
-6 at best
1/3/6 Low.png Upperbodyinv.png
  • Punishable on hit.

Her head hurtbox disappears for 6 frames and she can go under fireballs. A bit difficult because she doesn't move fast enough and her body is stretched horizontally. Not as easy as Dhalsim, but it is doable. Useful in closing the gap against fireballers who want to get close to hinder your soul reflect reaction. During Soul Illusion, it works perfectly as an unblockable cross-under. You can react to jump-ins with SI and slide as an anti-air if you are fast enough.

This normal is also useful as a bait for more damage. For instance:

1.df+mk, block, punch AC

2.df+mk (MAX distance), xx lk drill

3.df+mk, lvl 1 or 2 super fireball

4.df+mk, walk up throw

5.df+mk, cc

Best option is #1, cause it they swing, you ac, if they dont, you do xx Soul Spark (safe) or Soul Drill (unsafe vs long reaching characters like Guy).

Normal Throws

Soul Drain
Punch Throw
B.png/F.png + Mp.png/Hp.png

A2 Rose ThrowRange.png
A2 Rose PThrow.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
1x5+9[0] = 14 0 1 N/A N/A -/-/3 N/A Throw.png
  • Always switches sides.
  • Deals 1 damage when opponent tech throws.
  • Rose has above average throw range (Alpha2ThrowRanges).

Alpha Counters

Punch Alpha Counter
(while in blockstun)Qcd.png+ P.png

A2 Rose PACRange.png
A2 Rose PAC 2.png
A2 Rose PAC 3.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
N/A 0 1 8 +9 on hit 0/-/0 N/A Startupinv.png

The best all-purpose Alpha Counter in the game. This move stops everything except projectiles and invincible moves, and Rose can combo into a knockdown every time. The prime time to use this is when you're in the corner being pressured. Punch AC out and put them into the corner and completely change the momentum. It's also a good wake-up AC. It allows for xx lk drill vs everyone (except chun, drill will be blocked, do soul spark) and st.fp xx hk drill vs Gief. Another reason this is so good is because the follow up combo BUILDS METER, 1/3 of a lvl 1. If you do 3 ACs in a row you will have a lvl 1. This will not trade with anything, will grab any multi-hit move. THIS WILL NOT GRAB FIREBALLS, use kick instead. When alpha countering always buffer into soul spark.

Rose has multiple meterless followups after punch AC; which one you'll want to use depends on who you're fighting, whether they're standing (or jumping) or crouching, whether you want to go for a tighter link for more damage, and whether or not they or Rose is in the corner.

  • Option 1: xx lk drill (easiest link)
  • Option 2: xx lk drill (tighter link)
  • Option 3: s.hp xx hk drill (same timing as option 2)

In the corner:

  • Option 4: s.hp xx hk drill after Rose leaves the corner (highly vulnerable to quick rise punish)
  • Opiton 5: s.hp xx hk drill after Rose puts herself in the corner
  • Option 6: c.hp xx hk drill after Rose leaves the corner (same timing as option 1)
  • Option 7: c.hp xx hk drill after Rose puts herself in the corner
  • Option 8: xx lk drill (redundant, don't use this)

In summary:

1 works against all characters except Chun (when standing), Rose (when crouching) and Rolento
2 works against Rolento and Rose in all cases
3 works against Sodom and Birdie in all cases
3 also works against Dhalsim, Rolento, Zangief, Charlie and Sagat when standing
3 partially works against Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Dan; it won't knock down but they will be pushed too far to do anything
3 also partially works against Rose and Bison, but they can punish afterward
4, 5 and 6 are variable and depend on how close both characters are to the corner
7 works against all characters if the AC is done at point blank range

Inverted Directions Glitch

When preformed on an opponent who is in CC, this AC will trigger the inverted directions glitch (explained in the Glitches section below), making the following attack on their wake-up hard to block.

Kick Alpha Counter
(while in blockstun)Qcd.png+ K.png

A2 Rose KAC.png
Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
13[2] (6[2]) 6 (0) 5 6 -1 0/0/0 Mid.png Startupinv.png

Rose's sweep. It's got good range and sets them up to be crossed up or unblockable afterwards. Kick AC footsies-into-fireball patterns to prevent being pushed out and to swing the momentum back on your side. This is the AC to use vs fireballs since Punch AC whiffs.

Special Moves

Soul Spark
Hcf.png + P.png

A2 Rose Fireball 1.png
A2 Rose Fireball 2.png
Version Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
Lp.png Lvl1: 12[5], 9[5]
Lvl2: 13[6], 11[6]
Lvl3: 14[9], 12[9]
Lvl4: 16[9], 14[9]
Lvl5: 18[9], 16[9]
Lvl6: 20[9], 18[9]
Lvl7: 26[9], 24[9]
Lvl8: 33[9], 31[9]
Lvl1: 8, 8
Lvl2:10, 10
Lvl3:12, 12
Lvl4: 14, 14
Lvl5: 16, 16
Lvl6: 18, 18
Lvl7: 20, 20
Lvl8: 22, 22
16 4(0)inf -14 4/5/6 Mid.png Proj.png
Mp.png Same as Lp.png version. Same as Lp.png version. 22 4(0)inf -12 4/5/6 Mid.png Proj.png
Hp.png Same as Lp.png version. Same as Lp.png version. 28 4(0)inf -10 4/5/6 Mid.png Proj.png
  • Damage/Stun level determined by how many fireballs she has absorbed with LP Soul Reflect. Up to a max of 7 absorbs.
  • Strength of punch determines speed and length of her shawl.

It's not going to win Rose any fireball fights, but it's still usable for far screen pressuring and to cancel out incoming fireballs when safely far away. But its main use is that when blocked, it pushes them back all the way across the screen. So definitely use her combo into her Soul Spark (blocked) to get some breathing room and push them away from Rose if you need them to get off your back.

