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SSBM/Captain Falcon/Resources

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Guide to setting this up on your PC:

go to memory card manager in dolphin on the left window click browse and go to your memory card go to whatever save state you want to set up click import gci Marth:

dthrow cheese at 0% escape [1]

Sheik: dthrow double jab ftilt 23% pre throw [2]

dthrow double jab ftilt at 62% pre throw [3]

dthrow ftilt near ledge 17% pre throw [4]

utilt spot dodge on hit, try to grab between the hits, 3 different timings [5] ICs:

dthrow dair 3 random timings [6]

This has all the savestates for now, I'll put them up here eventually if no one else does but I think I have to do it one by one. Ideally with an accompanying Gfycat for each to show off what they do.