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Lud’s Temperature System


Lud has a special system of his own, as he can “parry” moves and charge his gauge meter as shown on the left. The higher the temperature, it supposedly can increase the number of hits (for some moves) and the damage of special moves. The temperature will decrease over time, with a minimum of 0 of course. Unlike 3rd strike, I think Lud can’t parry projectiles.

F + LP - Parries Mid/High attacks

DF + LP -Parries Low attacks

Hold LP/SP for more than 1s - Upon release, he’ll perform a series of rapid punches, somewhat similar to Krizalid (KOF99) doing his DM.

QCF + LP/SP Forward charge attack

– Follow up with F + LP/SP – second forward attack – Follow up with UF (diagonal upwards) + LP/SP – a second attack in that direction

F,D,DF + LP/SP Anti-air move

– Follow up with F + LP/SP – forward charge – Follow up with DF + LP/SP – diagonally downward 2nd charge

(in air) QCF + LP/SP similar to the ground one

– Follow up with F + LP/SP – 2nd attack – Follow up with UF + LP/SP – well, same idea.

QCB + LP/SP Lud’s both fists clash together, producing some kind of “explosion” right in front of him. LP is only 1 hit. SP has 3 hits and covers more area of the screen (by “moving” forward)..

QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art 1. Well, it’s a more hits, higher damage version of his rapid punches special move mentioned above.

QCB,HCF + LK/SK Offensive Art 2. Rushes forward and does multiple hits (something like Ryo’s [kof] QCF,HCB A/C).

QCB,HCF + LP/SP Critical Art. Ignites his body in fire and rushes forward. Doesnt do very much damage for a CA when his gauge is at 0. Defensive Art.

Boost Dive No idea what it does. Havent tried it. From what I see, it makes his temperature gauge full for the boost time period.


As with Zen, I’ll just list a couple here that I know. You may want to look up some youtube videos to further explore the possibilities of Lud. As usual, modify the longer combos to suit the situation you’re in

– J. SK (or some other attack), LP, LK, SP, AA, LP, LK, SP, QCF + LP, run forward LP, c.HP, QCF + LP (can do for a varying number of cycles), end off with F + LP (the follow-up), (SC) OA2 Tips/Further comments

– Be careful whenever you wanna do c.LP or dash forward LP. You may end up doing one of his parries, which can be quite deadly since you’ll be like standing there =.=

– I suggest his basic attack chain (while trying for combo) to end at SP rather than SK cos after the latter, it’s not possible (or at least I’ve never succeeded) in connecting any special moves for a nice damaging combo.

– Can use AA to play mind games

– His shoulder knock move has decent priority, but do note that the recovery time can be punishable.