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The Indian monk fights for his people who suffer from famine and disease. He has sought to unify his mind, body and soul through the discipline of Yoga. As he nears his goal, Dhalsim must test himself and his skills before he can rise to a higher state of consciousness.

Players to watch: SabreAZ, xQj(aka zoo & yw10)

Dhalsim Alpha2 colors.PNG

Summary: While not as amazing like his ST counterpart, Dhalsim still has his stretchy limbs and command normals that will fit if the player prefers to play patient and distant.


  • Yoga Fire and Flame can be combo'd into and does good stun.
  • Decent ACs that have a purpose depending on the situation
  • CCs can be used as legit anti-airs


  • Slow movement and floaty jump
  • Some of the worst Supers in the game
  • Overall hard to use

Moves List

Normal Moves

SimStLP1.png -----------------> SimStLP2.png


















Command Moves

NOTE: Keep in mind that these are not ALL of his ground command moves. Only the relevant ones are posted, as the others are useless or there's better overall buttons.

Kuchu Chohatsu

  • (In Air)Press Select

Yoga Shock

  • Back + LP, Hold LP


Overhead, LP can be held for a few seconds on startup

Yoga Palm

  • Forward + LP


Don't see this move often except for corner pressure.

Back + MP

SimBackStMP1.png SimBackStMP2.png

One of Sim's go-to buttons, a good anti air that comes out fast.

Back + LK / MK / HK


Same hitbox on all three, as well as poor recovery on all three. LK can be cancelled into Yoga Fire or Yoga Inferno. HK has knockdown properties.

Back + HK

Another good anti-air

Neutral Normals

LP SimNeutralJumpLP.png

MP SimNeutralJumpMP.png

HP SimNeutralJumpHP.png

LK SimNeutralJumpLK.png

MK SimNeutralJumpMK.png

HK SimNeutralJumpHK.png


Yoga Smash

  • Back or Forward + MP

Yoga Throw

  • (In Air)Back or Forward + HP

Special Moves

Drill Kick

  • (In Air)Down + Kick

LK SimDrillLK.png

MK SimDrillMK.png

HK SimDrillHK.png

Drill Zutsuki

  • (In Air)Down + HP


Yoga Fire Qcf.png+P.png

SimYogaFire.png SimYogaFire2.png

One of his signature moves, it will fizz out once it reaches the other side of the screen. Strong and Fierce will knockdown regardless of distance. Fierce also does 12 points of stun!!

Yoga Flame Hcb.png + P.png

SimYogaFlame1.png SimYogaFlame2.png

Can be used as an anti air if timed correctly.

Yoga Blast Hcb.png + K.png

SimYogaBlast1.png SimYogaBlast2.png

If spaced properly, it can catch certain jump ins. LK can be used as meter build, granted its startup, active, and recovery frames aren't as godlike as his ST iteration.

Yoga Teleport Dp.png / Rdp.png + 3p.png or Dp.png / Rdp.png + 3k.png

  • May be performed in the air


Dhalsim will teleport to throw off opponents.

Yoga Escape

  • (When knocked down) Qcd.png+K.png

Instead of safe rolling, Dhalsim gets off the ground using his teleport, facing his opponent.

Alpha Counters

Punch AC



Your go-to AC out the two. Comes out extremely fast, and is a good anti-air.

Kick AC



Comes out too slow, can easily be beaten by your opponent's AC or reversal DP. But it has its rare usage such as low-profiling certain moves like Tatsus. Check out "The Basics" section for more.

Super Moves

Yoga Inferno Qcf.pngQcf.png+P.png

SimYogaInferno1.png --------------> SimYogaInferno2.png ---------------> SimYogaInferno3.png

The only good super (not even kidding). Can be cancelled into as well, check out "The Basics" section.

Yoga Strike Qcf.pngQcf.png+K.png


It's meant to be a command throw, but its pretty difficult to connect compared to Rose or even Zangief's. Don't use.

The Basics

The #1 most important tool to winning with Dhalsim is learning his CC its his #1 offensive and defensive tool. Its high damage makes people 2nd guess jumping at Sim or whiffing a normal.

  • 1st way of using this and the way most people know it is to do Sweep (close rh or long slide rh) into repeated SHORT yoga up flames. The short upflames are key as they have less recovery in a CC then forward and RH ones. On a level 1 you should CC you should be able to get 3 upflames in there with atleast 35 to 40% damage. The key to getting max upflames in is getting the first one off right after the slide hits so first one is hitting right off the ground and continue hitting while raising up the char into the air. (aka the sweet spot) a level 3 should net you atleast 50% or more. Also ALWAYS be on the look out for whiffed RH sweeps from opponents or missed specials. Reacting 1/4 screen away with a CC into slide/upflames will keep people on their toes.
  • 2nd way of using his CC is as an anti air. Sim has probably one of thee best anti air normals in this game with his jab chop(more on that normal later) add that normal to the start of a CC when your opponent is jumping towards you gives you I’d say IMO 95% reliable anti air. Only thing thats gonna beat you jumping in is someone who anticipates you using this CC as anti air and activates on way down themselves but even then it may still trade.
  • A couple other useful CC tricks is to throw a line of jab yoga fires, then time it so teleport is at end of CC and land behind opponent and use mix ups to break their block of fbs or throw them or recross them up with RH drills back to the original side. Another is if the opponent is dar away and not much damage left 5/10% and you see an opening, activate CC full screen and land a few repeated long standing strongs or standing fierces to punish missed moves for the kill (aka jeff shaefer cc’s). Also activating CC after RH drill crossup (MUST BE DEEP) can lead to some good damage

After learning the CCs, you have 1/2 your game complete. The other 50% consist of good poking strings. know yer recovery of your normals, only thing sim has for mid range char length pokes are standing strong and forward slides. both are relatively safe pokes (other then being AC’ed of course) always look out to poke with low fierce when u think someones gonna throw a fb, quick and will atleast trade at worst. Mix in low long jabs also cuz after they block it they’ll assume it was low fierce and they’ll have recovery time at that point to throw a fb, WRONG throw a quick low fierce right after for a good follow up.

