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Combo Notation Guide

Click "Expand" for information about combo notation in SF6:

SF6 Combo Notation Guide
Notation Meaning
> Cancel the previous move to the following move.
e.g. Normal into Special (2MK > 236P) or Special into Super (623P > 236236K)
~ Chain/Cancel the previous move into a followup.
e.g. Luke's target combo (LP~MP~HP) or Rising Uppercut into Slam Dunk (623PP~PP)
, Link the previous move to the following move.
e.g. 5MP, 2MP (requires manual timing)
An example with Ken that uses all three "connecting" symbols:
2LP, 5MP~HP > 623P > 236236P
2LP links into 5MP; 5MP chains into HP Target Combo; HP cancels into Shoryuken which cancels into Lv.3 Super
j.X Jumping action; for Neutral Jump, use 8j.X
e.g. Kimberly j.2MP (Elbow Drop) or Ryu j.214K (Aerial Tatsumaki Senpukyaku)
P or K Any Punch or Any Kick (when button strength does not matter)
PP or KK represents any two punches/kicks.
X/Y Do either X move or Y move.
e.g. end a combo with 214K/623P
[X] Hold the button input
e.g. Luke 214[LP] = charged LP Flash Knuckle
dl.X Briefly delay the action
e.g. Ken 236HK~dl.6LK (Jinrai Loop starter)
AA Anti-air; hit the opponent while they're mid-air.
May cause a different juggle state compared to a grounded opponent.
Y xN
{Y} xN
Repeat 'Y' input 'N' number of times.
A sequence of multiple inputs will be bundled into "{}".
e.g. 5LP x3 (5LP, 5LP, 5LP) or {2HP > Drive Rush} x3
Y > DR Button Y cancelled into Drive Rush (3-bar version)
e.g. 5HP > DR
DR~Y Drive Rush into Button Y (cancel the dash frames early into a followup attack)
This can be done from the 1-bar or 3-bar versions of Drive Rush
e.g. 236HP Launch, DR~5LP
An example for Ryu using both Drive Rush notations:
2MK > DR~5HP (cancel 2MK into Drive Rush, then immediately use 5HP during dash animation)

Day 1 BnBs

For Cammy players that are either completely new to Street Fighter, new to fighting games in general, or just new to Cammy, the Very Easy combos are recommended to try out first. Once you've become more comfortable with linking normals together, the Easy combos are a further step up and will help round out your combo selection.

Combo Position Damage Drive Gauge Super Gauge Difficulty Notes Video
5LP~5LP > 236MK Anywhere 1290 - - Very Easy Super basic 3-hit combo that knocks the opponent down and lets Cammy get in close.
2MP/5HP > 236HK Anywhere 1600(1800) - - Very Easy Higher damage and more corner carry than the above combo. Suitable if you happen to punish someone who is pressing buttons.
j.HP/j.HK, 5HP > 236HK Anywhere 2400 - - Very Easy Basic jump-in combo. The hitbox of j.HP is easier to connect with, but j.HK hits from farther away.
Punish Counter Drive Impact, 5HP > 236HK Anywhere 2300 1 - Very Easy Basic combo for a Punish Counter Drive Impact anywhere on screen.
2LK~2LP~5LP > 236MK Anywhere 1340 - - Easy Basic confirm and frame trap string, as the LKs and LPs chain into each other.
2HP, 2MP > 236HK Anywhere 2100 - - Easy Basic link from a 2HP starter. 2HP is easiest to land after Spiral Arrow; simply dash and hit the button immediately to beat any of the opponent's non-invincible wakeup options.
j.HP/j.HK, 2HP, 2MP > 236HK Anywhere 2680 - - Easy A more complex version of the jump-in combo that uses the 2HP, 2MP link for more damage.

Combo Theory

In a general sense, Cammy's combos are very open-ended, so the Combo Theory section will give a few basic building blocks and the Combo Lists will give more concrete examples of how some of these concepts are used.

Opening Strings

Cammy has a few recurring strings to rely on as starters, each with their own use cases.

Light Confirms

any two chainable lights~5LP > Combo Ender
any two chainable lights, 5LK > Combo Ender

Basic, reliable, and easy; any light pressure string can be ended with 5LP or 5LK and convert into 236MK for a knockdown. The chainable lights will crush any 4-frame normal, and 5LP or 5LK being the last button in the string gives plenty of time to cancel into 236MK without giving up reach. Omitting one of the chainable lights also makes this string into a viable confirm out of a properly spaced divekick. 623HK or a super can be used at the end instead of 236MK for more damage, at the expense of midscreen okizeme.

