Samurai Shodown/Ukyo Tachibana

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Scabbard Slap

4 or 6 B

Throw and Slash

4 or 6 AB

Trip and Stab

4 or 6 D or CD

Toss (When disarmed)

4 or 6 B, AB, D or CD

Special Moves

Hiken Sasameyuki

214 Slash. Ukyo throws an apple in the air, then uses his shirasaya to start hacking away at it (and anything else) in his way.

  • Light Slash version has the slowest startup but stays active the longest.
  • Medium Slash version has middling startup and active duration.
  • Heavy Slash version has the fastest startup but has shortest active duration.

Hiken Tsubame Gaeshi

(In Air) 1236 Slash. Ukyo's signature (and infamous) special move, the Tsubame Gaeshi.

  • It doesn’t reflect projectiles on this iteration, rather, it fires a projectile of its own.
  • From light slash to Heavy slash, each version makes the projectile dip further downward towards the ground before it arcs back up into the air.
  • If you "Tiger-Knee" it, it can be used as an instant overhead.

The Basics

Advanced Strategies