Rumble Fish 2, The/Zen

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Rumble Fish 2, The



F + SP - Overhead elbow attack move.

F + SK - Longer reach than Standing SK

QCF + LP/SP - Projectile. A little more than half screen distance.

QCB + LP/SP An attack similar’s to Terry’s (KOF) QCB+A/C.

F,D,DF + LP/SP uppercut. anti-air move. short range. SP version can be followed up with SP for extra hit & damage.

QCB + LK/SK Zen leaps into the air and kicks downwards.

D,D + LK/SK Powers up his next special move. Read details @ Boost Dive

F,HCF + LP/SP Offensive Art. Cancellable after QCB+LP/SP for a combo. Once it hits, Zen will do a string of attacks. After it ends, u can follow up with either LK/SK/QCF + LP most of the time.

QCBx2 + SP/SP Defensive Art. Uses 2 Defensive bars. Blue energy appears around him. Knocks away attacking opponents. High priority, low damage as with all DAs.

QCF,HCB + LP/SP Critical Art 1. Initial frames are for preparation and you’re vulnerable during this period of time. After that a HUGE projectile-like graphic appears and does decent damage as all CA do.

HCB,F + LK/SK -> SK -> SP -> LK -> LP -> LP -> LK -> SP -> QCB + LP/SP - Critical art 2. Similar mechanics to Rock’s (MOTW) F,HCF C special. Never pulled this off before. XD

Boost Dive - For a limited time all his special moves will have the effect of D,D LK/SK. Affected moves include projectile (full screen & a few hits), uppercut (now a big whirlwind of energy), QCB+LP/SP (more damage I think)

& QCB+LK/SK (does more damage and launches opponent into air if it hits)


– (powered-up, opponent at other end of screen) QCF+LP, run forward, J. LK, J. SK (or other combo if it works; it’s 2 hits done together in 1 jump, not 2 jumps), LP, LK, SP, SK, AA, LP, LK, SP, SK, QCB + LP, (SC) F,HCF + LP/SP (or CA1 if your opponent at corner and you can reach him/her). or you could replace HK, QCB+LP as F,D,DF +LP/SP then super cancelling into OA.

– JA, then you can follow up with any combinations of attacks as you deem fit, depending on the opponent’s positioning wrt yours. Usually, J.SP, J.SK, then some “juggle” done on ground (eg, LP, SP, SK, F,D,DF + LP, (SC) OA) – Of course, I haven’t researched this game enough. Do take a look at youtube videos to get a better idea on how to play Zen well. (the Japanese are good. lol)

Tips/Further Comments

– Easy character to use, though some of his moves have some not so desirable recovery time (like QCB + LP/SP) so do make sure you don’t naively do any special move as you like. On the bright side, his basic damage for individual moves are quite damaging, though as with the game’s engine, as the combo gets longer, the real damage a subsequent move does is gonna be less than its full damage (if it were to connect alone separately) – His anti-air move is rather painful and has really good priority if timed right. While you should try to take advantage of this move, don’t make it such that opponent will be able to predict when you’ll do this move as its recovery time isn’t all that fast either. – His AA has a decent range and distance covered, so you could use it after a BLOCKED basic attack string to play mind games with your opponent, or simply harrass him further. It’s okay to use AA like this because Zen is able to charge his offensive bar pretty fast. – You can add in an extra c.HK (for eg) after his OA ends, or even a QCF + LP – Punish whenever your opponent makes a major blunder and let him/her feel the wrath of Zen. =D