The more fireballs Rose absorbs with LP Soul Reflect, the stronger her next Soul Spark is. It can add up significantly, if they let your absorb 6+ fireballs which can lead to her 100% CC.

I've been saved from many CCs from doing a point blank fireball, when they activated and got pushed back and took the hit. Used to bait reversals in general, but be careful of supers.


  • Speed: 350 pixels per 100 frames; 3rd slowest fireball in the game (Alpha2Fireballs).

Mp.png - [Hitboxes pictured]

  • Starts blocking fireballs on frame 20
  • Speed: 400 pixels per 100 frames (Alpha2Fireballs).


  • Starts blocking fireballs on frame 22
  • Speed: 500 pixels per 100 frames; 2nd fastest fireball in the game (Alpha2Fireballs).

This version is very good at pushing your opponent away, about half screen.

Soul Reflect
Reflect, Absorb
Qcb.png + P.png

A2 Rose Absorb.png
A2 Rose Reflect 1.png
A2 Rose Reflect 2.png
Version Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
Lp.png 13[7] (11[7]) 10 (1) 12 hitbox
7 absorb
6 hitbox
23 absorb
-9 4/6/9
22 on absorb
Mid.png Projectileabsorb.png
Mp.png 14[8] (12[8]) 12 (1) 15 hitbox
10 reflect
9 hitbox
21 reflect
-4 4/6/9
9 on reflect
Mid.png Projectilereflect.png
Hp.png 11[10] (9[10]) 15 (1) 19 hitbox
10 reflect
3 hitbox
20 reflect
+3 4/6/9
9 on reflect
Mid.png Projectilereflect.png

Lp.png - [Hitboxes pictured 1st]

Rose will twirl her scarf absorbing any nonsuper fireball giving her 22 meter (46% of a level of meter) and blocking nonfireball projectiles (Rolento's knife). This will absorb one hit of supers, except Charlie's.

Absorb also powers up her NEXT Soul Spark with each fireball absorbed, up to 7 absorbs. This buffs her next Soul Spark's damage, stun, and chip damage with each fireball absorbed (see values under Soul Spark section). This buff can lead to Rose's 100% CC. Under normal situations it only buffs the next Soul Spark, but if that next Soul Spark is done during a CC, ALL of her Soul Sparks done within that CC are also powered up. Leading to some insane damage.

Mp.png - [Hitboxes pictured 2nd]

Rose twirls her scarf in a circular motion, reflecting any nonsuper fireball forward and blocking nonfireball projectiles (Rolento's knife). Good meaty.

Hp.png - [Hitboxes pictured 3rd]

Reflects any nonsuper fireball at a 45 degree angle upwards and blocks nonfireball projectiles (Rolento's knife). The version used in poke strings. This is very useful vs Bison and Charlie, as Bison tend to try to headstomp after and Charlie tries to jump after a couple mp reflects from afar.

Soul Throw
Dp.png + P.png

A2 Rose SoulThrow.png
Version Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
Lp.png 18[0] 0 9 14 N/A 5/-/12 N/A Airthrow.png
Mp.png 20[0] 0 9 17 N/A 5/-/12 N/A Airthrow.png
Hp.png 22[0] 0 9 18 N/A 5/-/12 N/A Airthrow.png

Rose's throw "DP". Unlike a real Dragon Punch, it has no invincibility. Her Soul Throw is to a great ender to her custom combos.

Lp.png - [Hitboxes pictured]

  • Travels a little under 1/4 screen.


  • Travels a little under 1/2 screen.


  • Travels a little over 1/2 screen.

Soul Spiral
Qcf.png + K.png

A2 Rose Drill.png
Version Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
Lk.png 13[7], 15[7] (10[7], 12[7]) 4, 4 (1, 0) 15 2(0)4 -15 6/7/8 Mid.png Softknockdown.png
Mk.png 15[7], 4[7] (13[7], 3[7]) 4, 4 (1, 0) 22 2(0)4 -19 6/6+1 per hit/6+2 per hit Mid.png Softknockdown.png
Hk.png 16[7], 4[7], 4[7] (14[7], 3[7], 3[7]) 4x3 (1, 0, 0) 23 2(0)8 -28 6/6+1 per hit/6+2 per hit Mid.png Softknockdown.png
  • Unscaled damage in CC.

Rose's main combo special move. Try not to do these when opponent has meter or long limbs, because it is punishable is those cases. Blocked Soul Spirals can be countered with CC, so be extra careful if they have meter to punish you with a Valle CC.

When Rose is Illusioned, you want to land a Soul Spiral as much as possible because it does huge damage, on hit or block.

Lk.png - [Hitboxes pictured]

  • Hits 1 time max.

Can be comboed from any medium attack.


  • Hits 2 times.
  • Note: Haven't figured out the requirement for knockdown.


  • Hits 3 times.
  • Note: Haven't figured out the requirement for knockdown.

Can be comboed from any heavy attacks or Illusioned moves (like Illusion cr.MP).

Super Moves

Startup Invulnerability Notes:

  • At the end of a super screen freeze, projectiles will start moving before the opponent's character is unfrozen, giving the supers more projectile invul. frames than hit invul. frames.

Aura Soul Spark
Fireball Super
Qcb.pngQcb.png + P.png

A2 Rose FireballSuper 1.png
A2 Rose FireballSuper 2.png
A2 Rose FireballSuper 3.png
Version Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
Level 1
12[13], 12[13], 7[13] 0, 0, 2 5+0 inf -8 0/0/0 Mid.png Startupinv.png
Level 2
11[13], 5[13], 7[13], 10[13], 7[13], 3[13] (9[13], 3[13], 5[13]) 0x3, 1x3 (0x3) 5+0 4(8)6(6)6(28)inf +3 0/0/0 Mid.png Startupinv.png
Level 3
22[13], 14[13], 12[13], 9[13] 0, 1x3 5+0 6(21)inf -5 0/0/0 Mid.png Startupinv.pngProjectilereflect.png

Her level 2 and 3 versions generally aren't worth using, so only stick to her level 1 for countering.

