Samurai Shodown/Genan Shiranui

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Diving Claw

4 or 6 B

Grabs and Bashes

4 or 6 D

Command Moves

Crawl. (yeah, for some reason Gen-An can move forward while crouching).

1 or 3

Special Moves

Doku Fubuki

236 A, B, or AB. Gas! get outta there

jokes aside, Gen-An blows a puff of poisonous smoke.

  • A version makes the smoke travel slowly to 1/3 of screen where it will dissipate.
  • B version makes the smoke travel at a quicker rate to 1/2 of screen where it will dissipate.
  • AB version travels the fastest of the three. it makes its way to the other end of screen, where it will dissipate.

Nikuten Tsuki

623 A, B, or AB. Gen-An goes Rolling across the screen regardless of strength of the slash.

  • from A to AB, each version traverses the screen slightly faster than the other.
  • Because Gen-An bounces off the opponent on block or off the wall on whiff, and can still deal damage until he lands, this is a difficult move to punish.
  • if you try to punish this move, it has to be a normal/special that "out prioritizes" it.

The Basics

Advanced Strategies