Samurai Shodown/Galford

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Ground Slam

4 or 6 B or AB

Slam and Stab

4 or 6 D or CD

Air Throws

Stardust Drop

(In Air) 2 B, AB, D or CD

Command Normals

Sankaku Tobi (AKA Wall Jump)

(In Air, Near Corner) 6 or 9

Special Moves

Plasma Blade

236 Slash. Galford throws two electricity-infused kunai at the opponent.

  • from light slash to heavy slash each version travels more quickly than the other.

Rush Dog

214 Slash. Galford uses Poppy (his pet dog) as a quasi-projectile.

  • Light slash version makes poppy charge to up to 3/4 of screen.
  • Medium slash version goes almost but not quite to the other end of the screen.
  • Heavy version goes fully across the screen.

Machine Gun Dog

214 Kick. Galford commands Poppy to sic the opponent.

Shadow Copy 64123 Slash or Kick. Galford teleports than hides among 3 copies of himself for about 3 seconds.

  • From left to right, Light Slash puts the real Galford first.
  • Medium Slash puts the real Galford second.
  • Light Kick puts the real Galford third.
  • Medium Kick puts the real Galford fourth.

Imitate Replica [During Hitstun] Medium Slash + Light Kick + Medium Kick. Galford performs a Substitution Jutsu, then comes falling down overhead.

Replica Attack 63214 Medium Slash + Light Kick + Medium Kick. Galford teleports to the opponent's location, then does an overhead slash.

Strike Heads 623 Kick. Galford's proximity unblockable grab.

  • From Light Kick to Heavy Kick, each version deals more damage than the other.

The Basics

Advanced Strategies

on this iteration Galford and Hanzo have the exact same normals and throw animations.

Galford is one of the few characters in the game who can still do all of his specials even when he's disarmed.