  • Cannot be air blocked.

Level 1

  • 4 frames of startup hit invul.; 0 of which while active.
  • 14 frames of startup projectile invul.
  • Hits 3 times.

Use in fireball fights or in AC reversals. Also as a reversal/DP against pokes.

Level 2

  • 7 frames of startup hit invul.; 3 of which while active.
  • 7 frames of startup projectile invul.
  • Hits 6 times.

Rose cartwheels several times before doing her fireball, so it's best used in combos (powered up by a level 1 Soul Illusion if you want to be flashy and damaging at the same time). Can combo after a punch AC.

Level 3 - [Hitboxes pictured]

  • 8 frames of startup hit invul.; 1 of which while active.
  • 18 frames of startup projectile invul.
  • Hits 4 times.

Reflects all projectiles and super projectiles before she does her fireball, so ideally you would want to use it upclose to reverse a fireball or super fireball.

Aura Soul Throw
Airthrow Super
Qcf.pngQcf.png + P.png

A2 Rose SoulThrowSuper 1.png
A2 Rose SoulThrowSuper 2.png
A2 Rose SoulThrowSuper 3.png
Version Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
Level 1
33[0] 0 5+0 5+12 N/A 0/-/0 N/A Startupinv.pngAirthrow.png
Level 2
11[13], 7[13], 29 (9[13], 5[13]) 0x3 (0, 0) 5+0 4(0)6(10)20 -57 0/0/0 Mid.png Startupinv.pngAirthrow.png
Level 3
14[13], 10[13], 7[13], 33[0] 0x4 5+0 7(10)4(0)6(10)21 -60 0/0/0 Mid.png Startupinv.pngAirthrow.png

Truthfully all you need is cr.fp xx lvl 1, and the other lvls are not worth the meter. Maybe lvl 3 is if it will kill or you need a large amount of damage to catch up.

  • A full 2 quarter-circles isn't required. Required inputs: D.pngDf.pngF.pngD.pngDf.png + P.png

Level 1

  • 5 frames of startup hit invul.; 1 of which while active...kinda.
  • 9 frames of startup projectile invul.

Buffed version of her special grab. Regular soul grab animation. Can follow up a juggle from her cr.HP anti-air if cancelled after it hits. Cr.HP has two hitboxes, one on the way up and one at the very top of the uppercut. The 1st hit of cr.hp has to hit to be cancellable.

Level 2 - [Hitboxes pictured]

  • 4 frames of startup hit invul.; 0 of which while active.
  • 6 frames of startup projectile invul.
  • Hits 3 times.

Rose does her cr.fp, then soul throw.

Level 3

  • 6 frames of startup hit invul.; 1 of which while active.
  • 16 frames of startup projectile invul.
  • Hits 4 times.

Rose does a rushing punch, cr.fp, soul throw. Can combo off light attacks.

Soul Illusion
Friends Super
Qcf.pngQcf.png + K.png

A2 Rose FriendsSuper 1.png
A2 Rose FriendsSuper 2.png
Version Damage Stun Startup Active Frame Adv Meter Block Properties
Level 1
N/A N/A 5+0 N/A N/A 0/-/- N/A Startupinv.png
Level 2
N/A N/A 5+0 N/A N/A 0/-/- N/A Startupinv.png
Level 3
N/A N/A 5+0 N/A N/A 0/-/- N/A Startupinv.png

See the Soul Illusion section below.

  • Damage and stun numbers in () are the illusion values.
  • A full 2 quarter-circles isn't required. Required inputs: D.pngDf.pngF.pngD.pngDf.png + K.png

Level 1

  • 4 frames of startup hit invul.
  • 4 frames of startup projectile invul.
  • About 4 seconds Illusions

Level 2

  • 4 frames of startup hit invul.
  • 4 frames of startup projectile invul.
  • About 6 seconds of Illusions.

Level 3

  • 4 frames of startup hit invul.
  • 4 frames of startup projectile invul.
  • About 9 seconds of Illusions.

The Basics

Rose should always try to be attacking her opponent, using level 1 Illusions to pressure, level 1 ACs/Aura Soul Throw when put on the defensive, or level level 1 CCs when an opportunity presents itself. When meterless, Rose should try hard to gain back her level 1 as fast as possible by absorbing fireballs, whiffing HP Soul Reflects (they're the fastest), or mounting a good footsie game with her cr.MP into LK Soul Spirals to gain meter. Once you do have your level 1, your main goal should then be to trip your opponent, start level 1 Illusions, and go into her crossup game. Never let up with the attack when you have meter because all it takes is one opponent mistake for Rose to hugely swing momentum to her side.

Basic Ground Game
Rose's ground game revolves around these moves:
- Soul Illusion
- cr.MP
- cr.HP
- cr.HK
- cr.LP
- Kick AC

Rose's best range is right up close when she has meter. Use cr.MP a lot to outprioritize your opponent's moves and snuff out random CCs. Rose's cr.HP stops a lot of jumping moves and it should be your main anti-air. If you have the time and meter, start a level 1 Soul Illusion first and then do the cr.HP for massive damage off their life. If you want to use meter (especially if you have extra meter to spare), do her level 1 Aura Soul Throw for a nice chunk of damage when you're going to anti-air.

Rose's Kick AC is very useful in her ground game because it lets her start her crossups. If you're being pushed out by fireballs, such as shotos' cr.HK xx Fireball, just block the fireball and Kick AC it to knock them down and then go for her crossup (start Illusion if time and meter permits). If you see them standing within your sweep, go for the Valle CC because her sweep is so long ranged. Finally, if you feel you're going to be cheap thrown such as if you're trapped in Ken's roll shenanigans, spam on cr.LPs to stop their throw attempts.

