Sengoku Basara X/Takenaka Hanbei

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The lightweight PS2 exclusive character, his objetive is about beign a ground to air rushdown character with some poking strategies if he is far from opponent.


Move List

Special Moves

Kimagure ni 236 + A (Ground)
Hazumu you ni 236 + B (Ground)
Sekitateru you ni 236 + C (Ground)
Sasayaku you ni 214 + C (Ground)
Ikari wo Komete (Taka/Hiku) 214 + A or B hold (Ground)
Soyo Kaze no You ni Karuku 623 + B (Air)
Nageki Kanashinde
->Itamashiku 22 + A (Ground)
A or B or C

Super Moves

BASARA Move Shoudou Teki ni
->Soshite Reitan ni
->Toki ni Jounetsu wo Komete 214214 + C (Ground/Air)
Yami ni Tsutsumarete 236236 + C (Ground) (Engun ASSIST)

Basara KO

One-Hit BASARA Move Arashi no You ni 2141236 + C (Ground/Air)


Basic Combos

Basic Combos are the ones that don't use Engun and are Bread and Butter (with or without Counter Hit) and had Special or Super Finish.

5A > 5B > 236A

5A > 5B > 2C > 236C JC JB > JC > J623B

Intermediate Combos (50% Engun)

Advanced Combos (100% Engun)