Rising Thunder/Edge/Combos

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Combo Notation Guide

, = link into the following move
xx = cancel into the following move
= chain/target combo
cl. = close
st./far. = far
cr. = crouching
nj. = neutral jumping
j. = directional jump
sX.Y = special X where Y is the variant
OD = Overdrive/Super
[x] = hold input
(xyz)*N = sequence xyz is repeatable
(x) = x move is optional
KA"X" = kinetic Advance cancel in X direction
KD = kinetic Deflect
fly. = move done out of flying


0 bar

Close TCLearn this
Very Easy

cr.L, cl.M xx cl.HH xx s3.1+H, (dash), delay cl.M xx cl.H xx s2.1

This is Edge's staple combo route, and his reward for playing low/throw. The dash being required depends on how close to the corner you are, sometimes you can get in range for cl.M from just walking.
Also frequently started with raw cl.M or (any jump normal), cl.M... in which case, its as easy as omitting the crouch light from the beginning.

Far TCAnd this
Very Easy

cl.L, cr.L, st.MH xx s3.1+L

When you have to start with stand jab, or if you are too far away to get close medium, this is the route. You can also choose to end with s1.1 or s1.2, giving up a knockdown for sword charge.

Close TC s1.1 ender

cr.L, cl.M xx cl.HH xx s3.1+H, (dash), delay st.H xx s1.1

Pretty much the same as the regular route through close TC, except ending with s1.1. You trade some damage for a sword charge, and a potential route to OD in the corner

Close TC s1.3In case you accidentally pick 312
Very Easy

cl.M xx cl.HH xx s1.3, st.MH xx s3.2 (xx OD)

This is only worth doing if you are playing 312 specifically, s3.1 actually out damages s3.2 BnBs.

Close TC s1.3 (optimisation)

(cr.L/j.H), cl.M xx cl.HH xx s1.3, cr.L, st.MH xx s3.2 (xx OD)

If you aren't starting with cl.M/H, then you will hit the scaling cap quick enough for the cr.L after s1.3 to be worth it.

1 bar

Close TC loop
Very Easy

...cl.M xx cl.HH xx s1.2 xx KA6 cr.L, cl.M xx cl.HH xx s3.1+H, (dash), delay cl.M xx cl.H xx s2.1

By spending a bar after cl.HH xx s1.2 we can loop back into our BnB route.

Far TC → Close TCThis is why we play 211
Very Easy

... st.MH xx s1.2 xx KA6, cl.M xx cl.HH xx s3.1+H, (dash), delay cl.M xx cl.H xx s2.1

This route lets us convert any route through st.MH to big damage, if you are spending bar on combos, this is 90% of the time the route we go through.

Gucci route

... st.MH xx s2.2 xx KA6, st.L xx s1.1 (1 hit), s3.1+H, (dash) s2.2

This route is the only (reliable) way to get to a wallbounce from far TC if you are playing s1.1. You do have to give up your only anti air to play 2.2, but at least the route looks cool.
If you are too close to the corner, or you have no sword charges to spend on s2.2, then sweep is the next best ender.


Lv3 s2
Very Easy

throw xx KA6, s2.1s2.1s2.1, s3.1+H

Edge's throw is normally only worth spending bar on if you have 3 sword charges.
In the corner, you will get a side switch and have to end with sweep instead. (It's not advised to spend the bar on throw in this case.)


Run Overhead

s3.1+M xx KA6, cl.L, cr.L, st.MH...

Transposes into your preferred far TC BnB.
Notably the starter that you can justify spending 2 bars on

Very Easy

6M xx s2.1s2.1s2.1, s3.1+H

Rarely seen compared to run overhead, but doesn't need a bar to convert to good damage.


After s3.1 wallbounce

...s3.1+H, (dash)(delay) cl/st.H xx OD, s3.1+L

This is probably the most common route to combo into OD.
Can sometimes prove tricky, as the opponent needs to be at a low height for the OD to connect, if you are having trouble you can omit the cl/st.H and just go straight to OD.

Lv3 s2.1 (midscreen)
Very Easy

...s2.1s2.1s2.1, OD, s3.1+L

This route makes an anti-air Edge lands extremely rewarding, providing he has the resources to pay.
The wallbounce might look like it sends the opponent very high, but you can normally OD early, even whille they are still of screen.
Closer to the corner, you have to delay the OD as to not go underneath, and in the corner the route doesn't work at all.


2 bar

Close TC → Far TC → Wallbounce

...cl.M xx cl.HH xx KA6, cl.L, cr.L, st.MH...

The second bar is spent by going through whatever 1 bar far TC route your loadout can do.
This route is only ever used when you are trying to kill for game, it gives you such little damage, but not bad to learn in case of emergency.


Corner s1.2 KA
Very Easy

...st.MH xx s1.2 xx KA6, cr.L, cl.M xx cl.HH...

pushback becomes a none factor in the corner, so you can always cr.L after your s1.2 KA extensions

Vlad only

Max range s1.2 route

...cl.L, cl.L, cr.L, st.MH xx s1.2 xx KA9, j.M, cr.L, cl.M xx cl.HH...

Vlad lets you get three lights while still being able to link mediums, being further makes your s1.2 KA more advantageous which lets us get a jump in.
Because s1.2 has to be off cooldown, this is only used in the 2 bar route, which makes it extremely niche.