Building Meter
Whenever you're out of meter, Rose should always be trying to gain back her level 1. That means if you're midscreen or farther, 80% of the time you see a fireball come your way you'll want to absorb it. 2 Fireballs = 1 meter for Rose, and then she can go back on the offensive. If you're fighting an opponent without a projectile, Rose's HP Soul Reflect is her fastest special move to gain meter. The whole point of gaining meter is for her ability to start Illusions after a knockdown, level 1 Aura Soul Throw anti-air, CC at will when a mistake presents itself, or AC out of trouble.

Punch Alpha Counter
Rose's Punch AC is something to be feared. It can totally swing momentum back in your favor because it stops damn near every move in the game (barring fireballs). Just remember that Rose switches sides when she does it, and remember to always combo a cr.MP xx LK Soul Spiral afterwards for a 3 hit combo. The well-known Rose Punch AC trick is if you Punch AC a CC and combo into the cr.MP xx LK Soul Spiral as usual, the opponent gets up facing the wrong direction and has to block towards you. So you can start a combo with j.HK and they'll have to block the wrong way. If you think they'll block right, you can empty jump, and combo them when you land because the will be holding towards. A 50/50 game totally in Rose's favor.

Round Starters
Starting off the round is a game all in itself. Here's a list of situational round starters that you should use after reading your opponents habits and playing styles:
1. If they always fireball at the start: Jump in and combo, best would be j.HP, cr.HP, HK Soul Spiral. If you land that, they're only a few more hits away from a dizzy.
2. If they jump straight up #1: Jump at them with j.MP, it's a good air-to-air meter.
3. If they jump straight up #2: Slide, then cr.HP on their descent.
4. If you suspect they'll jump at you first: crouch, then cr.HP to anti-air. This is probably the safest opening because if they threw a fireball instead, you just end up blocking.
5. Another safe option: jump back with HP, when you land, LP Soul Reflect (absorb) the incoming fireball and await more more absorptions or just throw back a Soul Spiral. Probably the best option vs. projectile opponents.

Best Anti-Airs
1. crouching HP (all purpose)
2. level 1 Aura Soul Throw (all purpose w/meter)
3. jump straight up mk (when the other 2 don't work)

Best Ground Pokes
1. crouching MP (godly)
2. crouching LP (stop throws, hit confirm link into cr.MP or cr.HP)
3. standing MK (go over low attacks)
4. crouching MK (go under low attacks)

Best Jumpins
1. jumping MK (cross up)
2. jumping LK (best jumpin angle)
3. jumping HK (for combos)
4. jumping HP (for guaranteed combos)

Advanced Strategy

Soul Illusion

Soul Illusion

Soul Illusion is the "shadows," a.k.a. Rose & Friends super. QCF X2 + k.

It is the best super in the game, hands down. It leads to tremendous damage and unblockables. When cancelled from a normal, it leaves you with a ton of frame advantage.

It is so Powerful that it was constantly toned down during the revisions. It ends up severely dehydrated in the newest versions. For instance, in the Brazilian version, she had access only to MP and MK during jump ins. Some older versions have a mix of allowed moves during neutral jumps only, and forbidden during forward jump, like j.HP or j. Lk.

SOME RULES: You cannot fill meter during Soul Illusion, and if you activate Custom Combos during SI, you lose the shadows.

Best time to do the soul illusion is when your opponent is cornered or when cancelled from a normal. This super allows rose the pressure and acs will trade. HK drill does about 10% chip, If anything trades with a HK drill, Ive seen the trade at 40%, so not worth it for them.

Soul Illusion is invincible to throws during start up and recovers instantly (0 frames). I.e.: You may activate and just block. You can use it to make command throws whiff. This is SOOOOOO god vs birdie and gief. They try to tick, you SI, they go into whiff animation, free s.fp xx hk drill XD

Instant overhead lk in SI mode (not present in the 960227 Asia, Japan, 960230 Oceania and 960230 Euro versions, must double check) does good damage. Another use is to throw, ex xx SI, walk up throw, or point blank SIm then throw. Walk up is good and is one connects you can sneak in a xx lk drill.

If opponent jumps , activate SI, c.fp as anti air does 3 hits for good damage and can be canceled into soulthrow super for a solid 50% life.

Here are various ways and combos/unblockables with the SI. All combos are from point blank or after a cross up unless mentioned other wise. Lvl 2 soul spark does tremendous damage in SI mode.

Soul Illusion Combos xx SI, sweep xx SI, xx lk drill xx SI, walk forward, c.fp xx hk drill (can just s.fp if they are standing) xx SI, lvl 2 soul spark xx SI, walk forward, c.fp xx lvl 2 soul spark

c.fp xx SI, sweep

c.fp xx SI, activate cc, any lvl cc

c.lp, c.lp xx SI, xx lk drill xx SI, c.fp xx hk drill

Punch AC, xx SI, lvl 1 cc

In the corner cancel any mediums attack into a SI then xx hk drill.


Bread and Butter:, c.lp, xx lk drill, c.fp xx HK drill, xx lk drill

c.lp, c.lp, xx lvl 3 soul throw

Corner only: xx hp reflect, lvl 1 soul throw

Anti air:

cr.hp xx lvl 1 soul throw

Custom Combos

Level 1 Custom
crouching HK, HK Soul Spiral x2, HP Soul Throw
Rose's bread and butter level 1 CC. Good damage, great reach on her cr.HK sweep. If a mistake presents itself where you don't have time to start Illusions then Soul Spiral, just CC instead. If you have more meter, just increase the number of Soul Spirals in the middle, and Soul Throw at the end.

