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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core/Sol Badguy

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Sol Badguy is the main character of the Guilty Gear series, an immortal bounty hunter who uses his immense physical strength and fire magic in battle.

Accent Core


Special Moves:

Gunflame: 236+P

Gunflame Feint: 214+P

Volcanic Viper:623+S or HS (214K during move to knock down enemy) Can be performed in the air.

Grand Viper:214+S

Riot Stamp: 214+K

Bandit Revolver: 236+K(can be performed in the air)

Bandit Bringer: 236+K(hold)

Wild Throw: 623+K

(in air)Sidewinder: 236+HS

Fafnir: 41236+HS( Accent core: 41236+D Force Break).

Overdrive Techniques

Dragon Install: 214,214+S Consumes 50% tension

Super Dragon Install:214,214,214,214+HS+P Requires 100% tension(Accent Core only)

Tyrant Rave ver.B632146+HS Consumes 50% tension

Tyrant Rave: 4,6+D after Force break Fafnir consumes 25% tension. Total with Fafnir: 50% tension(Accent Core only)

Move Descriptions


Sol thrusts Fuuenken into the ground and make emits flames which travels midscreen. In Dragon install is a giant more powerful gunflame that launches on hit. DI Gunflame has less range than Gunflame. Can be FRCed.

Gunflame Feint

Looks identical to the Gunflame but causes ZERO damage and gains tension. No flames comes though. (Accent Core only: Gunflame can hit, Gunflame feint OTGs. Can be RCed.)

Volcanic Viper

A flaming uppercut, use heavy slash for a higher reaching uppercut. While in Dragon Install, Slash Volcanic Viper is 3-hit uppercut, and Heavy Slash Volcanic Viper reaches the top of the stage, does tremendous damage and mutliple hits. Can be RCed.

Grand Viper

Crouching ground slide that goes into a knee and finishes with Volcanic Viper. Mashable for a max of 12 hits. Untechable and gives KD. Sol lands right in front of enemy. (Accent Core: Launches on hit. Has Clean hit property.) Can be RCed.

Riot Stamp

Sol flies backwards to the wall, then flies forward in a kick. Launches on hit. On CH causes full screen wall bounce. Can be FRCed and RCed.

Bandit Revolver

A knee followed by an aerial roundhouse kick. An aerial bandit revolver does 5 hits , and does more damage than a ground bandit revolver. (ACCENT CORE ONLY:Air bandit Revolver recovers fast enought to allow followup combos.) In DI mode ground Bandit Revolver does multiple hits(like air Bandit Revolver) and can loop in the corner. Can be RCed.

Bandit Bringer

Sol crouches to the floor, jumps up and performs a downward punch that causes the enemy to bounce on the floor. Is an overhead. (Accent core only: Causes enemy to slide on the floor. On CH ground bounces like pre-AC Bandit Bringer.)Can be FRCed and RCed.

Sidewinder (Air only)

Air fire punch that slams enemy into the wall. Wall bounces on hit. Has clean hit property. On clean hit, untechable time increases to allow follow up combos. Can be RCed.

Wild Throw: Sol grabs the opponent and slams them behind him. Untechable.Command throw. Ground bounces if successful. Allows follow up combos.


Sol steps forwards and delivers a flaming punch with large knockback. Can be FRCed. Has wall bounce property. (Accent Core only: Is a force break that consumes 25% tension. Much faster. Has clean hit property. On CH functions like a Clean Hit. Clean hit and CH gives large wall bounce and untechable till midscreen.) Fafnir is like a ground sidewinder in a sense. Can be RCed.

Dragon Install (consumes 50% of Tension Guage)

Sol goes super, increases in speed and attack power, some special moves change, But defense decreases. Timer increase based on life left. When over Sol loses all tension. Sol dizzy rate increases. DI ends If Sol is knocked down.

Accent Core only:Super Dragon Install (consumes 100% of Tension Gauge)

Dragon install, but lasts the entire match, longer startup, and drains health at a fast rate. A near useless technique.

Tyrant Rave ver.Beta (consumes 50% of Tension Guage)

Sol punches and creates a fireball above his fist, then performs an immensely flaming punch with his other arm. (second hit has immense knockback, near corner: wall bounces). First hit must be blocked or hit to be RCed.






Sol Badguy is the main character of the Guilty Gear series, an immortal bounty hunter who uses his immense physical strength and fire magic in battle.