Senko No Ronde Rev. X/B.Changpo (Citronette)

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Subweapon: Homing Laser

B.O.S.S.: Cubskirt

Pilot: Changpo Baek

The non-civilian version of Goddiver's hit series "Sweet Arms". Formerly developed by Goddiver for military purposes, it ended up not being used by the Triple-S and found its way to the G.S.O. instead.

The Citronette piloted by Changpo has been vastly improved for close-range combat thanks to its prototype gunsword "Scimitar Gun". Together with the Homing Laser, which can stop an enemy dead in their tracks, it's an extremely capable and balanced machine.


Changpo is not only the easiest to pick character, but also has one of the easiest damage outputs in the game thanks to her Sub (S), one of the best B.O.S.S. in the game and very good melee pressure alongside neutral game, her only real complaints is Changpo β not having the same damage and one less useful attack in B.O.S.S., doesn't have that much combo routes in either variant and her playstyle is the most predictible out of the entire cast.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Easiest to pick character, but also a monster during high-level in the right hands.
  • Sub (S) can be spammed and the punishment for using it is very low, can also play with the position to confuse and create a very good trap setup.
  • Sweet Dash (n.C) can kill some B.O.S.S. extremely easy.
  • Low reload times, 5 Barrage stocks, good overall speed and melee distance.
  • Dash+M does a good chunk of damage if the opponent was near to it.
  • Cubskirt (Her B.O.S.S.) does very good damage overall, pretty nasty movement and patterns, α also has a much easier time not getting killed with her Arm Rotation (n.C).
  • Not very good combo routes, her BnB Melee damage combo requires the entirety of the Sub to hit to even begin it.
  • Due to her easy-to-pick nature, that also means her overall gameplan is very predictable.
  • Insanely high startup frames in "Strap Missile (426+C)", easily one of the most punishable moves in the entire game.
  • Has to go all-in, trap based characters like Lili and Sakurako have a better time dealing with her.

Changpo β

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Slightly more wider patterns means she has an easier time locking onto the enemy.
  • Sub (S) is still amazing.
  • "Choco Tapping (46+C)" comes out slightly faster, you will use this a lot in β.
  • Better overall speed and easier to manage attack patterns.
  • Has a slightly better zoning gameplan.
  • Even lower combo routes, almost nothing will combine with each other due to the nature of the wider attack patterns.
  • Slightly less predictable but comes with lower damage output due to the nature of the attacks.
  • Has to go all-in, trap based characters like Lili and Sakurako have a better time dealing with her.
  • Cubskirt doesn't have the Arm Rotation, becoming one of the most punishable B.O.S.S. in the game
Beak Changpo

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