Anti-Air Custom
c.fp, let them fall a bit, hk drill, end with grab. Im lazy with her I just c.fp x10000, soul throw lol.

The 100% CC
crouching HK, LP Soul Spark xN
Your opponent has to be a retard and let you absorb 6-7 fireballs so that your next Soul Spark will do insane damage. Start the CC, trip them, and do repeated powered-up fireballs until they die. I've never actually seen anyone land this, but I'm sure it'll make your day if you do.

Rose: lvl 1- c.rh x hk drill x2, hp soul throw

lvl 2- c.rh x hk drill x3, hp soul throw

lvl 3- c.rh x hk drill x4, hp soul throw


A2 Icon Adon.png Vs. Adon: 6-4 Rose's favor

Rose has slightly better prioritized pokes than Adon, and a lot of his attacks and attack strings are easily Alpha Countered, and Rose has two of the best ACs in the game. If you block a Revolving Jaguar, it's a free cr.MP xx LK Soul Spiral to start your crossup game. It's best to just block the Jaguar Tooth rather than try to counter it because it's too fast and comes in at weird angles to try to cr.HP (which will trade in his favor). Block the Jaguar Tooth, punch AC into knockdown, and begin your crossup game. His ground game is very annoying since his cr.MP is damn near yours in priority level, his sweep is as good and long-ranged as yours, and his standing HK can hit you out of your cr.MP. If you must fight him on the ground, use your standing MK against cr.MP happy Adons, use your sweep or crouching MK vs. his standing HK, and just try to stay out of his cr.HK max range. If you have meter, you should just AC his ground game (either one) and go for your Illusioned crossup game once you knocked him down.

A2 Icon Akuma.png Vs. Akuma: 5-5 Even match-mp

Both Rose and Akuma are big rushdown characters. And both dish out higher than average damage when they get their offensive game going at a good momentum. Akuma takes a bit more damage from attacks, but has a slightly better offensive game when meterless. Rose is only really threatening when she has meter in this match, because it's hard to get Akuma off her back when he has her cornered and his cheap throws are sometimes too fast to reverse with just simple cr.LPs. First, Akuma's jumping fireballs can be a deterrent for trying to get close to him. If you sense one coming, just MP Reflect (horizontal) to hit the fireball back at him (horizontal is better than the angled one). If you know he'll jump at you and air fireball, you can always jump earlier than him and stick out jumping HK early attack to hit him before his fireball comes out. At a distance, always LP Reflect (absorb) so you'll be ahead on the meter game. If you get stuck in the corner, you can make him block a Soul Spark to send him back across the screen and get yourself out. If he's trying his LK Hurricane Kick/Roll/Teleport/empty jump/walk-up throw crap, just custom out of it rather than spamming LPs. Sometimes his throws are too fast for spam cr.LP to stop the throw, so just CC. If he's dive kicking in, either cr.HP if it's on top of you, or level 1 Aura Soul Throw if it was shallow. Be wary about his whiff LK Hurricane into CC or Raging Demon, be prepared to block/counter CC back in case of the CC attempt or jump away if you see the Demon. Also be careful about his crossup into CC or air Hurricane crossup into CC, it's probably just better to just block and take the throw if its coming rather than guess wrong and get CCed for half life. Your level 1Aura Soul Spark if you really need to get an aggressive Akuma off of you and you don't want to guess AC.

A2 Icon Birdie.png Vs. Birdie: 7-3 Rose's favor

The only way Rose would actually lose this fight is if she's inexperienced fighting a Birdie player since hardly anyone uses him and people are generally unfamiliar fighting him. Birdie has really good air-to-ground attacks that are a bit difficult to anti-air cleanly. But any character can just jump attack early and hit jump happy Birdies. cr.HP trades sometimes, and you don't want Birdie on top of you in this fight, so just Illusion up before you cr.HP so that at worst you trade heavily in Rose's favor. Don't throw Soul Sparks mindlessly (Rose rarely should be throwing her fireball anyway, but just a warning), because Birdie can Level 3 super on reaction and catch her from mid and far range. Birdie can also charge Bull Head to hit your blocked Soul Spirals (Illusioned or not) on reaction to your recovery, so just be weary of that. Otherwise, Birdie has no real answer to your Illusion assault other than to CC out of them. So just play your standard game of charging meter, cr.MP his pokes, and Illusions.

A2 Icon Charlie.png Vs. Charlie-Nash: 6-4 Rose's favor

Charlie is naturally a defensive character and Rose is more aggressive. You should gain meter from a distance, and then close in and overwhelm him with an all out offense. So always be prepared to absorb all incoming Sonic Booms from half screen or farther to get your level 1. In fact, you should usually always start the round by jumping back and absorbing incoming Sonic Booms until you have meter. When you're prepared to move in, reflect the next Sonic Boom back (either horizontal if you think he'll stay there, or angled if you think he's going to jump in) for a little coverage as you begin to move in. You can't really jump in on Charlie much because he has a good anti-airs vs. your jumpins, so use your slide on the ground to close the distance (just be careful about Sonic Booms when you do so, and Reflect back if you sense one coming). Once inside, just start your normal Illusions game, because once Illusioned, you can jump in on him more freely since the Illusions will trade heavily in your favor if he tried to anti-air, and you'll recover before him to continue your assault. If he jumps on you, you can simply just cr.HP or level 1 Aura Soul Throw him out of the air... just be careful of him jumping in with meter and CCing through you. In general, try not to jump forward too much without cover of a reflected Sonic Boom, and only move in once you have meter of your own. Charlie has too many options for anti-airs and his delayed Sonic Breaks can mess with you timing. If Charlie does manage to corner you or get in on you, always try to AC his ticks before he can mix them up into his throw or combos.