If using 5LK after the chainable lights, note that 5LK is a link, not a chain cancel. The timing isn't especially tight, but it does take a little bit of an adjustment.

Close Range Damage Link

5LP/5MP, 4MP~HK > ...
5MP, 5LK > Combo Ender

The 5LP/2MP/5MP, 4MP~HK string requires the opponent to be closer to Cammy for it to work, but it enables her to launch them for a Cannon Strike combo that either knocks them down outright or lets her set up for juggle extensions by using OD Cannon Strike. 4MP~HK without the opening buttons from the first string is also an option after jump-ins from lighter buttons, such as a crossup j.LK. After the launch from 4MP~HK, Cammy can wait and do a Spiral Arrow for corner carry, or jump cancel the 4MP~HK for j.MP > 214MK/HK/KK.

5MP, 5LK is good for situations where the opponent doesn't backrise at midscreen, for capitalizing off of a 5MP as a pre-emptive poke, or when Cammy's gotten a knockdown but isn't quite in 2HP range without walking forward a bit more (e.g., a forward throw).

Max Damage Normal Hit Link

2HP, 2MP > Combo Ender

Most useful after a jump-in or as a meaty setup after a knockdown from a Spiral Arrow. Shows how useful 2HP is as a starter, as it's also a common meaty tool for Cammy. 236HK combos after her cancelable medium and heavy buttons for great damage and similar okizeme to the lighter versions of Spiral Arrow. This string is also her best followup to a heavier jump in button like j.HP or j.HK.

Landing counterhits will change the calculus of these strings a bit, but not by too much.

  • Any time an LP, 5MP, or 2MP counterhits, a linked 2MP is usually guaranteed to hit as well--2MK is also an option if the extra reach is needed from an LP or a 5MP, but the timing can be a little tight.
  • A counterhit 5MP or 2HP will allow Cammy to link a 5HP afterward.

Combo Enders

Cammy has several combo enders to choose from. Of these, Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike see the most use across the majority of her combos.

Spiral Arrow

light normals > 236MK
2MP/2MK/5HP > 236HK

Spiral Arrow is by far Cammy's most consistent combo ender. It provides good damage alongside great okizeme and corner carry. Both 236LK and 236MK are the same speed, but 236MK is preferred from lights due to having more corner carry and dealing slightly more damage.

From 2MP, 2MK, and 5HP, the two hits of 236HK are guaranteed, and the corner carry is slightly better, so it's best to use 236HK when those buttons hit.

Cannon Spike

any cancelable normal > 623MK/623HK
5HP > 623[HK]

Cannon Spike deals more damage than Spiral Arrow, but has worse okizeme overall. It's much better used in the corner, as its lower knockdown advantage doesn't matter as much. It will also pick up juggles from a surprising amount of Cammy's other moves, like Razor's Edge Slicer or a late hitting juggled Spiral Arrow.

5HP > 623[HK] is interesting as it specifically is the only held special that Cammy can combo into under normal circumstances. It's most commonly used at the end of longer combos to route into her Level 3 Super Art, as the first hit deals higher damage than the first hit of HK Spiral Arrow (1100 vs. 400).

Cannon Strike

4MP/4MP~HK > Jump, j.MP > j.214K/KK
5HP~HK > j.214K/KK (only on the knee part of 5HP~5HK)

Cannon Strike's combo ending utility is a bit more restricted, usually only after managing to launch the opponent somehow. The normal versions of Cannon Strike will bring the opponent down with Cammy and leave her right in front of them for pressure from her quicker normals, while OD Cannon Strike will float the enemy and allow Cammy to go for Spiral Arrow juggles or even combo into supers as links (though she has the flexibility to cancel into her Lv. 2 Super Art out of OD Cannon Strike if she so chooses).

Quick Spin Knuckle

2MP/2MK > 214LP
5HP > 214LP/MP

Spin Knuckle is a rarer combo ender, primarily because it doesn't knock down at all. However, where it shines is leaving Cammy fairly plus on hit, allowing for Cammy to sneak in some tricky pressure resets if it's not blocked by going for light normals after it hits. Uniquely, Spin Knuckle can also serve as a combo starter when the MP, HP, and OD versions are used to skip past projectiles and land a counterhit.

Spin Knuckle is also useful at the end of Drive Rush combo extensions as an alternative to canceling into Lv. 3 Super Art from 623[HK]; it does less damage than the 623[HK] cancel, but more than the 236HK cancel does, and the animation's windup time makes it a bit more forgiving to get the input.

