Rising Thunder/Dauntless/Strategy

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S1.1 / S1.2 - rushing punches that can be held for a charge, armored dash before the move automatically starts.

| S1.1= + Faster, easier to combo - very consistently converts from lights.

+ Easy tool that combos into OD

+ flips on air hit, so can provides flipout oki midscreen...

- but notably limits conversions otherwise

- lower damage

| S1.2= + Launches on hit, allows for followup juggles. Strong combo tool.

+ deals more damage.

+ safer on block.

- Whiffs on crouchers

- slower, doesn't convert from lights.

S2.1 / S2.2 - Dauntless' DP. Stays grounded the whole time, but still very unsafe on block.

| 2.1 + more range, harder to dodge

+ 2 hits, so easier to confirm on hit/block with KA

- less damage and stun

- less invul frames

- -34 on block, compared to S1.2's -22

| S2.2

- one hit

+ can be charged, up until a point where it gets a notable boost in damage, and flips opponents very high

+ Key to bumping Dauntless' corner damage

+ more invul frames

S3.1 / S3.2 - heavy hitting special that followups a command dash with invul frames. Hold the button to only do the dash

| S3.1

+ 1f invul command backdash, which is also 13f faster then the normal one. Moves vert fast very far.

+ Much more damage and stun

+ Pushes opponents very far on hit, allows for big corner carry

+ Great combo filler in the corner

- hard to combo into without S1.2

| S3.2 + Quick, good reaching command forward dash.

+ As a special, it can be used to get back in during pressure, using its good invul frames to punish mashing

+ Allows for several ambigiuous left/right resets during combos

- frame 4 invul

- while it can be used ot get closer during pressure, you're not going to be plus/leave a gap that can be punished

- whiffs on crouchers