Samurai Shodown/Wan-Fu

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Grab and Slash

4 or 6 B

Sit and Bash

4 or 6 AB

Drop foe on Knee

4 or 6 D

Grab and Sit

4 or 6 CD

Throw Against Wall

(Unarmed) 4 or 6 B

Smash into Ground

(Unarmed) 4 or 6 AB

Command Moves

Crawl (Wan-Fu can move while crouching).

1 or 3

Special Moves

Shin Kikou Bakutenhoh

214 A, B, or AB. Wan-Fu jumps in the air and tosses his pillar down at a downward angle.

  • This special is notorious for its cross-up ability and being slightly plus on block, it can be avoided by running or back-dashing on reaction however.
  • A version lands at 1/4 part of screen.
  • B version lands at halfway across the screen.
  • AB version lands at the other end of the screen.
  • When going against Wan-Fu, take advantage of the fact that this special disarms Wan-Fu.
  • When playing as Wan-Fu keep in mind this special disarms you (I recommend you familiarize yourself with the blade catch mechanic to bolster your defense).

Kikou Senpuu Geki

623 A, B, or AB. your typical DP special.

  • From A to AB, each version deals more damage and has a higher jump height than the other.

The Basics

Advanced Strategies