Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact/Sean

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Sean in 2nd Impact is a completely different beast as opposed to his NG and 3s iterations. He is basically 3s Chun on steroids with a few extra enhancements to season. He is capable of dealing large amounts of damage with simple confirms and reversals due to his 0f super (SA3) all while having abundant plus frames on his normals and good EXs (should he need to use them).

Moves List

Light Attacks

  • St. LP - 3f; Duck-able jab; +5 on hit and block and can link into Cl. MP if close enough. Chainable into his other lights, super/special cancellable
  • Cr. LP - 4f; +3 on hit and block , Chainable, super/special cancellable
  • St. LK - 3f; Special/super cancellable, not chainable, -3 on block and hit
  • Cr. LK - 5f; Low, chainable into lights, +3 on hit and block, super/special cancellable (Low parry-able only)

Medium Attacks

  • Far MP - 4f; Duck-able by a few, super and special cancellable. b/f+MP is one of the fastest ways to build meter. +2 on hit/0 on block (High parry-able only)
  • Close MP - 3f; Leads into target combo with HK; super and special cancellable. +4 on hit/+2 on block (High parry-able only)
  • Crouch MP - 4f; Not duck-able, super/special cancellable, +4 on hit/+2 on block, high and low parryable
  • St. MK - 6f; High and low parry-able, -2 on block/0 on hit
  • Cr. MK - 5f; -4 on hit/-6 on block, special/super cancellable (low parry-able only)

Heavy Attacks

  • St. HP - 5f; Special/super cancellable, can cancel into f+HP. b+HP is one of the fastest ways to build meter. +4 on hit/+1 on block (High Parry-able only)
  • Cr. HP - 5f; Special/super cancellable; -3 on hit/-6 on block, high/low parry-able
  • Cl. HK - 4f; Special/super cancellable; +7 on hit/+4 on block, (High Parry-able only)
  • Far HK - 6f; 0 on hit/ -3 on block, (High Parry-able only)
  • Cr. HK - 7f; KND/ -11 on block, (Low Parry-able only)

Jumping Attacks

  • nj.LP - 4f; Quick active air-to-air
  • j.LP - 4f; nj.LP but slightly less active
  • j.MP - 5f; Ok as either an air-to-air or jump-in
  • nj.HP - 6f; Good air-to-air
  • j.HP - 6f; Most damaging jump-in
  • nj.LK - 4f; Sean's most active jumping normal, but has a worse hitbox than nj.LP
  • j.LK - 4f; nj.LK but significantly less active
  • nj.MK - 5f; Good air-to-air
  • j.MK - 5f; Jump-in with great cross-up hitbox
  • nj.HK - 6f; Great air-to-air for hitting above you
  • j.HK - 6f; Great jump-in and air-to-air

Command Attacks

  • Forward + HP - 22f; Overhead. -2 on hit/-5 on block (High Parry-able only)
  • UOH - 10f; Overhead, airborne frame 1. +1 on hit/-1 on block (High Parry-able only)


  • f+MP/HP - Hard KND. Leaves you close to your opponent.
  • f+MK/HK - KND. Does more damage and leaves you fullscreen from your opponent.

Special Moves

Ryuubi Kyaku (QCF+K)

Overhead, frame advantage affected by character height and if they're crouching, knocks down airborne opponents (High Parry-able only)

  • LK Ryuubi Kyaku - 33f; Airborne on frame 15. Will whiff point blank against crouching shotos, Oro, and Elena. -4~+1 on hit/-7~-4 on block
  • MK Ryuubi Kyaku - 31f; Airborne on frame 8. Goes 1/2 screen with a higher jump arc and can go over opponents. Can cross-up crouching Hugo and Alex. -3~+1 on hit/-6~-4 on block
  • HK Ryuubi Kyaku - 29f; Airborne on frame 6. Goes 3/4 screen with an even higher jump arc and can go over opponents. Can cross-up Hugo, Alex, and standing Urien. -5~+1 on hit/-8~-3 on block
  • EX Ryuubi Kyaku - 24f; Airborne on frame 6. Goes fullscreen and hits twice. First hit whiffs on crouching. -9~+1 on hit/-12~-2 on block

Sean Tackle (HCF+P)

  • LP Sean Tackle -
  • MP Sean Tackle -
  • HP Sean Tackle -
  • EX Sean Tackle -

Dragon Smash (DP+P)

  • LP Dragon Smash -
  • MP Dragon Smash -
  • HP Dragon Smash -
  • EX Dragon Smash -

Zenten (QCB+P)

  • LP Zenten -
  • MP Zenten -
  • HP Zenten -

Sean Tornado (QCB+K)

  • LP Sean Tornado -
  • MP Sean Tornado -
  • HP Sean Tornado -
  • EX Sean Tornado -

Super Moves

  • Hadou Burst (SA1 x 3) - 236236 + P
  • Shoryu Cannon (SA2 x 2) - 236236 + P
  • Hyper Tornado (SA3 x 2) - 236236 + P - 0f super. Use this one.

The Basics


To really make Sean threatening, confirming is key to the equation. SA3 allows for the most possible confirms due to its insane start-up at 0f's and they are:

  • Any light chain combo (Cr. LK x 2, Cr. LK- Cr. LP - Cr. LK, etc.) x SA3
  • Cr. MP x SA3
  • Far MP x SA3
  • Cl. MP x SA3
  • Target Combo (Cl.MP-HK) x SA3
  • UOH x SA3
  • Cl. HP x SA3
  • Cl. HK x SA3
  • EX/HK/MK Tornado x SA3
  • Ryuubi Kyaku x SA3
  • Jump Normal x SA3
  • Cl. HK link Cr. MK x SA3 (up close)
  • St. LP link Target Combo x SA3 (up close)

Advanced Strategy