A2 Icon ChunLi.png Vs. Chun-Li: 5-5 Even match-up

This match tests who can get, maintain, and use her meter the fastest and most efficiently. First, neither one can really jump in on the other. Chun's cr.HK and standing HP anti-airs Rose easily, and Rose's cr.HP can stop Chun's jumpins most of the time. If you have meter, and Chun jumps at you, you should just level 1 Aura Soul Throw her for the damage unless you suspect a jumpin CC. On the ground, you can cr.MP most of Chun's attacks including her infamous cr.MK. Just be careful of her slipping in a tricky Axe Kick topdown to throw you off; CC if you see it coming. Absorb her fireballs if she's throwing them from a distance for important meter. If you get stuck in the corner, Kick AC her Kikkoken when she's doing her standard cr.MK xx fireball or standing LK xx fireball trap, then try to crossup her. Chun's Flipping Neck Breaker is pretty annoying as it comes in at a weird angle that beats Rose's cr.HP. Jump up and hit it if you see it coming because it's pretty slow, or just punch AC it standing (it's an overhead). Rose's mission is definitely to knock Chun down and start Illusions because its hard for Chun to stop them except for running away (which Chun is good at, so make sure you start Illusions when you don't have to chase her down). To score the knockdown, look for an opportunity to Punch AC and combo cr.MP xx LK Soul Spiral to get Chun grounded. As always with anyone vs. Chun, be especially careful about being CCed by her, since she has practically the most damaging CCs in the game.

A2 Icon Dan.png Vs. Dan: 6-4 Rose's favor

I think everyone vs. Dan is a 6:4 Dan really has nothing outside tricky tick throw setups and mixup CC activations. cr.HP his jumpins and Gale Kicks, and play your standard game to not get yourself cornered. The only way Dan can win vs. anyone is if he's lucky with his mixups and his opponent unluckily guesses wrong too many times.

A2 Icon Dhalsim.png Vs. Dhalsim: 6-4 Rose's favor

Rose's cr.MP can really mess up Sim's poking game, as it hits pretty much all his attacks clean. Don't spam on it mindlessly, since he can standing LK you. But it's pretty easy to sense a poke coming and just cr.MP to counter it. If you have meter, you can Punch AC into combo his limbs, even from far away, to Kick AC when you're in your crossup range. This is one match where you might be better off MP Reflecting (horizontal) back his Yoga Fires (rather than absorb) from a distance since a lot of Dhalsims like to followup their fireball with a poke, and reflecting it back will hit him. You can cr.HP his spears and jumpins almost at will, or just level 1 Aura Soul Throw as late as you want. If you duck his standing HK anti-air attempt, cr.HP it to counter. Once you get close, start your standard Illusion game. Be careful for his drill into CC, Yoga Fire super, or throw mixup and just Punch AC the drill if you have meter to avoid the scenario altogether.

A2 Icon Akuma.png Vs. Evil Ryu:

[Loading match-up info...]

A2 Icon Gen.png Vs. Gen: 6-4 Rose's favor

There's not many good Gen players to form a point of reference. But thankfully Gen is low-tier and has below-average everything. Play a standard game.

A2 Icon Guy.png Vs. Guy: 7-3 Rose's favor

Rose can frustrate Guy a lot with just her anti-air and ground game because it's hard for him to get in on her at all without resorting to jump in CC. cr.HP should beat all his jump ins, even his elbow drops (it might trade if you do it too late, but always in your favor). You only have to be careful if his elbow will crossup, and he can only really do that if he's knocked you down, so you can always roll out of that situation. On the ground, you just have to be careful of his standing MK because it has very long range and is high enough to go over your cr.MP and hit you, you can cr.MK under it though if you guess right. You can just mix up your cr.MPs with cr.HKs and win out more overall since her cr.MP beats pretty much everything on the ground. If Guy is sliding a lot, you can use Rose's standing LK or standing MK to beat it. If Guy is running away a lot in the air, you can jump back HK to protect yourself if you suspect he's going to fly down at you. Or you can meet him in the air with j.MP if you suspect he's jumping at you. Once metered, start your standard knock down, Illusion, crossup game. If you do get knocked down, the standard Guy mixup consists of cr.MK (his sweep), overhead, or throw; so be prepared to block correctly and AC if you have meter, or just wake up level 1 Aura Soul Throw or wake up CC to counter all of his options at once. Rose's priority is just too much for Guy to handle.

A2 Icon Ken.png Vs. Ken: 5-5 Even match-up

Like all shoto matches, Rose should try to absorb fireballs to gain meter fast. Ken's a lot more aggressive in general than Ryu, so you should look for air Hurricane Kicks jumpins and empty Hurricane Kicks into throw or CC. (Illusion) cr.HP his jumpins, or if you have meter, level 1 Aura Soul Throw. Getting around the Ken's Kick AC is annoying. Ken's Kick AC is very damaging, but very slow. If you have meter, jump in early with LK. If Ken Kick ACs it, you have time to block and Kick AC back. If he just blocks it, IMMEDIATELY CC as you land since most of the time he'll try to throw you. Also, if they are AC happy, you can just AC reversal it with cr.MK xx level 1 Aura Soul Spark. If you get stuck in his roll/throw/corner shenanigans, CC your way out or Punch AC to put him back in the corner (be careful of AC reversals into his Shoryureppa). Like vs. all shotos, they have very good anti-airs against your jumpins, so don't jump in unless you're backed up by Illusions (jumping LK is your best bet). Once he's meterless, he's Illusion bait. Again vs. shotos, be careful about making him block an Illusioned Soul Spiral when he has meter, because he can counter CC you on your recovery.

