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Samurai Shodown Tenka

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This game is in essence the culmination of All 5 Samurai Shodown games in one for CVS2 style feel...

You have six grooves and every character to ever appear in a 2d Samurai Shodown game plus new characters.

What time zone does this game take place?? This game is a prequel to the First Sam Sho game in storyline mode..

And by story dont ask bc it is gonna confuse you even more..

Just for kicks know this for story:

1. SS0,SS6,SS1,SS3,SS4,SS2. (Then came the 64 games in the future)

That is what I believe to be the official canon of the game...if I find something different I will let you know.

The basics will follow.

Game Mechanics



A = Light Slash

B = Medium Slash

C = Hard Slash

D = Kick

E = Evade/Special

A+D = Use Item

B+C = Throw

d+C = Down attack (on grounded opponent) qcf+E = Parry/Weapon flip

  • can deflect standard weapon attacks. if used while you are disarmed, it will disarm the opponent

f+Start = Disarming Taunt

b+Start = Normal Taunt



  • A+B auto gaurd slash
  • No Super
  • No Evasion
  • When raged, sword gage becomes almost as long as life bar


  • When in rage, character does an animation were they are invincible that can be canceled by special moves, supers, dashing, and E button evades.
  • If your super connects, it will break the opponent's weapon. Their weapon wont get flipped back on screen for 15 seconds.
  • Can access your EX move, but can only be done once during the entire fight.
  • Sword gauge is longest in the game, other than Rei in rage explosion or Do during rage.


  • A+B to charge rage gauge.
  • Speed at which character rages affects how fast gauge will fill by holding A+B.
  • When life reaches orange area = infinite rage
  • Gauge starts empty each round
  • Press E in the air to air guard


  • A+B for dial-a-combo slash
  • A+B,AABBCCC gives some meter (depends on how fast your character rages)
  • some character can cancel the second C in the AABBCCC chain.
  • A+B,BBC knocks the opponent in the air, last hit can be canceled with a special/super move
  • A+B+C is rage explosion, it stops time, extends sword gauge, and Issen can be preformed (A+B+C)
  • less live you have, the more gauge in rage explosion and Issen will do more damage
  • using an Issen or a super will end rage explosion
  • groove gets slight defense bonus


  • A+B to charge enlightenment, D+E to activate in a match point round when you life is in the blue area.
  • A+B+C while enlightened to preform Issen. Issen will do more damage depending on how much total enlightenment you have charged
  • Rei Issen can do up to 70% damage, the Ten Issen can only do about 40% damage
  • A+B+C = rage explosion, is different from Ten rage explosion. In Rei, you dont get Issen, but your sword gauge is longer and you maximum amount of time


  • Gain meter by attacking
  • Characters raging does not effect how much meter you build
  • Using a super will empty your gauge
  • When you succesfully use an E button dodge, the screan freezes and you get a huge advantage. Also the green portion of you health bar will increase.
  • When you life reaches green area, you can preform you EX moves (qcf+B+C). This EX move is different from the Shin EX move.
  • Once EX move is used, the green portion of your life bar will go back to normal (16%)
  • A+B is deflecting gaurd, costs meter. Eliminates block damage and pushes opponent away.


Tier List

Tier List #1

God-Tier: Mina, Shizumaru, Amakusa, Iroha

Top-Tier: Kazuki, Sougetsu, Cham Cham, Gaoh, Zankuro, Haohmaru, Ukyo, Galford, Mizuki

Mid-Top Tier: Hanzo, Yumeji, Rasetsumaru, Enja, Genan, Rera, Sieger

Mid-Tier: Suija, Nicotine, Sankuro, Basara, Andrew, Ochamaru, Gaira

Low-Mid Tier: Rimururu, Sugoroku, Jubei, Yunfei, Tam Tam, Kyoushiro, Charlotte

Low-Tier: Genjuro, Yoshitora, Wan-Fu, Kusaregedo, Earthquake, Nakoruru

Tier List #2

SS: Mina

S: Amakusa, Iroha,Shizumaru, Kazuki.

A: Galford, Mizuki, Cham Cham, Sogetsu, Gaoh, Zankuro, Haohmaru, Ukyo, Yunfei, Enja

B: Rera, Sieger, Hanzo, Yumeji, Rasetsumaru, Andrew, Rimururu

C: Ocha-Maru,Kusaregedo, Gen An, Sankuro, Suija, Nicotine, Gaira, Basara

D: Charlotte, Sugoroku, Kyoshiro, Jubei

E: Genjuro, Purple Nakoruru, Earthquake, Nakoruru,Tam Tam, Wan Fu, Yoshitora

The Characters

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