  • Standing jab like i mentioned before GREAT anti air use it as much as you can. doesn’t do alot of damage but usually safe if done correctly. back +strong other good anti air especially if opponent is more RIGHT above you instead of more at a angle.
  • Short slides are great Bait to set up AC’s People will see the slide and think its a RH slide and a easy hit , block their attempt and quickly AC to gain the advantage.

Air normals are the most important MUST get used to using the up close (hold back) air normals as they are vital when in close. air to air combat is not where sim excels so stay out the air when u can.

Of course any Sim 101 is learning Sims mummy/drill angles, know when to use each cuz done too early are a great source of pain to sim as most can counter easily if done too early.

Alot of people used to say sims AC sucked, well they’re not rose or Ken calibur but overall they’re pretty damn useful. punch AC not great damage but if u know u can’t get a Anti air out in time on a jump in its always a good 2nd choice. Just don’t do it when they’re too close to ground since it does have a tad bit of start up time, kick AC very useful, like said before bait with slides to get a AC in , Slide AC damage is actually pretty damn good compared to most. Should only be used against opponents ground attacks, horribly useless against jump ins. also after kick AC , recover and drill to other side as they get up to activate CC as crossup and keep em on their toes.


  • Other then Fancy points and trying to land the kick super x3 trick on people (see my post on srk ggpo forum) you shouldn’t be using Sims supers. MAYBE if they are dizzy right in front of you and have 35% or less on their bar and you have a level 3 other than that? Not really, although you can cancel into Inferno if you catch your opponent not blocking while standing. However, Inferno has horrible priority overall.

Other random things, Sims Yoga flame, great priority , pretty much safe if blocked. Always use jab one has quicker recovery and quicker start up, learn your spacing with it and use it to Bait out AC’s from shotos. If spaced right they’ll AC and it’ll whiff and you can follow up with another for more block damage. The hitbox of Flame is VERY wide other then opponent being RIGHT next to sim its all hit box so do it up close(just outside of right next to opponent) they’ll think they’re safe but it’ll hit them and since yer so close(corner only) u can go into mix up games, quick recovery from flame u can go into throw(great tick) or if you think they’re gonna throw reverse activate a CC or short slide into throw or blocked flame, blocked low short into guessing game of throw/CC lots of things to mix in. Learn the teleports. Kick ones are most important land far screen because if you're teleporting usually you are doing it to get fuck out of dodge. Remember you can drill/mummy/activate CC when u come out of teleports in the air so if u anticipate them knowing where yer going get ready to try and counter

Style points

  • Land Level 3 SJOD’s (Standing Jab O’ Doom) hold back and hold jab button for 2 full sec’s for full charge YOGA!(overhead also)
  • Kill someone with Noogie throw, hold up as they die and you can get a free appeal jump after the kill.
  • Most people forget also sim has Air taunt also where he floats jump a fb and float down (safe if char is full screen away with no meter lol)

Advanced Strategy

I find that adding a Yoga Fire before the Yoga Blast makes the combo slightly easier: crouching Roundhouse-> Yoga Fire-> Yoga Blast x 2~5

Dhalsim’s Level 1 Yoga Inferno has a tendency to trade with lot of ground attacks, and as a result allows him in most cases to recover before the opponent and continue into a combo. After you’ve traded with the Level 1 YI, it’s possible to link into certain combos below.

  • Close St HP xx Fierce Yoga Fire
  • Close Cr MK xx Fierce Yoga Fire
  • Far Cr LK xx Level 1/2 Yoga Inferno

Other Combos:

Cr MP xx Fire

Cr MP xx Inferno

Back St LK xx Fire

Back St LK xx Inferno

St LP xx Fire

St LP xx Inferno

Custom Combo High Knockdown

Don’t forget that after you land a Yoga Strike you can attempt the glitch YS glitch; another YS as the opponent wakes up. Even if the opponent is blocking, they’ll become airborne and be grabbed by the YS.

After Yoga strike, Dhalsim's meaty slide is unblockable?

Custom Combos

Dhalsim: Any lvl- c.rh xx hk up flame xN

AA cc- s.lp xx hk upflame xN


Vs. Adon:

Vs. Akuma:

Vs. Birdie:

Vs. Charlie:

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Vs. Dan:

Vs. Dhalsim (self):

Vs. Gen:

Vs. Guy:

Vs. Ken:

Vs. M. Bison (dictator):

Vs. Rolento:

Vs. Rose:

Vs. Ryu:

Vs. Sagat:

Vs. Sakura:

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Vs. Zangief:

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