Drive Rush Extensions

Cammy's most consistent setups for Drive Rush Cancels in her combos usually start with a 2MP or a 5HP, and end with one as well so that she can go for another DRC if she has the meter. Some examples of what this looks like in practice include:

  • ...2MP > 66~5MP, 5HP...
  • ...2MP > 66~2HP, 2MP...
  • ...5HP > 66~2HP, 5HP...

That said, she's not limited to only 2MP or 5HP as her starters either. If LP or 5LK is Drive Rush Canceled, Cammy can easily get 5LP, 5HP as a link; similarly, any of her medium buttons getting Drive Rush Canceled lets her get 2HP or 5HP as her next button.

All of this still applies to Parry Drive Rush, but also expands to include 5MP; while it's not directly cancelable, the extra hitstun on hit enables 5HP and 2HP links as well.

Combo Lists

For many of these combos (usually the ones that aren't Drive Rush Cancels), always consider that wherever you see an LP, 5LK, 2MP, or 5HP, you can also throw in Drive Rush Cancels fairly easily to extend the combo's length and still get the chosen ender.

Counterhit Combos

Most useful for confirming counterhits, whether you get the CH as a result of a frametrap or just from pre-emptively stuffing buttons.

Combo Position Damage Drive Gauge Super Gauge Difficulty Notes Video
CH 2LP/5LP, 2MP > 236HK Anywhere 1700 - - Easy Good follow-up to a LP that's part of a frame trap light string.
CH 5MP, 5HP > 236HK Anywhere 2320 - - Easy Scores a bit more damage by linking 5MP into 5HP. 5MP is a good frame trap tool from Drive Rush starters on block; a common sequence is DR~5MP (blocked), CH 5MP, 5HP which can be confirmed on reaction.
CH 214LP, 2LP/5LP > 236MK
CH 214MP, 4MP~HK, j.MP > j.214K
CH 214HP, 2MP > 236HK
Anywhere 1980
- - Easy Basic combo from a CH Spin Knuckle if the opponent is too slow when trying to interrupt the startup. HP Spin Knuckle has too much pushback for 4MP to connect, so the route is actually weaker than the MP version. 5HP > 214LP is a frame trap against lights, while 5HP > 214MP frame traps during Burnout. 214HP is never a true 4f trap without Drive Rush + Burnout.
CH 5MP, 5HP > DR~5HP > 236236K Anywhere 3244 3 1 Easy Short combo ending in Super Art 1 from CH 5MP.
CH 5MP, 5HP > DR~2HP, 5HP > DR~2HP, 5HP > 623[HK] > 236236P Anywhere 5535
6 3 Medium Meter dump combo from CH 5MP. Useful to keep in mind if the opponent is around half health or below.
CH 5MP, 5HP > DR~4HK, microwalk 4HK > partial 236[HK], 623HK Anywhere 3397 3 - Hard A difficult juggle that allows a midscreen launch into Spiral Arrow + Cannon Spike. If you fully hold the 236[HK], it will juggle for a side switch and slightly less damage.

Punish Counter Combos

Does not include Drive Impact Punish Counters, which are included under Drive Impact Combos.

Combo Position Damage Drive Gauge Super Gauge Difficulty Notes Video
PC 5LP/2LP, 5HP > 236HK Anywhere 1880 - - Easy Useful 4f punish starter that works from max jab range. Converting jab punishes into 236HK gives better damage, oki, and corner carry than the usual light confirms.
PC 5LK > DR~5HP, 4MP~HK, j.MP > j.214K Anywhere 2220 3 - Medium Important punish for many of the game's -5 or -6 attacks with high pushback. Somewhat expensive relative to its damage output, but useful for securing a kill against "safe-ish" moves. To conserve Drive meter, 5LK > 236HK also combos on Punish Counter for 1260 damage.
PC 5HP > 214HP, 2LP > 236MK Anywhere 2510 - - Easy Reliable 8f punish option even from max range 5HP. Can also end with 236PP > 623HK or SA1/SA3 to increase damage.
PC 5HP > 236[HK], 623HK Anywhere 2720 - - Easy Meterless side switch that does slightly more damage than the 214HP route. Useful if you start with your back to the wall, but doesn't allow for good oki.
PC 2HP, 4HK, DR~5HP > 236[HK], SA1/SA3 Anywhere 3674(4694) 1 1(3) Medium Fairly strong punish for 1 Drive bar. Switches sides and returns back to midscreen, so it's most useful as an SA1 kill route when you want to conserve meter for the next round. Must be fairly close for the 4HK to link properly.
PC 2HP, 5HP > DR~2HP, 5HP > DR~2HP, 5HP > 623[HK] > SA3 Anywhere 5655
6 3 Medium High damage Punish Counter combo that spends all resources to ensure a kill. If only SA1 is available, you can instead end the last Drive Rush loop with DR~4HK, 4HK, 236LK, SA1 for 4204 damage. If starting from full Drive meter, it is possible to microwalk in between DR~2HP and 5HP to allow an extra Drive Rush loop. However, the damage boost is small, the difficulty is high, and it won't work if you blocked anything right before the punish starter.
PC 214HP/214PP, 5HP > 236HK Anywhere 2300 0(2) - Easy Strong anti-fireball punish option that leads to damage and corner carry.
PC 214HP/214PP, 4HK, 236MK, 623HK Corner 2950 0(2) - Easy Corner version of the fireball punish that launches for extra damage.