A2 Icon Bison.png Vs. M. Bison (dictator): 6-4 Rose's favor

Bison is a good scrub killer because a lot of people just aren't used to fighting a skilled Bison and get frustrated to death. Rose should win out if she knows Bison's tricks. cr.HP is a great anti-air for all of Bison's normal jumps and his Head Stomp. Where Bison gets tricky is the mixing up his Head Stomp follow-ups. He can Head Stomp and then Skull Driver after, or he can Skull Driver alone (which looks like a Head Stomp) and alter his incoming angle. If he Head Stomps or Skull Drivers, you can jump back HK to nail him. If you block it, you can jump straight up with j.MP to counter his follow-up. Your safest bet, if you have meter, is to just Punch AC it into a knockdown. If you think he'll Skull Driver or if you out-guess an incoming Head Stomp, you can always just jump forward early and hit him in the air with anything. A lot of Bisons will try to frustrate you by making you chase him down as he's charging meter with empty Skull Drivers and flying over to the other side of the screen. Be patient and advance like a turtle. You can gain meter in the meantime by absorbing his Psycho Shots if he decides to throw them, and whiffing your own cr.MPs. Bison also has the best throw in the game as it comes out really fast. Be prepared to reverse throw cheaps with CCs, ACing the tick, or just counter throwing him back. If you start Illusions and you suspect he'll teleport out, just jump back and hit him when he reappears.

A2 Icon Rolento.png Vs. Rolento: 6-4 Rose's favor

Reflect the stingers back to nullify them if he's throwing them from a distance and be careful of jumping into one because Rolento's stingers are the most damaging projectiles in the game. If he jumps, cr.HP to anti-air or jump back MK if you think he'll fly over you. It's hard to chase a runaway Rolento. Walk forward patiently, and jump back MK or HK when you think he'll fly over to the other side. If you block his Patriot Circle, it's usually a free sweep into crossup unless he tries to stagger the timing. If he does, your safest option is just to use 1 level to Kick AC and knock him down regardless. Rolento's CC does big damage so just be extra careful about Valle CCs. Also, his level 3 Trip Wire super can catch a projectile anywhere on the screen, so never throw a Soul Spark when he has level 3.

A2 Icon Rose.png Vs. Rose (mirror):

Out smart yourself. Punch AC the other Rose's Illusioned Soul Sprial chip. Jump CC through her cr.HP and level 1 Aura Soul Throw Anti-Air. cr.MK xx level 1 Aura Soul Throw AC reversal Punch AC happy Roses. And if she's caught standing, Valle CC. In mirror matches, it's just who's mixups are better executed.

A2 Icon Ryu.png Vs. Ryu: 5-5 Even match-up

At a distance, always absorb fireballs for meter. At around midrange, horizontal reflect fireballs back at him if you think it's coming. This meter is very meter dependent for Rose since she really needs that level 1 to deal with a lot of Ryu's poking strings. Once you have meter, Rose can get in on Ryu and start looking for a fireball to get her opening. If Ryu does cr.HK xx fireball, Rose should kick AC the fireball, start her Illusions, then crossup. If Rose has level 3 meter, ALWAYS look for a fireball or predictable poke string into fireball at midrange or slightly closer, and CC through the fireball to do big damage. When Ryu jumps, you can cr.HP him or Aura Soul Throw him if you have meter. It's best to do cr.HP early, since if she does it too late, she sometimes trades with Ryu's high priority jumpins. Or better yet, just start Illusions and cr.HP. Try not to jump in at Ryu because he has very good antiairs and his fireball recovers very quickly, making it easier for him you AA you if you tried to guess jump your way in. If you're getting constantly pressured by Ryu, and you have meter, you can level 1 Aura Soul Spark him to keep him off your back. If Ryu makes you block a jumpin, you can use standing MK to go over most Ryu's next crouching move and hit him. If Ryu misses a fierce uppercut, Illusions then Soul Spiral him. If he misses any other uppercut, you won't have time to start Illusions, so just CC to punish. Basically, this match will be charge meter, get in range to knock Ryu down by either AC or sweep his mistakes, start your Illusion game, and CC obvious mistakes. Be careful when Ryu has his own meter and you try for Illusion Soul Spiral chip damage, since Ryu can counter CC on your recovery... trick him with throws instead.

A2 Icon Sagat.png Vs. Sagat: 6-4 Rose's favor

Sagat's strong fireball game is pretty much nullified by Rose's Soul Reflect. At far distance, just absorb all Tiger Shots for free meter, and reflect them back at him from 1/2-1/3 distance away to hit him on his fireball recovery. You can easily cr.HP or level 1 Aura Soul Throw all his jumpins and cr.MP his pokes. Sagat will have to advance on you at some point because he can't win throwing fireballs. Just keep an eye out when he does eventually have to walk forward to advance and Valle CC if the opportunity presents itself.

A2 Icon Sakura.png Vs. Sakura: 6-4 Rose's favor

All you have to worry about is not getting knocked down or punch thrown because then Sakura starts her crazy crossup game. If you can just play your standard game of cr.HP anti-air, cr.MP outprioritizing pokes, and meter building into Illusions, there's nothing much Sakura can do back accept random CC her way through.

A2 Icon Sodom.png Vs. Sodom: 5-5 Even match-up

You can cr.HP his jumpins at will. You really want meter here because Rose's ACs are what will stop his constant Scrapping offense. His LP Scrape and level 1 and level 2 Scrape super are safe on block, and he can punish your sweep attempt (which will always fail). This is why you need to meter to AC into the knockdown and avoid his grab super setups. If you block his HP Scrape, you can punish him if it was a 2-hit block, but he's generally safe if he hit you from the tip of it. Sodom doesn't have good anti-airs at all besides guessing and jumping early with an attack. You can pretty much find a good angle where Rose's jumping MK comes at him at a very shallow, horizontal angle and Sodom really doesn't have an anti-air answer to that. His 360 grab and grab super have a lot longer range than you'd think, but he has to set it up or else it's jumpout-able or hitable. If you know he's trying for it, like if he empty crossups you on your getup, just jump away.

