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Sliding and Wallstick Effects

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

Sliding/Wallstick Effects

Sliding is a new effect where the opponent will slide across the ground if hit with specific moves. There is a certain frame window where the opponent may be combod off the ground WITHOUT triggering OTG effects. It's as if you just caught them in the air. For example, Sol's Bandit Bringer causes slide. Before he would do something to the effect of: BB, Dash, 5K 2H > Air Combo. In AC, since they are sliding flat on the ground, you'd need to do BB, Dash, 2K c.S 2H or something to that effect to pick them up off the ground so to speak. You can tell sliding apart from normal knockdown from the fact that they slide backwards and have dust kicking up from the ground under them.

Wallstick effects are effects that, when reasonably close to the corner, will cause the opponent to stick in place on the edge of the screen. Wallstick is similar to wallbounce in the sense that the farther the opponent is from the corner when the attack was initiated, the sooner he can tech after the wallstick. So if you hit the opponent from nearly all the way on the right of the screen and they wallstick, they may only do so for like 5 frames. If you hit an opponent with a wallstick effect from a full screen away, they may just fly REALLY far away from you and never stick to the wall. This happens with all that I've seen(HOS's Throw, Johnny's 6K, Slayer's Pilebunker CH etc).