Drive Impact Combos

If a combo requires a Punish Counter Drive Impact, it will be noted in the combo itself and/or the notes.

Combo Position Damage Drive Gauge Super Gauge Difficulty Notes Video
Drive Impact (blocked), 5HP > 236LK, 623HK Corner 2048 1 - Easy Basic combo after a blocked Drive Impact into wallsplat. If the DI connects too far from the corner, you must walk forward slightly before 5HP. If you accidentally use 236MK, only 623LK is fast enough to finish the juggle (for slightly less damage).
Drive Impact (ground hit), 5HP > 236MK, 623HK Corner 2790 1 - Easy 5HP > 236MK allows a 623HK juggle after a grounded Drive Impact on hit only, for slightly more damage than the blocked wallsplat version
Drive Impact (high wallsplat), 5HP > 236HK, 623HK Corner 2650 1 - Easy If the wallsplat occurs high up after the DI hits airborne, you can juggle the 2nd hit of 236HK instead of the usual 236LK/236MK.
PC Drive Impact, 2HP, 2MP > 236HK Anywhere 2540 1 - Easy Basic corner carry combo from a Punish Counter Drive Impact. Ending with 623HK instead gives slightly better damage, but much worse midscreen oki.
PC Drive Impact, 4HK, 236MK, 623HK Corner 2950 1 - Easy In the corner, Cammy gets increased damage by going directly into her 4HK launcher.
PC Drive Impact, walk forward, 5MP, 4MP~HK, j.MP > 214K/214KK Anywhere 2690+ 1(3) - Medium Basic launch combo from a Punish Counter Drive Impact. Must be at close range for 5MP, 4MP to link, but if you wait too long the opponent will become airborne. 214K brings the opponent straight down, while 214KK allows a cancel to SA2 > 623HK or a juggle into SA1/SA3 for extra damage and corner carry.

Hooligan Combination Combos

Any combo that uses [HP] Hooligan also works fine with any given OD Hooligan, as well; if using OD Hooligan, throw on + 2 to the Drive cost of any given combo. For more in-depth information on how to loop Hooligan Combination okizeme, which some of these combos do set up, please refer to the document in Resources by IceboundWitch.

Combo Position Damage Drive Gauge Super Gauge Difficulty Notes Video
236P (Slide), 623HK Anywhere 1960(2160) 0(2) - Easy Basic followup from Razor's Edge Slicer. The [HP] and OD versions can juggle after the 2nd hit, giving more damage and hitconfirm time.
236[HP]/PP~2K, 5HP... Anywhere 1840+ 0(2) - Easy Followup to Reverse Edge that leaves the opponent grounded. Can cash out with any ender of choice after 5HP. For a slightly easier link, can use 2MP instead.
236[HP]/PP~2K, 4MP~HK... Anywhere 2020+ 0(2) - Medium Launches the opponent after a Reverse Edge overhead, allowing for a +54 knockdown to comfortably loop Hooligan setups.
236[HP]/PP~LPLK, 236MK, 623HK Corner 2560 0(2) - Medium Damage cashout after an enhanced Fatal Leg Twister. Using 236LK makes the juggle easier for 80 less damage. Opponent will reach the corner if thrown ~1/3 screen away from the corner.
236[HP]/PP~LPLK, 236236K/236236P Anywhere 2600(4200) 0(2) 1(3) Easy A simple Super cashout after enhanced Fatal Leg Twister that works without any additional Drive cost.
236[HP]/PP~LPLK, DR~5HP > 236LK... Anywhere 2016+ 1(3) - Medium Sets up a +54 knockdown for Hooligan pressure after enhanced Fatal Leg Twister. Can optionally juggle 623HK, SA1, or SA3 after the 236LK. SA3 damage is actually weaker in this route compared to an immediate SA3 juggle.

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