Samurai Shodown/Tam Tam

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4 or 6 B or D

Grab and Stab

4 or 6 A+B

Special Moves

Moora Moora

236 Slash (up to x3). Tam Tam starts chucking skulls across the screen.

  • From Light to Heavy, each version travels slightly faster than the other.
  • On SamSho I, you can only throw one skull at a time, until it makes contact with the opponent or is no longer on the screen.
  • The skulls can be low profiled by certain moves such as Haohmaru's crouching heavy kick or Nakoruru's Annu Mutsube

Paguna Dios

214 Kick. Tam Tam spins on his index fingers while his legs are spread out.

  • Hits once and knocks down on hit but hits multiple times on block.
  • 214 Light Kick sends Tam Tam to about 1/4 of screen.
  • 214 Medium Kick send Tam Tam to 1/3 of screen.
  • 214 Heavy Kick has effective range of 1/2 of screen, sends Tam Tam recovering at other end of screen.
  • On SamSho I, this special is a mid, not a low.
  • Due to the really fast recovery of this special, difficult to punish on block with anything aside from a throw, making it a somewhat viable chipping tool. but why use it as such when you have...

Paguna Paguna

[Hold 4] 6 Slash. Tam Tam raises his arms very quickly, then starts twirling his sword.

  • From Light to Heavy, each version stays active longer than the other, and Tam Tam can move back and forward more quickly.
  • Heavy version also knocks down on hit
  • Tam Tam can move around while it’s active, making this special useful as an anti-air as well as a chipping tool.
  • This special of Tam Tam's also has a quick recovery, making it difficult to punish with anything aside from a throw on block.

Ahau Gaburu

63214 Slash. Tam Tam jumps, then hurls a projectile from his mouth. after landing at its designated spot, the projectile will also rise up into the air, meaning you can't just jump over it like any other projectile.

  • 63214 Light Slash makes the projectile stop directly in front of Tam Tam.
  • 63214 Medium Slash sends the projectile halfway across the screen, making this a decent zoning tool.
  • 63214 Heavy Slash sends the projectile at around 3/4 of the screen, also a viable zoning tool.
  • The drawbacks of this special is the long startup and the long recovery if it whiffs. this is a good special and all but don't get predictable with it.

The Basics

Advanced Strategies