Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact/Ibuki

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Ibuki is a highly mobile, low-stamina character capable of damaging combos with tons of stun off of just one opening, exacerbated by her great mobility and safe mixups.

Ibuki boasts the fastest walk speed in the game, great jumps, and incredibly safe mixups and frame traps.

Ibuki's goal in 2nd Impact is to frustrate the opponent with constant pressure that is not only very safe but also leads to her potent combo game that is made even stronger if she is allowed to build meter.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Incredibly mobile with her amazing walk speed and jumps
  • Plethora of mixups, many of which are safe, that can lead to big damage and stun
  • Fast throw, hard to quick rise on reaction
  • Incredibly powerful super in SA3
  • Great EX moves
  • Low stamina character but this doesnt matter as much since Ibuki shouldnt really get hit much because of her insane pressure and safety
  • No confirmable lows except cr.LK

Moves List

Normal Moves

Far LP - fast startup, great range for a jab, hella plus, has a TC that goes into super with LP MP xx SA3. Can be crouched by short characters, but abuse the fuck out of this button against characters who can't crouch it.

Close LP - very fast startup, but stubby. Unsafe, but can be made much safer by cancelling it in TCs.

MP - amazing frame data, links to SA3, great for meter build. Can be cancelled into with Far LP, incredibly annoying and hard to deal with.

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy