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Sonya Blade disappears in the first Tournament, but is later rescued from the Outworld by Jax. After returning to Earth, she and Jax try to warn the U.S. Government of the looming Outworld menace. Lacking proof, they watch helplessly as Shao Kahn begins his invasion.



Auto Combos

1. HP, HP, LP, B+HP 4 hits 22%, 31%, 33%

2. HK, HP, HP, LP, B+HP 5 hits 27%, 37%, 39%

3. HK, HK, HP, HP, LP, B+HP 6 hits 31%, 41%, 43%

4. HK, HK B+HK 3 hits 18%, 28%, 30%

5. HP, HP U+LP 3 hits 18%, 27%, 29%

6. HK, HP, HP, U+LP 4 hits 23%, 33%, 34%

7. HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP 5 hits 27%, 37%, 39%

Basic Juggles

1. KS, HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP, aaHP, rings, 8 hits, 47%

2. KS, HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP, JK, Leg Grab, 8 hits, 50%

3. aaHPHP, Leg Grab 3 hits 34%

Advanced Juggles

1.(Near corner on teleporters especially) aaHP, RH, Leg Grab, 3 hits 45% (Anymore than 2 hits before her Leg Grab, no matter how they are performed, the Leg Grab will do about 5%-3% damage)

2. KS, HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP, R, aaHP,(HP on Jax and a couple others), JK, leg grab, 9 hits 53%, 10 hits 56% or, instead of JK, Leg Grab, do deep JK, standing HK, for 54%. On Jax and possible Stryker and Sub and other, you can do deep JK, aaLP, JK, Leg Grab, for 60%

3. aaHP, JK, Leg Grab 3 hits 43% (BP)

Corner Juggles

1. aaHP, RH, Leg Grab 3 hits 45%

2. PS, HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP JK, HK, HK 9 hits 59%

3. PS, HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP, JK, RH, HK 9 hits 60%

4. PS, HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP, JK, JK, HK 9 hits 60%

5. PS, HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP, JP, JK, aaLP, Wave Punch 10 hits 60%

6. PS, HK, HK, HP, HP, U+LP, JK, aaHP, Wave Punch, LK or upward bike kick on some characters 10 hits 62

Special Moves

Energy Rings: D, DF, F, LP

Leg Grab: D+LP+BL

Square Wave Punch: F, B, HP

Upwards Bicycle Kick: B, B, D, HK


Fatality 1 "Kiss of Death": B, F, D, D + Run (Anywhere)

Sonya blows a kiss and her opponent goes up in flames.

Fatality 2 "Gum Launch": Hold BL + Run, U, U, UB, B, DB, D, Release BL+Run (Half Screen)

Sonya blows a huge bubble at her opponent that squishes them into a pile of remains.

Friendship "Instant Garden": B, F, B, D, Run (Past Sweep)

Sonya grows a garden of flowers.

Animality "Hawk": Hold LP, B, F, D, F, Release LP (Next to)

Sonya turns into a Hawk and kills her opponent.

Babality: D, D, F, LK, (Past Sweep)

Stage: F, F, D, HP (Next to)

Brutality: HP, LK, BL, HP, LK, BL, HP, LP, BL, HK, LK (Next to)

The Basics

Advanced Strategies