Rising Thunder/Talos/Strategy

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Special movesets

S1.1 vs. S1.2 - your command grab of choice. Deal good to very big damage. Have armor applications in some way

| S1.1

+ Bigger damage, especially if charged

+ charged stance vaccums opponents while armored, can be delayed to beat backdashes

+ Big range

+ Leads to combos if charged or uncharged with KA

- armor only appears on frame 25f.

| S1.2

+ armor on frame 3, gives it great utility in interrupting frame traps

+ less cooldown

- much less damage, cannot be converted off of whatsoever

- cannoy be charged or delayed

S2.1 vs. S2.2 - your dedicated anti air. Involve some application of armor. Both are some of the best anti airs in the game, period.

| S2.1

+ Much more damage, especially if charged

+ Simillar to S1.1, can be charged and delayed in an armored stance that vacuums opponent. the stance is also visually identical to S1.1's.

+ can be used to extend combos using KA or finish them with a knockdown if you wish, as well as start them

- Armor only on frame 25.

| S2.2

+ armor on frame 3, makes it much more generous to anti air with

+ A slightly better hitbox as an anti air

- cannot be charged

- cannot be used to extend or start combos whatsoever