Rumble Fish 2, The/Aran

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Aran Aran.png

F + SP - Overhead attack

QCF + LP/SP - Projectile, high

HCF + LP/SP - Big projectile. Longer time to execute. Sends opponent into air if it hits.

QCF + LK/SK - Projectile, low (but can blocked standing)

F,D,DF + LK - Anti-air kick

F,D,DF + SK - Anti-air kick, more hits, jumps higher. Can add extra hit with SK.

QCB + LK/SK - Relaxed pose, but dodges attack while in this stance.

QCB + LP/SP - The starter for his various attack style. I haven’t tried all. Go experiment. Below are the possible sequences, including the starter. – QCB + LP/SP, QCB + LP/SP, F+LP/SP – QCB + LP/SP, QCB + LP/SP, B+LP/SP – QCB + LP/SP, QCB + LP/SP, D+LP/SP – QCB+LP/SP, HCF+LP/SP, F+LP/SP. – QCB+LP/SP, HCF+LP/SP, B+LP/SP. – QCB+LP/SP, HCF+LP/SP, D+LP/SP. – QCB+LP/SP, HCF+LP/SP, D+LK. – QCB+LP/SP, HCF+LP/SP, F+SK. – QCB+LP/SP, Forward+LK/SK, D+LK. – QCB+LP/SP, Forward+LK/SK, F+SK. – QCB+LP/SP, Forward+LK/SK, F+LP/SP – QCB+LP/SP, Forward+LK/SK, B+LP/SP – QCB+LP/SP, Forward+LK/SK, D+LP/SP. QCFx2 + LP/SP Offensive Art. I don’t know how to describe it. Refer to some youtube video. D,D + LK/SK, HCF + LP/SP First enter D,D + LK/SK and Aran enters a stance. If he’s attacked, he’ll proceed with a dodge-counter. Input HCF+LP/SP during the dodge-counter. HCF + LP/SP Defensive Art. Uses 2 Defensive bars. Only while guarding, so no conflict with your big projectile. QCF, HCB + LP/SP Critical Art. Can hold on LP/SP for a while before releasing for extra damage. Boost Dive Something like V-ism of SFA3, or A groove of CVS2 but only works for physical attacks. Projectiles do not have “shadow” version. Very combo friendly. Hehe, must be used to set a decent high score. Combos As usual, follow the pointers as with previous characters. Lazy to retype them all. It’s a chore to read anyway. – J.LK, J.SK (together in 1 jump), LP, LK, SP, SK, AA, LP, LK, SP, SK, (QCB + LP) x 2, (SC) OA, c.LK/LK/F,D,DF + LK/SK – J.LK, J.SK (together in 1 jump), LP, LK, SP, SK, (QCB + LP) x 2, (SC) OA, Boost Dive, (timed correctly) d.Dodge + SK, [LP, LK, SP, SK, (QCB + LP) x 2] x N (where N should be about 4 cycles, modify the moves in between if necessary), (SC) OA. [needs all 3 OA bars from the start] Tips/Further comments – His QCB + LP starter has so many variations you can play around with your opponent. Do find out which moves have less recovery time with a good range etc and incorporate them into your gameplay style. But against the CPU, not (that) much skill is required. – There’s a trick with his boost dive that can significantly increase your chance of landing the first hit, and subsequently a decently long combo on your opponent. I shan’t really tell you the method but ideas can be gained from watching youtube videos (though iirc there’s only 1 or 2 videos that explicitly shows you how in the middle of a VS match). But I can tell you it has something to do with your opponent on the ground and trying to get up. – In my opinion, a good character to grind for top score, due to his boost dive property that can potentially bring your max combo to above 50 (means above 50K bonus after win against CPU). – Can use AA to play mind games