A2 Icon Zangief.png Vs. Zangief: 3-7 Zangief's favor

Definitely Rose's most difficult fight, solely because Zangief takes away two of her most important and strongest games: her anti-air and her Illusions. First, both your trusty cr.HP and level 1 Aura Soul Throw anti-airs get beat cleanly by his stupid Knees, and his body splash trades way in his favor. Your most reliable anti-air bet is to Illusion first, then cr.HP to trade in your favor. Else you can jump straight up with MP or MK... but those get eaten badly by his jumping HP, so you're basically making guesses when Zangief is jumping at you and you pay badly if you guess wrong. If you have meter, you absolute best bet is to just block, and punch AC into knockdown, and hopefully you have meter to start Illusions into your crossup game. But even that is beaten by Gief's empty jump SPD. On the ground, cr.MP can be used to beat his pokes like everyone, but doing so makes her bait to be jumped in on and again her weak anti-air game vs. Gief will make her suffer. Gief can punch AC your Illusioned Spiral chip cleanly, so only try to do that when Gief is meterless. Gief has the longest range sweep in the game, so be extra careful about standing up around him when he has meter to Valle CC you. If you get knocked down, it's very hard to get out of meaty SPDs unless you CC out. If you're meterless, you might have to just take the SPD to get out. To avoid tick SPDs, either punch AC the tick, or CC the SPD. Rose desperately needs meters to AC or CC out of Gief's jumpins and SPD setups to win the fight. If you ever do manage to knock Gief down, IMMEDIATELY start Illusions and try for a crossup. The only semi-silver lining in this ugly fight for Rose is that Gief is a big fat crossup target and it's very easy to land her death combo on him, which she might have to in order to win.



Bugs & Glitches

Soul Illusion Damage Boost & Juggles

At any time, activate CC and do 2 fireballs. You will be able to juggle moves, including launching from Soul Reflect. Lasts untill the end of the round.

By Keiko, read more at:

Basically, do a cc and only 2 fireballs. It will power up all SI in this round by I say a good 20-30%

The glitch gives access to.juggles and lets you do crazy shit in the corner. Mp reflect with allow you to juggle in the corner with anything, you can do (examples) -mp reflect x6 to kill -mp reflect x2, c.fp, j.fp, land and super. -See videos below.

A hk SI drill will do like 70%. Neat stuff

--Jeff 22:18, 4 September 2008 (UTC)

--Raf (talk) 11:01, 14 July 2020 (MSK)

Soul Illusion damage boost combos

Some combos and examples

Damage boost combo (at 1:13)

Juggle video (starts at 2:16):

Juggle transcriptions:

28 – (Rose vs Sodom) Activate LVL1 S.I (Sodom Jumps), J.Fierce, J.Rounhouse, J.Fierce, C.FiercexxHK Soul Spiral [CC Starts] S.Jab. MP Reflect, HK Soul Spiralx2, HP Soul Throw. [CC Ends] “(Glitch)”

29 – (Rose vs Sakura) Activate LVL1. S.I MP Reflect Jugglesx4 [CC Starts] J.Fiercex2, HK Soul Spiral, HP Soul Throw. [CC Ends] “(Glitch)”

Full video transcript:

Soul Illusion Invincibility Glitch

Apparently, the developers wanted to nerf Rose in a rush and limited the normals she could have in the air during Soul Illusion to mp and mk, but did a lousy job. The only exceptions are the American versions.

It looks horrible and it is broken and abusable.


  • Works on: 960227 Japan, Asia and Oceania, and, 960229 EURO.
  • Does not work on: 960304 Brazil, 960306 USA and newer.


During Soul Illusion, she has access to:

  • Air fireball. Doesn't hit. But wouldn't that be crazy?!
  • Air Soul Throw. Doesn't hit.
  • Air Alpha Counter/Soko made. She gets invincible, but can be thrown as she retain her throwable hitboxes. She won't cross the opponent's body in the air. She shouts "Soko made yo" as in the alpha counter.
  • A flip that resembles Chun-li's neck kick, and a dive. It is actually her normal throw. She gets completely invincible, will not get thrown and will pass through the enemy for a brief moment, lasting somewhere between 15 to 26-ish frames, give or take (about the startup of an overhead).
  • lp, lk, HP and HK. Yes, there is a way to use those moves too!

The glitched moveset imparts the same hitboxes as the originals, and that is why she is invincible in two of them.


Here is a video for a much better visual explanation with the command list for each of the moves.

Special thanks to Corey "Missing Person" Lanier, Kenny "Unessential" Ng, SpryteMix (Alpha 2 Revival community), and Jeff "RagingStormX" Hill.

--Raf (talk) 09:50, 8 August 2020 (MSK)

Inverted Directions Glitch

Rose can trigger this glitch for the opponent by Punch Alpha Countering an opponent while they are in CC.

During CC you start moving towards left or right non-stop, and if you are hit in the air during CC state, or the few landing frame, your "CC directions" will briefly remain that way after you wake up, or when you land if you are not knocked down. If a move that leaves you airborne started while the timer was active (shoryuken), it can be glitched as it counts as a CC action.

Everything you do is must obey that direction, including blocking, which can be inverted, resulting in a pseudo-unblockable.

Here is a video explaining it in-depth:

Raf (talk) 07:52, 17 December 2019 (MSK)


The way this works is doing any meaty to where only the last shadown hits and rose isnt in attack animation from that normal. Easier with slide.

  • Sweep, immediately SI, meaty df+mk (unblockable), xx rh drill
  • c.fp xx SI, sweep, meaty df+mk (unblockable), xx rh drill
  • Sweep, immediately SI, meaty df+mk (unblockable), xx lk drill, pause, df+mk, xx rh drill.

You can get creative with it. works well also.

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