Street Fighter EX3/Skullomania

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Moves List

Normal Moves


Skullo Stunt

  • LP+LK

Skullo Space

  • (In Air)Down + MP or HP

Command Moves

Skullo Punch

  • MP+MK

Step In Upper

  • Forward + MP

Dangerous Heel

  • Forward + MK

Skullo Dash

  • Forward, Forward

Skullo Back Flip

  • Back, Back

Special Moves

Skullo Head

  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Punch

Skullo Dive

  • (During Skullo Head)Punch

Skullo Crusher

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

Skullo Slider

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

Skullo Face Slam

  • Back, Down, Down-Back + Kick

Super Move

Super Skullo Crusher

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Punch
    • Can also be performed in air

Super Skullo Slider

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

Super Skullo Dream

  • LP, LP, Forward, LK, HP

Alternate Skullo Dream

  • LP, LP, Back, LK, HP

Skullo Energy

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + Kick

Skullo Ball

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + Punch

Meteor Combo

Super Skullo Energy

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + All three Kicks

The Basics

Advanced Strategy